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Spiritualizing Your Family Life

Spiritualizing Your Family Life

While I imagine it would be very wonderful to find oneself in the heaven worlds, I don’t have it too bad myself, if I think of it.

Why, I cook for God, breastfeed God, make love to God; I even wipe God’s bottom! Do I shock you? I hope not. Let me, rather, share with you my wonderful perspective that God is everywhere, in us all, and “in as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” as Jesus said. So, God is not so far away either. Nor is the heaven world.

The challenge is, remembering all of this. Remembering all we know and believe is a challenge we face in this realm. The good news is, that with practice, we can gradually bring a greater awareness of this to our everyday life as a parent.

Just think for a moment as I take you on a mental journey. If you are married, what would it be like if God were your beloved, your husband or wife. How incredibly awesome that would be! Well, God is in your spouse. Now, what about your kids? What if they were divine beings, avatars, God-free spirits? Well, they are! Okay, so we all have karma and lessons to learn. True. Remember, inherently, that’s still all that’s real about us, and our kids. Wouldn’t remembering their divinity make serving them that much more thrilling – or, at least bearable during the bad times?

And what about yourself? You can’t be married to God and have a God-child without you being God yourself! YOU are a majestic, noble being of Spirit, with great Heart, kindness, compassion, honor, joy and beauty. It’s true. After all, that’s all that’s real about us. Not the human body that we wear. Not the mistakes we’ve made or the flaws we have. The Light in our Hearts is all we can hold onto – or would ever desire to. And it’s awe-inspiring.

So, the next time your daily life as a parent seems a bit too mundane or hard to bear, remember that God shines brightly all around you.  You don’t have to look far to interact with God. And as you love God, God is loving you. Sounds like heaven to me!

Your turn! How do you spiritualize your family life? What revelations or realizations have you had on this topic?



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