Web Link Policy
The purpose of The Hearts Center website is to support our mission and vision that spiritual seekers and students receive up-to-date teachings, inspiration and guidance for their daily lives on the path and their service to mankind and the world.
In addition, we hope that the internet links, provided as a public service, may be of interest to our visitors. These have been chosen in accordance with The Hearts Center’s Web Link Policy:
  1. The Hearts Center has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for its content or accuracy.
  2. The inclusion of links and items in hypertext does not reflect an endorsement by The Hearts Center of the website, the sponsoring organization, their software, content, viewpoints expressed, or the products or services offered.
  3. Requests for links to websites are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, based upon the individual or organization’s relationship to The Hearts Center and congruency with our mission, goals and link policy, which is designed to maintain the integrity of The Hearts Center’s website.
  4. The Web Publishing Team reserves the right to determine this relationship and the value of the link for purposes of all link decisions.
  5. Links may be provided to nonprofit public sites offering products and services of acknowledged messengers and spiritual teachers.
  6. Links may be provided to nonprofit public sites offering programs, events, functions, products, services or information on topics that complement or are relevant to The Hearts Center mission and goals.
  7. Links may be provided to private commercial and noncommercial websites only if there is a public purpose for establishing the link related to The Hearts Center programs, activities and functions.
  8. Link placement and labeling are determined by the Web Publishing Team.
  9. Links to political websites or sites that appear to violate copyright laws are not allowed.
  10. We will remove a link if the site appears to be managed in an unprofessional way, is not kept up to date, is frequently not available, provides inaccurate information, or contains unlawful or inappropriate content.
  11. The Hearts Center Web Publishing Team does not require reciprocal link agreements. Our goal is to provide links to sites that are aligned with our mission, vision and goals. A link to another site does not obligate that site to provide a link to ours.
  12. Other sites do not need to get advanced permission to link to The Hearts Center website if they make a simple link to our homepage.
  13. Linking to The Hearts Center website is permitted under limited conditions: the linking site should not capture our pages within their frames or otherwise present our content as their own, they may not imply that The Hearts Center is endorsing their products or services, they may not portray any person or subject from our site in a false, misleading or derogatory light.
  14. We will immediately remove a link to any site if requested to do so by the site’s owner.
Requests and Questions:
Requests for links and questions regarding this policy should be addressed to friends@heartscenter.org.