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Spiritual Guidance of Our Children During These (And All) Times

Spiritual Guidance of Our Children During These (And All) Times

Today I’d like to share some words from Lady Master Meta. Meta is known for her affinity with children and youth. While schools around the globe are mostly shut down due to covid 19 (or in my opinion, the overreaction to a supposed virus) many kids are schooling online from home. Others are choosing to officially homeschool. Still others are starting learning pods where a handful of kids study together locally. During these times with your children, what can you do to enhance your contribution to your children’s education?


In a message from 2007, Meta says,

Whether your children attend public schools, private schools or are tutored within your own home, you should be there for them in some way to provide the resource of holy guidance, O parents of the New Age. For if you leave the education, including spiritual guidance, to others, then do not be surprised at what your children will choose along their course. But if you would, through our guidance, lead their souls to the throne of the Beloved, then consider week by week what you may give unto them. And provide opportunity for their feedback and for them to express themselves in some way such that you may then continue to discern how to provide the next and the next opportunity for a higher self-expression on their path.


Prior to that, Meta also said,

Consider within your families how you may provide opportunity for the course of your children to be directed toward God, not in a rigid, overdefined pathway but in a gentle nudging toward their own Higher Self through a certain disciplined approach that encourages [them]—at whatever level of attainment or understanding they are [at] in this hour…


May I offer some things we do, with the caveat that we are far from human perfection, just doing our best with the karmic situation we are in, as do we all.


Here are some activities we do, within or outside of our homeschooling, that have a focus on spiritual education:

-One activity the children are to complete each week is a spiritual journal. Sometimes the results are amazing, other times they are average, but that’s the same with all of us.

-This year I am making a renewed effort to include something spiritual in the kid’s daily lives. That is, 15 minutes of their choice of prayers or songs of their choice. They typically choose a song video and sing along with varying degrees of participation. But it’s something!

-We say family prayers at bedtime each night. We all take a turn to give thanks as well as ask God for help for ourselves and our planet. It’s no more than 5-10 minutes or so but it’s something.

-I have and leave around the house spiritual books for the kids to read, whether it’s Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Be Your Own Amazing Genius or The Magic Presence. The kids have limited computer time so when they get bored they often pick up a book. Cool! I also have a spiritual book I read aloud from occasionally when car trips get too boring.

-In my opinion the best conversations are the ones had in context. Whenever a topic has a good opportunity for spiritual comments I slip them in. I don’t force it but it does happen regularly. Whether it’s a conversation about creating things, where is heaven or how we think similarly/different to a story about Jesus, it’s all good.


I’m not sure if these examples are the type of spiritual guidance Meta is talking about or whether she is looking more for a guided lesson, but either way I hope it will inspire you with your own holy family!


Two resources you may find helpful in your quest:

-Spirituality 4 Kids (Our free e-book that contains child-friendly language on a number of spiritual topics)

-Nurturing Your Child's Inner Life by Mary Ellen Maunz (contains Monessorri-styled lessons on spiritual topics)


To reiterate Meta’s words,Whether your children attend public schools, private schools or are tutored within your own home, you should be there for them in some way to provide the resource of holy guidance.”


How do you do provide ‘holy guidance’ to your children?



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