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Want to listen via phone? Dial one of these numbers, then dial extension 103.

(406) 823-3040---Livingston
(206) 209-1978---Seattle
(267) 668-1879---Philadelphia
(332) 331-8550---New York
(312) 584-1390---Chicago
(520) 495-2929---Tucson
(587) 400-9047---Edmonton, AB

What is Hearts Center Radio?

Hearts Center Radio is your go to station for the latest in teachings, music and spiritual practices inspired by the Ascended Masters for your soul's evolution and for the healing of the planet. 

Spiritual Music

Listen to spiritual music, bhajans, love songs, and new age music by David Christopher Lewis and other spiritual musical artists. Find more songs on our Song and Prayer page


Meru University

Meru University classes are played every Sunday evening from 7-9:00pm.  

Live Prayer Services

Live prayer services are broadcast every morning. In addition to the daily services there are 3 hours of Violet Laser Light daily and 2 Sessions of prayers and songs to Elohim Purity and Astrea. Live Wholeness and Purity services are broadcast monthly.

HeartStreams, Discourses and Darshans

HeartStreams and discourses are inspired messages from ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis. Listen to HeartStreams anytime here. Darshans are Q+A sessions through David as an amanuensis for the ascended masters. Many of the messages are timely and personal, all are for the blessing of our planet and for personal enlightenment.

New Age Rosaries

6:00 am morning rosary, Vesta Rosary at noon, and 6:00 pm evening rosary. Rosaries are also played during the morning live prayer services. Find many New Age rosaries here.


Teachings include an array of lectures, interviews and presentations by David Christopher Lewis, Heartfriends and special guests on spiritual topics, the caring of our planet and personal growth.