2008 Events

New Year's 2008

Light is the Alchemical Key

Cosmic Charge for the Year 2008


Sacred Retreat for the Keepers of the Lightning
Saturday, December 29th -Tuesday, January 1st
10249 W. Irving Park Road
Schiller Park, Illinois







Valentine's Day Weekend Event

Peach Rose


Friday, February 15 - Monday, February 18, 2008
in Los Angeles, California

Cultivating Aquarian Love for the Golden Crystal Age

Keys for Conscious Being on the Spiritual Path

  • Sunday night’s presentation at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore Annex
  • Monday: a pilgrimage to the Mother Center of the Self-Realization Fellowship and the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple






Event in Seattle/Bothell Washington 

February 23-25, 2008 

Information to come . . .



Easter Conference with Meru University Event

at the Wellspring Retreat in Emigrant, Montana

Golden Ratio, Wellspring Retreat, Emigrant, Montana

Meru University
Thursday, March 20, 2008

Upper Room Darshan with Jesus and Kuthumi

Easter Conference
Friday, March 21 - Sunday March 23, 2008

The Resurrection of a Golden-Crystal Age Economy for America and the World






Event in Minneapolis

April 26, 2008

Information to come . . . 






The Chohans of the Rays Come to Mount Shasta A Charge of Light for the West Coast of America:   

 Spiritual Adeptship for Keepers of the Lightning



Mount Shasta Event
May 23, 24 & 25, 2008




Freedom Conference

Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, MT

Saturday, June 28 - Saturday, July 5, 2008
at the Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana


Eight days of Self-Transcendence and Great Fun for the whole family!

Plan to attend the entire week from Saturday, June 28 through Saturday, July 5.
Join the Ascended Masters and Heartfriends from around the world!

  • Reconnect your Soul with your Higher Self
  • Unite in powerful prayer sessions with hundreds of kindred souls
  • Experience a spiritual transformation
  • Enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty through, outdoor education activities and mountain hikes
  • Become more adept in the art of compassionate communication
  • Learn the 5 things you must do to prepare for 2012








Two Swedish FlagsA New Spiral of Freedom for Scandinavia

August 7–10, 2008 in Sweden


Saint Germain's New Teaching on Communication with the Spiritual World


A New Spiral of Freedom for Scandinavia

Bollnäs, Sweden

Bollnäs is a small town beautifully situated by Lake Varpen.
Everything is within walking distance including public transportation,
restaurants, stores and swimming and other recreation.

Bollnas, Sweden

Come and be a part of a new spiral of freedom for Scandinavia that is being released during this conference through presentations on practical spirituality, singing, dancing and other fun activities and also many dictations and darshans from the Ascended Masters through an anointed messenger. This new energy of freedom will be anchored in and through receptive hearts throughout Scandinavia for the enlightenment and increased spiritual freedom of all. Be a physical anchor point of freedom by being present at this conference and forevermore emanate the accelerated violet laser light of freedom through your being!

Through oneness with your Higher Self you have greater access to spiritual dimensions of being, and thus communication with the spiritual world becomes the rule rather than the exception. During the conference you will receive new teachings and practical exercises that will increase your ability to maintain this level of communication in your life. This conference will both challenge you to come up higher and give you the spiritual sponsorship and the practical tools to do so.

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Pilgrimage to India


Pilgrimage to India

Pilgrimage with Harvest Conference

Tuesday, October 14 - Friday, October 24, 2008

This year's Harvest Conference brings us to the land where religion, spirituality and mysticism are part of the national fabric. The search for God is so much a part of the culture that it pervades every aspect of Indian life. You will see the devotion of these holy peoople in their most beautiful architecture and art work and in the many shrines they erect in adoration to their family's favorite deity.

Read the complete itinerary.

  • October 15: Evening Arrival in New Delhi.
  • October 16-17: Harvest Conference. Experiencing many of Delhi's sacred sites with time for sacred shopping.
  • October 18: Harvest Conference. Travel from New Delhi to Agra via Vrindavan.
  • October 19: Harvest Conference. Visit sites sacred to the Mughal Emperor Akbar Khan.
  • October 20: Visit the world famous Taj Mahal at sunrise and the magnificient Agra Fort before returning to New Delhi by air-conditioned bus. From Delhi we board the overnight train to Varanasi.
  • October 21: Harvest Conference. The afternoon in Sarnath where Buddha gave his first sermon after attaining enlightenment.
  • October 22: Experience the early morning sunrise devotions by boat on the Ganges. Harvest Conference. Visit sacred temples and the oldest parts of Varanasi; visit the world famous Varanasi silk factory and enjoy a classical Indian music concert in the evening.
  • October 23: Fly from Varanasi to New Delhi for our final Harvest Conference service and farewell to those who will be returning home.

Meditation Retreat Extension

Friday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

  • October 24: Travel by train from New Delhi to Haridwar and then to Rishikesh. Visit temples and ashrams of Ram Jhoola and witness aarti (worship) of the Holy Mother Ganges at Parmaarth Niketan. Aarti of the Holy Mother Ganges Meditation retreat begins with Lord Himalaya.
  • October 25: Visit the hilltop temple of Kunja Puri Devi and enjoy the view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks. Feel the vibrations of Rishi Vasishtha in the cave where he meditated some 10,000 years ago.
  • October 26: White water rafting on the Ganges.
  • October 27: Return to Haridwar to visit a sacred ashram with many temples dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. From Har Ki Pauri—a holy spot on the Ganges we will experience the evening worship of Mother Ganga.
  • October 28: Enjoy the Indian landscape for the last time on our 3-hour train ride from Haridwar to New Delhi. Farewell dinner in New Delhi.
  • October 29: Flights home.


Pilgrimage Itinerary

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