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Elections, the Ascended Master’s Teachings and Parenting!

Elections, the Ascended Master’s Teachings and Parenting!

Elections, elections, elections! What else is on the news these days? How can I write an article that summarizes the Ascended Master’s perspective, yet avoids naming candidates or political parties?

For as long as I’ve been involved in the ascended master’s teachings I’ve been aware of karma and reincarnation and how, so many good people could progress spiritually, if only they had this key teaching.

What does karma teach us? That we are accountable for our actions. How does this awareness apply to national elections? Some candidates and parties promote policies where one part of the population works harder to provide for the other part. Now, the ascended masters also advocate compassion, but they do so under the aegis of free will.

What happens then, if one element of society is made to compensate for the hard work of the other? I believe it creates an interference with the law of cause and effect. Giving should be the free will offering of the soul to her community, not a government-mandated feature. In fact, I believe free will is so pivotal to our society that without it, we become somewhat robotic in direct contradiction to the image of the Creator-God in which we are made.

There are many other topics we could look at using the perspective of the ascended masters teachings in order to compare the candidates. (For example, what does God think about abortion?) Ultimately, however, I think if we just look at this one issue of soul freedom versus government control, we can come to a conclusion as to which options available today align most closely with the laws of heaven.

How on earth does this relate to parenting, you might be wondering? As a parent, every day we strive for our children’s today – and their future. Voting is one element of creating that future.

So, pray, seek to know which candidate’s motives, actions and policies will bring us closer to that free and glorious future that we all seek.


What other earthly challenges have you looked at under the lens of the ascended master’s teachings?



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