Benefits of Tithing


We are so grateful for all donations you designate as your tithe, ten percent of your net income, to our community. Here are some of the many benefits of tithing!

Tithing ...

... Ties us to God.

· One of the major commitments, if you really desire to be an initiate, is to tithe 10 percent. -- David Christopher Lewis, May 20, 2022

· Your tithe ties you to God, not just to an organization or spiritual church or movement.

 ' [It] ties you to God—God within yourself, God everywhere, God in the Great Central Sun. So thank you for maintaining this connection through your tithing and through your givingness. --El Morya and David, July 1, 2018

... Assists in God’s work.

· God's light will overcome the human night when we tithe with love, when we give with gratitude and joy and understanding of this sacred law.– El  Morya, July 5, 2018

· When we enter into this divine dynamic of the tithe, we also establish a link of oneness with all others who tithe, who are also helping to bring in the kingdom of God upon Earth. –El Morya, Sept. 4, 2018

... Multiplies our precipitation.

· Cosmos multiplies your gift investment by ten and returns it to you. –El Morya, May 21, 2013

· An angel is immediately assigned to magically bring into your life the multiplication of the amount that you have tithed, times ten, as quickly as possible. –Mother Mary, May 27, 2015

· When we tithe we set in motion the law of the immediate return on our investment of God’s graces from heaven. When we give to the Divine, the Divine invests more within us and unto us for our abundant life. –El Morya, Sept. 4, 2018

· Those who tithe are blessed for ten generations forward because the tithe generates a tenfold increase, moving forward in a geometric progression, a tenfold pattern of light.  –El Morya, Sept. 4, 2018

· Every time we tithe we can also give The Lord’s Prayer …and claim through it more of God’s kingdom consciousness manifesting upon Earth in our physical domain. –El Morya, Sept. 4, 2018

...Gives you access to more web content and information

  • Access to all Upper Room Experience streaming prayer services. (See our monthly Newsletter and the broadcast calendar for all tither-only services.)
  • Access to special Melodic Chants from HeartStreams by ascended masters and other angelic and divine beings.
  • Monthly Tither News email which includes the tither broadcast schedule, new prayers and songs and other news for tithers.

· Complementary Meru University classes for seniors who tithe if they choose to take advantage of this reward.

“When you pre-tithe what you require to meet certain expenses, it sets in motion an immediate grace to be yours, and an angel is immediately assigned to magically bring into your life the multiplication of the amount that you have tithed, times ten, as quickly as possible. An angel is assigned to every gracious tither to perform this alchemy for that one. You may not have thought of it as such in the past, and yet I aver that it is true. For it is cosmic law, and the law is carried out at God's directed will by this very angel.

"The more you give, the more that angel will work for you. The quicker you tithe of what you have received, the quicker you will receive the blessing at the hand of this angel.

“Therefore, don't dally when you receive anything from any source. As a joyful giver, give quickly, and then the angel will perform that alchemy for you so joyfully and quickly that you will be amazed at how instantaneous the result will be in your life. Many of you know this for you have proven the law. And yet some still feel attached to the abundance that they have so-called earned.

"All abundance is God's, blessed ones! You claim it through your givingness—in your job and the blessings that have come into your life through your parents and other benefactors. If you are truly unattached to your earnings, your blessings will increase.”


The Law of the Tithe―Tying Ourselves to God

 "Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of God Most High, and he blessed Abram, saying, “Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And praise be to God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.” Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything.”

— Genesis 14:18-20


The Benefits of the Tithe by El Morya



El Morya Recounts His Tithe as Abraham May 21, 2013

When I, as Abraham, gave that tithe to Melchizedek, it was a loving investment of much of what I had to a great soul of light who I knew would himself reinvest what I offered to the Divine so that God’s will would manifest in many domains upon Earth. In one sense, dearest ones, that story is a metaphor for the law of life and the law of the tithe, and yet it is much more. There is a physicality of precipitation that manifests when you decide that, no matter what, when you receive funds of any kind you will take the first ten percent and immediately give it back to the Lord. For this is your investment in cosmos, and cosmos, by cosmic law and by divine edict and direction, then multiplies that investment by ten and returns it to you.…..

Well, dearest ones, I am empowering those who are tithing and who will continue to tithe with a greater spiritual impetus within their lives, which will manifest tangibly in a number of ways that they will see come to fruition. “O master, this sounds very intangible. I desire proof. How will you do this? How will it manifest for me individually?” some of you are already asking. Do you know the laws of alchemy? Have you put forth into the ethers what you desire to manifest through a call, through your voice, or through writing your goals?  Have you aligned your will with cosmic intent and then acted upon that which you know is the way, the truth and the life? If so, then understand, dearest ones, that I may not fully reveal the ways in which this energy will be outpictured for you individually.

