About 2012: A Sacred Journey to Peru

About 2012: A Sacred Journey to Peru


Relive the journey to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and to the Aramu Muru Gate
This mystical pilgrimage of a lifetime comes alive on MP3 and DVD and captures the vivid color, sacred sound and camaraderie shared by intrepid pilgrims as they travel, pray and commune with heaven during ten days of grace. Relive the journey to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and to the Aramu Muru Gate—portal of awakening to a time of Love-Light and the epicenter of an extraordinary celestial alignment and celebration.

 2012 was ”The Year of Man’s Awakening!”
At the end of the Mayan calendar the children of the sun return home to witness the onset of a great new solar epoch, the passing of divine mantles, and the inauguration of a golden-crystal age.

See and hear what was revealed on December 21, 2012!
Re-experience each intimate darshan, discourse and dictation. Be a witness, to this seminal event in cosmic history.

Receive your portion of a new influx of light from the sun, descending through cosmic beings to bless the children of the sun and penetrate deep into the Earth’s core.

Why here? Why now?
Above the Island of the Sun, this sacred island jewel of Lake Titicaca, is the cosmic focus of illumination’s flame to the Earth within the etheric retreat of the God and Goddess Meru. The Amaru Muru Gate, where our pilgrims gathered to witness the passing of mantles, is named for the God and Goddess Meru.

On December 21, 2012, in a cosmic ceremony of light at their retreat, these divine beings passed the mantles of their office to the Masters Lanello and Clare de Lis and, accompanied by Helios and Vesta, the God and Goddess Meru ascended to other service within the sun itself!

A great cosmic infusion of solar radiance descended for the ultimate victory of Earth, higher spirals of divine wisdom accelerating the coming of a golden-crystal age. So the choice of this date and this place by the God and Goddess Meru for the ceremony of the transfer of mantles, offers more profound meaning to the Incan celebration of the Pachukuti—a time of cosmic transformation, a time of balance between mind and heart, masculine and feminine.

 The end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, marked a once-in-26,000-year cosmic alignment of our solar system with the center of our Milky Way galaxy. It also coincided with the onset of a new 500-year Incan “day cycle”—a time of awakening and great enlightenment.

David Christopher Lewis, a messenger for the Great Brotherhood of Light, and Jorge Louis Delgado, Peruvian shaman, healer, mystic and re-discoverer of the Amaru Gate, guided 76 heartfriends from the four corners of the Earth on the journey of a lifetime. It began in Lima, then on through Cusco, Pisac and Ollantaytambo, and then to the breathtaking beauty of the Sacred Valley. The journey extended to Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu and beyond. The pilgrims were present in circle formation at the site of the Amaru Muru Gate near Lake Titicaca on December 21 to witness the Passing of the Mantles Ceremony and to each receive a mantle of illumination. Cosmic history was taking place! 

As you relive this mystical journey to Peru, you, too, are a witness. Accept your mantle of illumination to fulfill your highest purpose as servitor to a planet and her people. Feel your oneness with all children of the sun celebrating their return to this auspicious place and time, to re-connect with the sun of their solar system, the Sun of their God Presence, and the Great Central Sun.

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Andean Awakening

Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru

By Jorge Luis Delgado

 It is an extraordinary time to be alive, as a long-foretold alignment of the Earth with the axis of the Milky Way galaxy announces a new dawn. In Peru, descendants of the Inca call this time the Pachakuti, 'the return of the light' after 500 years of darkness. Peru is said to be the "morning of the new sun" - the portal through which rays of the new light will begin to awaken humanity to a new consciousness.

In this illustrated guidebook, Peru's premiere spiritual tour guide, Jorge Delgado, takes the reader on a trip of discovery through the most powerful and mystical places on earth - Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca and the magical Inca doorway of Aramu Muru.Jorge Delgado was born in a small Andean village in Peru. In Andean Awakening Delgado opens the door to his mystical homeland as he describes his own journey of awakening and packs his personal narrative with fascinating details about Peru, its history, culture, mythos and magic. Delgado is our personal Quechua - a bridge person who helps others to cross from one state of conscious to another. Delgado bridges readers to the spiritual power of the Andes, of Peru and legend of the Inca - the return of the children of the light. 

About the Author
Jorge Luis Delgado, born in the highlands near Lake Titicaca, Peru, is of Aymara Incan heritage. His mother is from a family of herders and his father was a teacher. Growing up in a large family in Puno, Peru, Jorge Luis began carrying bags for people in Puno to earn extra money for the family. After he graduated with superior grades from high school, Jorge Luis continued in this tradition and chose to be a tour guide. Early in his career, he concentrated on being very scientific as he worked in the area of the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu, and the area surrounding Lake Titicaca. Today, Jorge Luis is known around the world as a knowledgeable guide of the Sacred Valley and the High Plateau of the Andes. His knowledge spans the culture, the traditions, and the spiritual heritage of his vibrant Inca world. Jorge Luis now has his own tour company, Kontiki Tours, and is currently building his third Taypikala Hotel. Most important, Jorge Luis is a "chacaruna," a bridge person, who assists people in connecting to their spiritual self within their own traditions. Jorge Luis lives in Puno with his wife and three children.
MaryAnn Male, PhD and her husband, Theron, first traveled to Peru with a small group in August, 2000 and met Jorge Luis, their guide. It was on their second trip to the Andes that MaryAnn and Theron asked Jorge Luis to share his wealth of knowledge with the world in a book that would present an authentic Inca voice about his beautiful heritage. They traveled with Jorge Luis, met many of his teachers, and began recording his thoughts and his celebration of life. Since 1985 MaryAnn Male has been a practicing licensed psychologist with a specialty in trauma response.

