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Akhenaten and the Solar Mysteries

Akhenaten and the Solar Mysteries

By Wayne Purdin

The Pharaoh Akhenaten has been associated with a long tradition of adepts who taught the solar mysteries—from Thutmose III (an embodiment of Kuthumi) to Moses, to Pythagoras (another embodiment of Kuthumi), Jesus, and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. This article focuses on Akhenaten and the mysteries of the Ma’at (righteousness) and the Aten (a sun disk representing the spiritual Sun), and connects his unfulfilled mission with the activities of certain spiritual communitie...
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The Human Aura Book

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura


book the human aura

David Christopher Lewis

Soft cover, 258 pages; includes 16 beautiful color plates from French-Canadian visionary artist Mario Duguay and practical meditation exercises. 

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Understand the Power of the Aura

This important new book offers a unique understanding of the power of a radiant aura. It shows us that to create an effulgent, rainbow-colored energy field—supercharged with light and spiritual purpose—we must first enter into the space of being where all life is felt and embraced as sacred. We must focus on body, mind and spirit—and on the truth that, at our essence, we are dynamic spiritual beings.

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