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Out of the Mouth of Parents

Out of the Mouth of Parents

Not out of the mouth of babes, but parents! What to say to a newborn? Or a baby of any age? Do you just coo, “dah, dah, dah, dah, you’re so cute, what a cute little baby!” That’s good, but we can go beyond that. Having just had a little baby myself, I know they’re sweetly adorable and cute little things. Well, their bodies, that is.

I’ve been thinking about this. One of the ‘problems’ if you wish to call it that, is that we parents constantly reinforce through our language our children’s connection to their bodies and maybe even dumb them down with our language. They just seem like simple little creatures to many of us. And yet, they are mighty cosmic beings, or at least divine beings, inside this little body. A body that cannot even contain all their glory (or ours). They are just here for the experience and the lesson and service, just like us.

Now, not that we desire them floating out of their bodies (except in sleep), but a little less connection to our physical bodies would be a part of the greater reality, I think! When I catch myself adoringly referring to our new baby as “little girl” I sometimes choose to change it to “sacred one” or “daughter of God” etc. If all we heard from our parents growing up was that we were divine and sacred and came from God and that we were not this body but a powerful spiritual being, I think we’d have a better start to life.

Indeed, we know that a child’s self-expression, or lack thereof, is not a reflection of their knowledge or soul memory or intelligence. It’s pretty humbling when you think about it. You’re in the heaven-worlds – capable and independent, somewhat at least. And you come down here, born into this little body that you don’t know how to use nor how to communicate with others. Furthermore, you rely upon others for absolutely everything, from filling that hungry space in your tummy, to picking you up and carrying you around, to wiping your butt. Yep. Incidentally, that’s a bit like the end of life for some people. Talk about humbling.

So, how can we help our children, who are these beautiful divine beings. We can help them remember, and not forget, who they are! Omraam speaks about the value of talking to our babies as they sleep, saying that our words will “plant seeds” in the unconscious of our children and later bear fruit. He suggests talking about everything from the laws of the universe to the virtues you desire them to possess. I imagine reading books would help too. I started the tradition of reading my babies (and me!) Unveiled Mysteries, a great “mystery” story of Godfre Ray King’s experiences with Saint Germain. In the future, I hope to read the Heart Center books too.

So, next time we are talking with babies – our own or someone else’s – awake or asleep – let’s remember, and reflect with our words, that they are divine, powerful spiritual beings!


Chime in! What would you like to have heard when you were a baby? What do you think would have empowered you and sowed good seeds in your soul?



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1 Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Education Begins Before Birth, (Prosveta, 1986), pp. 74, 80-81




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