Summer 2011 World Freedom Conference

A New Alchemy of Divine Love for Aquarius—A Celebration of Spirit with Drama, Song and Dance

Friday, July 1–noon Tuesday, July 5, 2010
A Summer Solstice Camping Experience at the Villa Maria Retreat,
Frontenac, Minnesota    55026

Eagle over Mississippi River Come sing, pray and play to your heart’s delight and let your spirit soar! Feel free to express yourself and be in our togetherness with nature spirits, angels and adepts. Experience the height and breadth of Mother Nature in the land of 10,000 lakes. Be in Minnesota July 1 through 6 and celebrate summer solstice at the Villa Maria Retreat Center in Frontenac.

Enjoy lots of dance, drama and song with the spirit of Shakespeare. Learn about the foundations of the art of memory, the renaissance training of the adept. Hear the latest updates regarding the true identity of the author of the Shakespearean plays.

Be moved by our community spirit. Share in the humor, the music, the fellowship of others, like you, who are on fire for the freedom of every soul. Come to a place made sacred by young hearts of all ages converging from around the world. Beloved Alpha and Omega, sponsors of our 2011 World Freedom Conference, and many ascended adepts meet us here where the Mississippi River now flows with the light Shambhala.

A coil of energy is being lowered into our meeting area. It is a replica of the sacred space of Alpha and Omega’s etheric retreat and magnified to an awesome level by masters and heartfriends coming to our event. Our World Freedom Conference 2011 is our opportunity to prepare the Earth and ourselves for initiations, for light to be released to transmute karma, to wrap up the first twelve years of this new century as we enter the cusp of a new twelve-year thrust.

Expect surprises! Experience discourses and darshans as intimate opportunities to listen to your own inner teacher and to share your wisdom as well as to ask questions of the masters. Commune with cosmic beings in service to the Brotherhood’s plan for today, the decade, and the millennium. Hear Cyclopea’s keynote address on Earth’s progress. Receive reports on the status of world freedom, and meet heartfriends from around the world, celebrating our International Day of Freedom.

Be here. Be in nature. Be playful and be inspired by the vitality and spontaneity of our youth and community. Be co-creators with us and the masters of a new alchemy of divine love for 2012 and beyond!

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Friday, July 1—Youth Day and Canada Day

Lanello and Clare de Lis Dancing with the Real Stars
Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl Darshan on Youthfulness with the Youth
Lady Kristine Focusing the Chrismatic Light of Grace

Saturday, July 2

Kuan Yin The Cosmic Resonance of Mercy’s Light
K-17 A Report from the Cosmic Secret Service
Fortuna A New Flowering of Your Abundant Life

Sunday, July 3

Mother Mary The Mothers of Heaven Are at Your Service!
Goddess of Liberty The Sword of the Spirit Is the Answer to Every Challenge
Cyclopea A Report from the Karmic Board on Earth’s Progress

Monday, July 4—Independance Day

Godfre and Lotus Sing Our New Song of Freedom!
El Morya A Sacred Darshan with Adepts-to-Be
Saint Germain and Portia America Must Embrace Freedom’s Culture!

Tuesday, July 5

Hercules My New Labor of Love
Great Divine Director Our New Thrust for the Light Worldwide!
Mighty Victory I Compel You to Maintain the Victory Consciousness!

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Announcements and Updates

Shuttle Service

Do you require a ride from the airport to the Villa Maria? If so, contact Barbara at with your name, flight arrival time,  flight number and a contact phone number. Shuttle service begins on Thursday, June 30th, and continues through the morning of Thursday, July 7th, at $40 per person one-way.

What to Wear/What to Bring

The weather in Minnesota has been unusually rainy and on the cool side this spring and summer. However, Minnesota weather is very changeable. In July it can get as hot (and humid!) as the upper 90s (occasionally 100 degrees) and plunge to the lower 50s. Plan to bring clothes for any kind of weather and be prepared to layer.

Bring clothing for hot weather—shorts, Capris, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts and sandals. For wet, chilly weather pack a rain jacket, long pants, long sleeve shirts and a couple of sweatshirts and/or a fleece jacket. Bring tennis shoes, socks, and a hat for hiking; a bathing suit and beach towel for swimming in Lake Pepin; a flashlight and mosquito repellent (an herbal variety with citronella suggested) for nights around the campfire or evening walks.

We will be filming the Ho'oponopono dance at the conference after two practice sessions with Joyce Genis. Kuan Yin has requested that everyone wear white for the filming. In this ancient Hawaiian practice of the Ho'oponopono, let us dance our way to more love, forgiveness and gratitude!


If you are arriving at the Villa Maria after 9:00 p.m., email Illona at  for instructions to your room or cabin.

Event Teams

Ask your questions and share your suggestions with our events teams on the FORUM.

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