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Seeing the Divine in our Loved Ones and All

Seeing the Divine in our Loved Ones and All

We can see the Divine in all, if we choose. I have been hearing this a lot lately.

As I look into the face of my baby, my heart adores her and I see the face of God in her sweet, observant and curious facial expressions.

As I look into the face of my 3-year-old as I tuck her into bed, I kiss her soft angel cheek and stroke her silky angel hair and marvel at this sweet, beautiful soul who is my daughter.

Gazing at the face of my beloved 7-year-old son, he captures my heart with his handsome face, sharp mind and wit and boyish love.

How I adore the Divine in these precious divine creations!

If we can fall in love with God in those closest to us, why not with others too?


How do you fall in love with the Divine?



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Spiritual Parenting Quotes
  • You must be the ones
  • mankind misunderstand this sacred science
  • long ago I saw the face of God as a child.
  • So first and foremost
  • All children know
  • you are all part
  • the holiest place on earth
  • in the eyes of a child
  • i ask you to pray
  • Therefore, look upon
  • when in the virgin consciousness
  • when the minds of the youth
  • If you have within the bedrooms
  • speaking with children, seeing life
  • Children....are fully developed
  • seek ways and means
  • the lord said that what ye
  • spend precious time to get to know
  • please give this my teaching
  • observing the spontaneity quote
  • gardening can be a very important
  • train up a child in the ways of God and
  • the gentleness of the child
  • express over and over
  • as you look
  • allow your children
  • having children is sacred
  • when you love your children
  • parents have the responsibility
  • receive the child and you shall receive the christ
  • pray for the children
  • so become like
  • for children, whose hearts are pure
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