 Jorge teaches on Realizing the Power of Love, Wisdom and Service: A teaching of the Inca culture from Jorge Luis Delgado during the 2012 Hearts Center community pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca, Peru. Are you a child of the sun?

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Jorge teaches on Realizing the Power of Love, Wisdom and Service: A teaching of the Inca culture from Jorge Luis Delgado during the 2012 Hearts Center community pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca, Peru. Are you a child of the sun?

Chakana Necklace with
Stone Inlay

Sterling Silver hand-crafted pendants with inlaid stone and shell

The Andean or Incan Cross reflects the three worlds with a central disc representing the Divine Central Sun.

The middle of the chakana represents the inner sun, the endless spring of love (Munay), service (Llancay) and wisdom (Yachay). These are known in Incan tradition as the three gifts or primordial keys. 

Wearing a chakana means we are a chakaruna, one who is awakening, one who is a messenger. We are awakening to being in the lineage of capacuna the ones that know and feel the divine power.

The Three Incan Laws
Munay: Love, the first of the Three Incan Laws. Rather than only an emotion, love is seen as an attitude of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything.

Llancay: The law of service, work and creative expression of your individual rights.



Yachay: The Law of Wisdom in which you connect with your inner spiritual or authentic self.

The Three Worlds
Uku Pacha: the underground world represented by the snake. The snake or underground world teaches us to shed our heavy energies of pain, fear, sorrow and guilt.

Kay Pacha: the middle world our reality represented by the puma. In this world we to find ourselves remember ‘who we are’ – children of the Inti (the Sun)

Hanan Pacha: the upper world of the light beings represented by the condor. This is the world of the Apukunas or Master Teachers. To communicate with the upper world we open our heart by practicing ayni. Ayni is reciprocity. It reflects the necessity of caring for all people and all of nature in return for the blessings and care we receive each day.





For further explanation of The Three Incan Laws and The Three Worlds see Andean Awakening



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Aramu Muru Doorway T-Shirts

This 100% cotton preshrunk T shirt has the phrase "Activation of the Solar Disk", "We are all Messengers" on the front and an image of the Aramu Muru Doorway  with the words "Wilka Uta - Aramu Muru", "Opening Doors", on the back.  Buy now

Black and White Quartz
Chakana Necklace

1-1/8" black and white quartz pendant with 26" black woven cord necklace.

Derived from the word "chakay," meaning "to cross" or "to bridge," a chakana is a 3-stepped symmetric "cross" with a hole in the center of it representing the way to transit between the three worlds.

The three steps represent the three worlds, with the centered hole also representing the Central Sun.The upper wold Hanan Pacha) includes the stars, celestial beings and gods. The middle world (Kay Pacha) represented the world of human life, and the lower world Uqhu Pacha represented the underworld.  Buy now

Sun Disc Necklace

1" gold-plated disc pendant with 26" black woven cord necklace.

A physical representation of the Divine Central Sun

On December 21, 2012 the God and Godess Meru said that there is embedded within the sun disc necklace a focus of the great sun disc that is within the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru. If you choose for the duration of this lifetime it will be a grid of light. The power of illumination’s flame is embedded within it that you may use as an amplifier of the cosmic truth that you will share through your mission in life. Buy now

Song of Titicaca

Song of Titicaca


by Richard Lorenz; 10 pages

A Commemoration of Our Pilgrimage to Peru

This booklet commemorates the Hearts Center's pilgrimage to Peru to witness the transfer of spiritual mantles at Lake Titicaca on the Mayan-prophesied date of December 21, 2012. The pilgrims received solar mantles and a commission to bring new teachings to the world.
Dedicated to Lanello and Clare de Lis

The booklet is dedicated to beloved Lanello and his twin flame Clare de Lis, recently embodied as Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who assumed the mantles of the Temple of Illumination, planetary focus of the Mother, in etheric levels over the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca. Lanello was previously incarnated as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who wrote the Song of Hiawatha. The poem in this booklet, inspired by Lanello, follows the spirit and rhythm of the Song of Hiawatha and its timely message is for all of us.

 Start of the poem:
By the shores of Titicaca,
By the shining high-lake water,
Stood a band of mighty warriors,
Warriors for the spirit elders,



Warriors for the new age masters...


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