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Angel Deva of Paradise Valley      May 16, 2018

Beloved Angel Deva of Paradise Valley
David Christopher Lewis
May 16, 2018   7:22–7:39 am MDT
Healing Light Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Angel Deva of Paradise Valley Speaks!

I AM the Angel Deva of Paradise Valley, and I come this morning to emanate light and love and the refreshing currents of springtime unto you, each one, O souls of light. For it is my responsibility to communicate with all of the precious elementals that surround and are within this sacred valley of light. And the harmony that I stream forth now through them also manifests as a grace unto you who have come here to serve and to love and to refresh this valley with your presence and with the all-possibilities and graces of the Spirit that manifest through your awareness, one with God.

It has been my pleasure to perform alchemy here for eons of time. I have seen cultures come and go: the native peoples and the cultures themselves of many forms of life—the herds of deer, the elk, the fish within the Yellowstone River, the birds of the air and all manner of creatures that roam here and there to partake of what this valley affords them for their life, for their service to the One Eternal God.

When you see yourself and feel yourself one with all life, you may partake of the sacred essences that flow from the Divine Mother, which in turn are then broadcast through the devas and the elementals of the four cosmic forces of earth, air, fire and water. And the alchemy of the interplay of light, of consciousness, of sound and vibration, of frequencies of the Eternal One that manifest through multidimensions of being through all of these life-forms is coordinated and orchestrated by the Spirit Most Holy, the Holy Spirit, dearest ones. When you are in that communion with the Holy Spirit, you may feel all that is real and true within yourself and all that is beautiful and divine within nature, which we the devas offer unto you through our sacred work.

And when you work with Mother Nature in planting your gardens, your trees, the berry bushes and what you afford us as opportunity to grow within a sacred space, then there is a cosmic collaboration manifest that expands God's kingdom upon Earth through the domain of your being, one with ours. Oh, if you could see the work of the elementals on the inner, it would afford you great insights into how great God is and how nature itself, in its all-pervading presence, is aware and vibrating in all manner of beautiful essences in the powers of light, color, growth and the sciences of the Spirit within the biome of the Earth itself.

We orchestrate all of this on your behalf. For we see you, O mankind, O sons and daughters of God, as that creation that is closest unto the Lord himself/herself, for you were created in the image of the Eternal One. And it is your responsibility and accountability to live up to that sacred charge, to be a representative of God walking consciously upon Earth and spreading your light, your love, your levity everywhere, even as we do in our work, in our service.

Precious ones, we are grateful that upon this property you have established a sacred temple of light and that the deva has come to inhabit and ensoul both the temple itself and the surrounding acreage. And effusing her light essences within the gardens and within all that is here is an alchemy in support of my work and of our collective work here in Paradise Valley. You see, where devotees of light of any sacred movement come in devotion, in praise and in that state of oneness and apply their own wisdom and knowledge of what they have gleaned of truth from these dispensations and work with us in this collaboration of light, there can be a greater expansion, a greater infusion of God's grace, of God's virtues and all manner of blessed spiritual light quintessences here. And these in turn are a blessing to all who pass through this valley, going to and fro Yellowstone National Park or areas that they desire to visit and commune with nature and nature's life in their own way.

So you see, the blessings that you bring to bear in your sacred work here also are a blessing to all lifestreams who pass through Paradise Valley: the fishermen, the guides, even the hunters, who in their own way see themselves as a part of the balancing of life through the taking of certain life.

O dearest ones, I ask you to enter into a greater communion daily with the natural world around you, for this affords you insights into the natural world inside of you, what God has created within you. And this in turn will allow you to fulfill your divine design, your purpose, walking consciously upon the Earth. For when you understand yourself, you begin to understand the greater God Self within all of life. And when you commune with nature and feel the depth of Spirit's reach within these domains of the four sacred kingdoms—earth, air, fire and water—you then also receive those insights into self and how God has embedded within you so much of conscious awareness, Solar presence and the magnificence of the eternal Spirit of the One. And as you listen to all that is spoken by nature, you can then also attune to your own Buddha nature, your Mother nature and fulfill your reason for being in the Alpha-Omega spirals of light, of love, of levity.

Now I co-create with your Higher Self an infusion of magnificence within Paradise Valley that will, in time, give birth to a great transcendence manifest through many who are awakening gradually to their divine and eternal nature and who will fulfill their roles—here and where they return to after communing here—in bringing about the kingdom of God in a greater manifestation of glory and presence. Breathe deeply now with me and ingest these holy essences of sacred-fire light. [Angel Deva breathes three inbreaths and outbreaths.]

Now I wish to also announce unto you the receiving into heaven of a great soul, Gary Young, who, as many of you know, released unto this Earth the understanding of essential oils and their importance in health and vitality, wellness and the gentle art of healing self through what nature affords through these sacred quintessences of the plants themselves. There are cycles that he must still fulfill, dearest ones, and many devas of many plants and evolutions of light within nature were there, appreciating all that he brought to humanity through his work in this lifetime. Therefore we applaud his service, and we applaud the service of others who have given their all to fulfill the divine design in their own way.

We trust that each of you will also be received into heaven with great cosmic appreciation when you have fulfilled your destiny, your sacred purpose through your service, your work, your givingness to humanity, to one another, to your families and communities and to the Earth itself. Oh, if you only knew how every thought, every feeling, every word and action is impressed upon akasha and does indeed impact all life, you would live within the reverent field of beingness, that unity consciousness, which can itself heal humanity when utilized consciously by your True Self to bless others and to raise them in the light.

Therefore go for it! Do all that you are meant to do. Give your all each day and leave not one stone unturned that you know it is your responsibility to fulfill. There are many things that you can do, dearest ones. Yet if you go within and assess what is most important, what God would have you do in a given day and within a given lifetime, you will see that there are higher walks to walk with God, there are more refined places to commune with Spirit and there is a greater work that you may enter into by your conscious choice if you simply will listen and obey both your inner voice and the voice of God that speaks within nature and within the heart of the Earth itself.

To those who listen deeply and care and then obey the inner voice, I say thank you for your sensitivity and for the alacrity of your mindfulness, your heart-centeredness and your givingness. For this is indeed making a difference for many and bringing the kingdom of God closer and closer to its full manifestation and realization within the Earth.

I AM the Angel Deva of Paradise Valley, Montana. Live, move and have your being within the greater paradise of your God-consciousness, your Solar awareness. And then, dearest ones, you will be all light. I thank you.

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