Mastery Systems
Conscious Language Immersion Classes
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

3 Days
Saturday, June 26, through Monday, June 28
at the Luccock Park Camp
in Paradise Valley, Montana

Conscious Prosperity™
Outcome Facilitation™
High Agreements™
Goals Achievement™
Sacred Body Language Translations™
Bio Optic Holography™

$333 for adults—3 days
$222 for students—3 days
$144 for a single day

The Mastery Systems DVDs
are recommended,
but not required for these classes.

The Mastery 201 intensive
will be offered within your
local Conscious Language communities
with supportive followup activities.

  Mountain Creek

FRIDAY, June 25—Free Introductory Evening
with Robert Tennyson Stevens

6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Hosted by Patricia DeWitt

Bozeman Public Library
626 E. Main Street

begins at 6:00 p.m.
All are welcome to attend

  Path to Power

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Day 1—Saturday, June 26

Conscious Prosperity and Outcome Facilitation

Conscious Prosperity

Imagine dissolving the habit of lack in America and our world into victorious, ever-expanding Divine Supply. Imagine every sentient being on our planet experiencing their full prosperity. Prosperity is a frequency that already exists and can be tuned into.

Prepare the soil of your abundant garden. Know what fruits you are passionate about harvesting. Lovingly, faithfully tend your soil. What is your life like now that you are thriving? What is new and different? You may be delighted to realize many of these new and different activities can happen right this instant. Subtle shifts in consciousness can yield profound, immediate results. May this event remind you of your universal supply, your own personal brilliance, and your abilities to manifest your heart's desires now and now and now.

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Day 2—Sunday, June 27

High Agreements and Goals Achievement

The technology of conscious agreements offers a system for designing High Agreements. This special one-day immersion is specifically about creating high agreements within your community, family, relationships, business, organizations and government.

High Agreements™ are the result of 20+ years of integrating and applying Conscious Language™, conscious choice and Transforming Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment™. Conscious Achievements In High Agreements you will have the opportunity to discover your own inner heart's pinnacle agreement(s), which when lived propel us into victory.

High Agreements is an ah-ha rich event for those committed to living their heart's successful path. Unless we are living our highest choices, we will be sabotaging ourselves. Be specific, first person-personal, use conscious creative language, design your own personal fulfillment as if it already exists to

  • easily understand where in consciousness you are consenting to be, right now.
  • continually stimulate yourself to be living in, and from, your dream fulfilled.
  • be fully alert the instant self-sabotage appear s and immediately adjust your position into your fulfilled heart’s desire
  • demonstrate your highest known outcome in your life consistently and continuously.
  • partner with your Creator consciously.
Dream Big! In your goal achieving, plan as if you are your own Creator giving yourself here on Earth every good and constructive thing. Imagine you are the apple of your Creator's Eye and the beneficiary of every good thing. You are!


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Day 3—Monday, June 28

Sacred Body Language Translations

Meta Body Eletronics In the evolution of consciousness, our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential and collective (global) memories. With every move we make, our bodies reveal our subconscious thoughts and hidden emotions. Sacred Body Language Translations is an exploration of our words, thoughts and emotional patterns as they correspond to states of consciousness, physiological condition and well being. Robert demonstrates the unspoken conversation going on within and between individuals through physical symbols, archetypal patterns, body sensations and energies in our environment.

The beauty of Body Language Translation is realized when we see the exactness of our unconscious movements, symptoms and gestures as they relate to our internal dialogue. Come “listen” to the language of the subconscious as it speaks through our hands, feet, face, eyes, nose, body movements, fingernails, hair, wrinkles, lines, symptoms, organs, glands and bodily functions revealing a dramatically deeper understanding of who we are, what our current requirements are, and how best to respond with love.

Bio-Optic Holography™

Bio-Optic Holigraphy Bio-Optic Holography offers us an eye opening road map for understanding, forgiving and transmuting our genetic and experiential reactions and limitations into choice and action. The patterns viewed in the iris, sclera and pupil in both eyes tell the story of our genetic and experiential beliefs and their corresponding relationships to thought, word and emotional patterns in the physical body.

Robert demonstrates his technique of translating iris, sclera and pupil markings, fiber structures and variations into questions which elicit a powerful healing response. Discover how to resolve and transform certain reactive patterns, suppressed emotions, genetic and experiential memories into their corresponding strengths. Each reaction sets a specific pattern for the return to our victorious life.

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