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Who Are We?

A Heart-Centered Community

Our passion is drawing forth God's Light for the coming Golden-Crystal Age.

The Hearts Center is a global spiritual community united in our love of God as we experience the tangible presence in our midst of the ascended masters during our free, daily, live broadcasts and other events and classes. We come together in physical and virtual gatherings to meditate, pray, sing, dance and play to achieve personal and planetary enlightenment, Self-realization and inner peace. We study the masters' progressive revelations and share practical teachings, relevant for our world situation today.

We are heart-centered initiates, walking a joyous spiritual path together. Our greater spiritual family is always evolving, and we invite you to join us in all our fun and friendship on this sacred adventure together. 

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As you engage heaven in your affairs, so the Lord God and his emissaries come and infuse the radiance of that spirit into your plane and dimension. And traces of this cosmic light-energy are always left within the sphere of Earth, within akasha, and within your own body temples, if you choose to both accept them, assimilate them, and then use them for the holy purposes of the One.

These tracings of light may contain, as you focus upon the emerald ray, essences of jade and emerald light, which are deposited within the cellular structure of your higher bodies and even within your physical temple as you engage, through the inbreath and the outbreath, in nurturing your own Selfhood through these cosmic substances of light. Those who have engaged in solar gazing already feel an increase in the solar radiance of their energy field and within the channels of Selfhood, as they are able to ingest the golden particles from the sun through the alchemy of their gaze, their witness, and their divine respiration.

— Angel Deva of the Jade Temple,  November 24, 2010

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of the Essenes

Inspiration from the Ancient Mystery Schools

Why do we call ourselves an Aquarian Essene Community?
The Essenes dwelt in sustainable communities, living in harmony with Mother Nature. They practiced the solar sciences of the spirit to be closer to God. The Hearts Center follows in their footsteps, drawing wisdom from those ancient mystics combined with progressive revelation to guide our spiritual practices, our diets, and our livelihood.

Miraculous Meditation

Journey into stillness with Vajrasattva. The masters recommend this powerful visualization meditation with the Dhyani Buddha.

May the words that you speak be holy. May your thoughts impressed upon the world be perfect. And may your mind resonate with this newfound understanding of yourself truly as a crystal. You could say that the golden age that Maitreya desires is the crystal age. And you have heard of the crystal children as the wayshowers for mankind. Wouldn't it be to your advantage to first become crystals for us as wayshowers to the crystal children, who are even now aborning in this plane? "

- Vajrasattva, 03/05/2006

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