Suffice it to say that my word is valid, is real, is true because I am true to my word. And therefore this investment will manifest in some lives in seemingly miraculous ways and in others in very subtle ways by a gentle and general increase in your own vibratory field, in your own auric emanations through the ingestion of my words within this book, through your communion with my heart and mind, and through your continuing to be true to yourSelf in all things and in all ways. Read more


Mother Mary's Message on the Blessings of Tithing



Ways to Tithe

Easy Auto-Gift Tithe!
Auto-Gift Tithing allows you to tithe and donate with ease to support our spiritual community!

Establish or change an AutoGift Tithing account by filling out an enrollment form. Minimum AutoGift Tithing donation is $10 per month. Click on the link to download the desired form:


Donate monthly online here

Monthly Check Tithe Pledge

You can pledge a montly tithe or donation by check.

Download and complete Monthly Check Tithe Pledge Form

These forms may be form-filled (on your computer), saved to disk and emailed to
OR you may choose to print on paper, fill out and then mail the completed form to - The Hearts Center, P.O. Box 277 Livingston, Montana 59047


Tithing Works


David Christopher Lewis,  Discourse May 31, 2013

I’m here to tell you today that tithing works. I see the immediate results of when I tithe and when I give—immediate. I gave a tithe the other day, actually more than a tithe, and I saw the immediate 200 percent return on my investment, because every tithe, every gift is an investment. Don’t look at it as an expense or something that’s draining your finances. Shift your awareness to see that it is an investment in our collective future and the planet’s future, for the enlightenment of humanity.

When you shift your awareness to see that money is God, money is energy, and money is yours to precipitate to do good, then by investing and giving, and giving and investing again and again, you see the return come to you and then you give again. You receive more, you give more, and the spiral rises higher, and eventually you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Well, now your wildest dreams become even wilder and there’s no sense of lack any longer. You abide in your heart, you love life free and you accept your abundance as your divine inheritance. I’m accepting mine more and more, and I’m receiving more and more and I’m giving more and more. And by my giving, I know that God will bless me, my family and all of you. And oftentimes when I give, I give and ask that what I receive go to The Hearts Center and to heartfriends, for their abundance. Read more


Testimonials from Heartfriends

Testimonials from Heartfriends

When you are in the "Grace Zone" of regular tithing there are so many things that happen favorably for you. The main reason I serve and give though is that it is such an honor for me to support in any way I can the projects of our Master El Morya. It always comes back to this for me. And He always takes care of me when I give my all. –B. B.


I have auto-tithed 20% of my fixed income for some time now. My previous financial state was budgeting to ensure the end of the funds matched the end of the month. Now I am seeing my account building up a surplus, sharing my funds with others and gifting, and receiving gifts to cover my bills, glasses, car repairs, and even have reserves to invest in my trip to Florida to be with my daughter for a month. I have enough money (energy) to tithe more. –P. W.


I actually went from donating sporadically to signing the auto-gift pledge form for the 11.37%. My concern was with an auto-debit pledge; would I run out of money by the end of the month or I would have to pinch my pennies and watch every dime? That has not happened. Since I started I have always had plenty of money. –J.W.


I had been out of work for four days and I had been reading the book (I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams by Thomas L. Pauley, Penelope J. Pauley).  I had a dream that I should increase my tithe by $100. I wrote a check that morning and somebody called and gave me a job, which lasted several weeks. I received two more jobs after that.  It’s all working out.  We have had a lot of expenses this year, and we have had the abundance to pay our bills on time.   —R.B.


After tithing 20%, my husband came up to me and told me he had the biggest order of his life—80,000 books!  My daughter called and her contract was renewed for teaching for another year. My other daughter, who has a master’s degree and has been unemployed for a while, got a job!   —J.G.


I got an overnight package from my bank who holds my mortgage, and they offered me a refinance package on my home.  I received it, and it lowered my monthly payments by $132, and I save about $25,000 over the next 15 years.  I attribute this to the tithe dispensation of El Morya.  Praise God and I am grateful!  —I.I.


When my husband and I had the courage to agree together that we were going to tithe first, no matter what, it was just like, bang! The doors of heaven opened up and it was almost too much to deal with. I mean, we hit the ground running and we could hardly keep up with it fast enough at the physical level. Then we had to laugh about that, because it’s something that we know. When you’re quiet and you sit and think, you realize, “I have everything I need. I have everything I need. It’s right here.” And we need to go in and just listen and find out if we really believe what we say we do. We have to really walk that talk, and there’s no limit if you don’t put one on there. I always say, “This or something better. Lay it on me.”  —B.G.

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