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Spiritual Drama for Halloween

Spiritual Drama for Halloween

So last night was Halloween and today is All Saints Day. Halloween, before it's current ugly side, used to be a Catholic tradition called All Hallows Eve, later shortened  by the Irish to Hallowe'en or Halloween. Being the day before All Saints Day, it was thus a holy or 'hallow' eve. All Saints Day was to celebrate those who made it to sainthood while the following day, All Souls Day, was to remember and pray for all the 'faithful' souls who have passed on. Not growing up in the United States, I didn't celebrate Halloween as a child. Coming here, I was horrified at the ugliness of it all.

Regardless, as my son grew older and we explained the unfortunate focus on unreality, he desired to celebrate something good. This year again I dreamed something up.

While my three kids were outside playing I whipped up a nice healthy desert that made the whole house smell of apples and spices. When they came in from play, I informed them that there was some special food for angels but they had to be clean to come. So they all had to pop in the shower and clean up. Not that any of them seemed to mind! After drinking some warm spice tea we all sat on the couch and they, having obliged to wear white - actually it was their idea - discussed with me purity. Oh - but it wasn't boring!

I stepped straight into role play, welcoming them to Archangel Gabriel and Hope's retreat (I was Hope). I talked about physical and spiritual cleanliness and asked them each one what they thought purity meant. They all had something to say and of course it was all correct. I spoke to them as angel, not as mum. Then it was time to go into the etheric garden where it was now nighttime so I called on the fireflies (really a dimmed dining room with a candle!). We were ready to sample the fairy food that our heavenly cooks had made. Strangely, this heavenly elixir reminded them of earthly food, but I assured them it was just a coincidence as heaven can make their food taste like anything. I thanked them all for coming then finished off by zooming forward to the next morning and telling them about my strange 'dream' that they had all visited Gabriel and Hope's retreat. They caught on at once and said they had experienced it too - it wasn't just a dream!

Why am I sharing this? Just to share something spiritual and fun that we dreamed up. Kids love drama. Just another example of how to turn something dark into something light. Now admittedly, my kids are already into all this stuff so it make take a bit of work if you don't talk about spiritual stuff regularly, but hey, you've got to start somewhere! Socializing with angels can be lots of fun...


How have you brought spiritual drama into your home?



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