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Spirituality at the Level of a 6-Year-Old

Spirituality at the Level of a 6-Year-Old

The purpose of these articles is not to show you how spiritual my kids are. All kids are, if given the right environment. Rather, it is to inspire you to create more spiritual conversations with your kids on a day-to-day basis. Admittedly, today’s article is more showcasing child-initiated conversation. However, when you regularly talk about spiritual things, play spiritual music, have spiritual pictures around, read spiritual books etc., I think you will find that your children will begin to talk about it too.

My earlier articles shared conversations with my 3 and 9 year old. Today, let’s hear about my 6-year-old, imagining it is your own lovely daughter.

When the spring flowers are at their peak in your yard your 6 year old goes and sits among them, telling you that she is talking to them gently and she enjoys being in nature.

Later she comes to you with girlish excitement, saying that she noticed that, “whenever I say ‘please’ whether or not it’s a (computer) program or anything it just happens.” You respond to her with mock surprise and a twinkle in your eye, “What! Are you a powerful spiritual being?”

She writes in her spiritual journal for homeschool: “God made us then sent us to Earth. Then we were born. When we are too old we die then are sent to heaven. Then if we choose to we can be born again. So that’s how it works.” Nice.

While saying your evening prayers and giving thanks for everything, your 6 year old daughter says, "Thank you for Freedom and Liberty (our new goats) and the other type of freedom and liberty too of course." That’s great that we have that kind of vocabulary in our house.

While laying in bed and while waiting for her father to tuck her in, your daughter sings “Ave Maria” in her sweet, angelic voice. How graced is our family.

Still not asleep, she comes back from her bed saying she saw, “fairies and gnomes hiding everywhere” in her room. While you can’t prove it, it’s entirely possible, given the spiritual world we live in. You ask her if they are still there and to ask them why they are there. She said, “because they wanted to be”. It’s good enough for you.


What spiritual questions and comments have your kids had? How do you encourage spiritual conversation in your household?



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