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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2005, Part 2

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2005, Part 2

Ever wanted to see what the masters have to say about children, without having to do the research yourself? While this series is not intended to cover every mention of children by the masters or every possible quote, I hope you’ll enjoy this substantial collection of teachings. These quotes are taken from Heartstreams and Darshans with the ascended masters, delivered through their amanuensis David Lewis.

“So, within the school systems there must come forth a higher teaching, very simple but truly profound: an understanding of how wisdom is not crammed within the brain but is allowed to be expressed from within these burning hearts with joy, with movement and with the full blazing flame of the expression of their hearts and wonder and the awe of the learning experience.”
-Beloved Lady Master Clara Louise, March 25, 2005

“And so, it is not so much a matter of teaching as of truly being in the now and allowing them to participate in this drama, picking out those specific materials that you prepare lovingly that allow them to understand the geometrization of the God flame within them as well as teaching them reading, writing and the principles of divine knowing. So, the sensitivities of the soul, that these [children] have innately, must be allowed to be developed and expressed, for they have the key to the salvation of your culture and world.”
-Beloved Lady Master Clara Louise, March 25, 2005

“Having children is sacred.”
-Beloved Mary, June 26, 2005

“When you love your children, truly love them, you honor God. When you allow them to waste their time through the attention upon the television and video games of violence and do not allow them to balance the elements of self through proper diet and exercise and the intake of fresh air, you do a disservice to all who come to grace your households, sometimes unbeknownst to you.”   
-Beloved Lady Master Clara Louise, March 25, 2005

“I am your Mother and often I play with your children and they see me as almost a fairy Godmother from the East; and so these young ones, if they could speak with you, would tell you of that one with slightly slanted eyes who comes to give mercy, to share mercy, to be mercy unto all.”
-Beloved Kuan Yin, June 21, 2005

“Instructors and those who have talents and knowledge of various courses must come forth and prepare detailed, full and accurate representations of cosmic law, wisdom and love that one day in the New Age will be taught not only through this university* but to your children. For even they will understand the basic teachings, beloved, when conveyed in simple language without jargon…”
-Beloved Jesus, June 26, 2005
*Meru University

“Instruct your children to sing and dance and give those violet flame decrees and mantras, for they are the forerunners of the children of the Seventh Root Race.”
-Beloved Saint Germain, February 5, 2005

“We have taught that acceptance of God's own immaculate vision of yourself is a key to your victory, beloved. For when you fully accept that you are God, you act in harmony with God's laws, God's truths and God's way of accepting all others as part of you as God. And when you accept others as you now accept yourself, you cannot mistreat another, for you would thus be mistreating yourself, God. This simple principle has been used by the saints and sages as a meditation on life and on love for eons. Please give this, my teaching to your children, even at the earliest ages of their lives when they are just beginning to speak and cognize, beloved. For when each child of our hearts truly knows himself and herself as an expression of God, earth will return to that state of purity that we desire.”
- Beloved Goddess of Purity, March 18, 2005


Stay tuned for Part 3 for 2005!


If you were to frame a quote or part of a quote, which one would it be?



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