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Who Are We?

A Heart-Centered Community

Our passion is drawing forth God's Light for the coming Golden-Crystal Age.

The Hearts Center is a global spiritual community united in our love of God as we experience the tangible presence in our midst of the ascended masters during our free, daily, live broadcasts and other events and classes. We come together in physical and virtual gatherings to meditate, pray, sing, dance and play to achieve personal and planetary enlightenment, Self-realization and inner peace. We study the masters' progressive revelations and share practical teachings, relevant for our world situation today.

We are heart-centered initiates, walking a joyous spiritual path together. Our greater spiritual family is always evolving, and we invite you to join us in all our fun and friendship on this sacred adventure together. 

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Quote of the Day

When you consider life as a gift of beingness to you personally, you see how God values your being, your essence, your creativity. Within every breath is a current of God’s holiness and perfection. Within every heartbeat is the impulse of God’s eternal love-fire, manifesting as the resparking of your identity within the greater whole of God’s eternal being. And within every mindful musing and caring feeling is the extension of God’s essence, which permeates you through your consciousness, through your aliveness, through what animates your being every moment.

Truly, the gift of life is the gift of love of the Creator within, around, and through you. When you nurture this life, when you allow it to flow, to be, to move, to sing, to dance, and to work its perfect work within your eternal being, then life itself may not be so difficult or burdensome. For all the cares that you place upon yourself by your conscious choices—or your unconscious ones—may be dissolved in a flash. When you consider the greater context of who you are, the greater being that you are as a part of a whole, and when you feel that wholeness manifesting in the vital essences that comprise who you are, then the sadness, anxieties, and human desires that weigh you down vanish. For what is truly important is God’s beingness within you.

— Mother Mary,  December 23, 2015

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Rosary of the Month:

To celebrate Wesak the month, we're featuring The Jewel Tree of Tibet "Mentor Devotion", a powerful audio spiritual ritual. Discover more, and listen below.



2022 Heartform of the Year
from Gautama Buddha

The Thoughtform for 2022, now called a Heartform, was released by Gautama Buddha on December 31, 2021. The 2022 Heartform has the Flower of Life symbol at it's core and is surrounded by five cosmic spheres: ruby, aqua, peach, near indigo and crystalline tinged with light blue.

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