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1 Replies and 12288 Views Eckhart Tolle- How to Deal With a Child's Pain Body  12288  1 Started by  friend I thought this was great advice from Tolle's book, 'A New Earth', pages 170-171, on dealing with children and their 'pain bodies'. I especially like the questions in the third paragraph that Tolle suggests to ask a child after they have had a 'pain body' episode. It's remarkable that this type of questioning can awaken a child to his or her Presence. &91;When I read 'pain body' I substitute the term 'dweller'. It makes more sense to me.&93; 'Parents often wonder how to deal with th...
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by  constanceJump to last post
06/22/2011 10:19 AM
0 Replies and 4135 Views Maria Montessori and Meru Learning Centers   4135  0 Started by  Cathleen Maria Montessori and her student, Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, had, and still have, a plan for the education of the seventh root race and all children by establishing Meru Learning Centers. We are grateful for their fount of wisdom and we desire to help them fulfill their mission with the God and Goddess Meru to deliver an understanding of true education and for the illumination of the hearts and minds of all. Mother Mary is their sponsor and the true and noble one to whom was entrusted the ed...
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05/26/2010 9:34 PM
4 Replies and 3788 Views Anyone read Education Begins Before Birth?  3788  4 Started by  Serena I just saw this recently in the bookstore and the title got my attention. It's on my wishlist but just wondering if anyone had read it and what you thought. Did you get anything out of it Was it new information Was it helpful Just wondering.
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by  SerenaJump to last post
05/11/2010 9:30 AM
0 Replies and 2150 Views Help Children Pray Everyday  2150  0 Started by  friend Children's prayers that come from their own hearts are the sweetest prayers. They range from, 'God bless mommy and daddy', to 'Please make our birdie all better so she can fly again', to 'Make everyone happy in the whole wide world!'. &91;IMAGE:60&93; Allow children to have the opportunity to pray. Children can pray before bed or before eating. They can pray at the same times that you pray. They can pray whenever they want. Let them know that when they pray they are talking to God an...
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04/29/2010 7:21 AM
0 Replies and 2602 Views Sunday School Lesson on the Sun  2602  0 Started by  friend Here are few ideas for a Sunday School lesson on the Sun: 1. Ask the children (and adults) to draw a picture of the sunr Put the pictures up where eveyone can see them. Notice what is drawn. Discuss with the children first why people draw faces in the sun and why they think these faces are happy. 2. Record everyone's responses and put where everyone can see. (Children like when you write down what they way, even if they can't read.) 3. Sing simple songs to the Sun: Example, Song 51...
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04/28/2010 8:38 AM
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