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David Lewis      May 02, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 2, 2018   9:55 ̶ 10:05 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Future of Meru University

I see Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Lanello over us. I see Nancy, Lady Francesca. I see Lady Clarity, Dennis's beloved. I see Lady Kristine, who announced the name of Clare de Lis and who was a great friend of Mother's in her final incarnation. And I see numberless numbers of ascended beings over us, showering light upon our community, showering light upon all the students who have taken past courses and, as Boyd said, or Claire, all the students who will find us and take future classes or study the ones that have already been released.

I see a great amphitheater of light in heaven with these great beings, who are appreciative of all of us as initiates. And I saw on the website that Meru University is geared for initiates, those who desire the higher wisdom teaching, those who are working on themselves, who are making progress spiritually and desire their ascension and to help liberate planet Earth and all sons and daughters of God and lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers, sentient beings.

This is a continuum, El Morya says, of what the Great White Brotherhood does in the etheric retreats in their classes. And they have shared in the past that a number of classes that we have held upon Earth are actually simultaneously occurring in heaven in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

They are desirous of releasing tremendous new light into and through Meru University—both through me and also through many of you who will continue to teach classes. And our classes will grow and grow and grow. The compendium of sharing and instruction and wisdom teaching through initiates will be such that we will have a full-fledged university of the Spirit on Earth. And eventually there will be campuses throughout the world, not just in one place, not just in two places—we will have physical campuses, in time, that promulgate these teachings, with many students, many teachers, with physical locales. This is El Morya's vision, and it was part of his and Lanello's vision from the beginning, to have an actual university of the Spirit on Earth for initiates of the Universal White Brotherhood.

Helios and Vesta, through the God and Goddess Meru, through Lanello and Clare de Lis, Mother, are raying forth tremendous golden, liquid light now to our Earth as an empowerment for our Meru University to fulfill its destiny through initiates, through our cherished teachers, administrators, staff and all who will come in the future—even way beyond my lifetime—to continue this work and this service and this educational initiative.

It is a sacred mission; it is a holy mission of light. It is something that Clare de Lis and Lanello will be invested in for the enlightenment of mankind for the duration of their time in the office of the administrators of the retreat over Lake Titicaca, with the Buddhas also overseeing this Meru University, because they sponsor it also—all of the Buddhas who have shared and who will share and are sharing this year.

There is a tremendous energy of Spirit manifest through the golden, liquid light and the illumination ray that will continue to flow forth to the Earth to hold this balance of the yellow plume of the planet, as well as of the lifestreams upon this planet. For that, El Morya and the masters are grateful.

In closing our service today, we will sing “I AM the Sun,” 20.001, as a song as we celebrate our victory together in rolling out a new LMS (Learning Management System) for Meru University.

Thank you, Boyd and Claire. Thank you, all of our staff. Thank you Nancy, Lady Francesca, and all who have served as teachers and students of Meru University.

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