"Your Buddha Nature" Chart is the blueprint of your true identity. The upper figure is your Divine Presence, known as the I AM THAT I AM. Surrounding it is your Causal Body—glorious rainbow-colored spheres composed of primordial substance co-mingled with virtuous momentums of energy accrued over many lifetimes.

The middle figure is the mediator, the teacher, the one who communicates the holiness and love-wisdom of God to your soul, exemplified in great masters such as Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Confucius, Krishna and Jesus.

The lower figure represents the evolving soul personality bathed in violet light, the seventh-ray action of transmutation and spiritual alchemy. The white ray of light, known as the crystal cord or silver cord, descending from your Divine Presence through the mediator and anchored in the threefold flame within your heart, connects you with your Divine Source.

The cylinder of shimmering pure radiance descending from your Presence and surrounding the lower figures is called the crystal-diamond tube of light, which you can invoke daily for your protection and empowerment.