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David Lewis      February 04, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by El Morya)
February 4, 2018   10:34 ̶ 10:52 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Tai Chi of Positive Relationships

So that was one little teaching that came as I was meditating, and then one that I am really excited to share with our community follows.

This is very, very important for teamwork, for maintaining harmony and leadership, and for the interrelationships that occur between people—when decisions are being made, when dynamics are occurring in the everyday work-a-day world and we have to actualize what we desire to manifest in our movement.

Sometimes we have people who are impulsive and even emotional—very quick to decide things. El Morya gave me this teaching: he says that impulsiveness has to be balanced by considerate rationality. Emotional energy has to be balanced by thoughtfulness. The quick-lightning type of response has to be balanced by long-term constancy and stability. If we act too quickly without thinking, we create problems. However, in addition, we can't be rigid to the point where we are not flexible.

The law doesn't supersede the Holy Spirit, because we desire there to be balance in the way that the law manifests. The law should not rule us; the laws are there as focal points, kind of a regulatory energy to guide us—they're not there to rule us. There is the rule of law, but the law should not rule us. We are the creators of the law—of human laws at least—and we have to be flexible at times so that those laws are not so rigid that they break us or that there is not the Holy Spirit in the equation.

So absolute justice must be balanced by graceful mercy. Fear of potential loss should be transmuted into hope, an expectation of miraculous gain, because rigidity can turn into fear and morph into stasis. The energy of flexibility and creativity is an aspect of the Holy Spirit that is important for us to embrace as we use the co-creative power of God inside of us to imagine and to electrify the universe with new ideas.

How do we resolve conflict between some people who, by their very nature, seem to be impulsive and not always considerate and rational in the way that they make decisions, or they're quick on the draw, or they're emotional? How do we balance this equation with those who are very much more regulated in how they desire to manifest things—consider things before acting, et cetera?

Number one, we have to pray, because prayer sets in motion resolution—resolution by God within both of us. We have to choose to communicate. And if you choose not to communicate, there will not be resolution, because there won't be an opportunity to decide together how to move forward. So avoiding communication with ones with whom you may disagree or have issues with is the worst way of sustaining the dynamic of division and not allowing unity and brother/sisterhood to occur. You have to be willing to listen and to engage with another. If you are not willing to listen and engage, don't expect a resolution. You have to be open to compromise, even if it's a little bit of compromise in your position.

Remember a couple of weeks ago in the Meru class we showed the video of the young gal who put together the video of Einstein's theory of relativity and how it actually manifests through sound and that every view has value because from one perspective it is true. So we have to surrender—for the greater good—our own stubborn view of things in life and the way things are.

I remember in the movie Shawshank Redemption, the hero tells the head of the facility that he's being obtuse, and, boy, he got it for that. We can't be stubborn or obtuse, because that prevents resolution. We can't just try to position ourselves above others because we think we have the higher or the better point of view. We can't just posture ourselves in an authoritarian state of knowing better; we have to humble ourselves in this dynamic. If we posture and position ourselves as having a better way or a better view and we are not willing to listen, to engage, to communicate and even to pray, the constant dynamic of this will lead to rebellion and ultimately to a failed test.

And El Morya is warning some that your unwillingness to communicate properly and engage with those at the appropriate level of an organization's leadership, et cetera, can eventually lead to rebellion, and that's something that we don't desire—none of us desire it. He says, “Thoughtful planning is essential.” And he recommends for our movement that we do what we've done in the past, which is to assess our resources of people, supply and time and to develop plans based on these resources that are kind of guaranteed. We see from the past what the trends are, and nothing is totally guaranteed, because things change. Yet we develop plans based on our resources: people, supply and time. So plans are developed with rigor and rationality, and I think we do this very well in The Hearts Center.

We also can have discussions about potential additional desired goals, dreams and results based on hopeful outcomes. Yet there are always many ifs in this situation. Who will do the work? Who will take on accountability and responsibility? Where is the money? Where and when will they happen, with what supply and how? You can't run an organization and do things the way the masters would like them to be done, at least in this community of the Holy Spirit, if you put B before A. You always put A first, based on the realities of what has been proven. If you try to do a bunch of Bs and you mix things up so that you are actually moving resources around where you can't do the As, that's a problem, and we should not do that, El Morya says.

Now, we can communicate with our constituents, our wonderful heartfriends, our investors—our donors are our investors, our tithers are our investors and they are also disciples—and we can tell them, A: Here is what we know that we can do based on our past proven activities and given the resources we have, the people, the time and the money, the supply. We would like to do some of these other things, B, yet to do that, some people have to come forward to make it happen, to provide the resources—the people who have the time.

Now, El Morya says that The Hearts Center was actually born through B, through those who were willing to step out of a staid previous activity and co-create something new. And many of you were the ones who actually helped make it happen by being creative enough to virtuously see the vision of what could be, having witnessed the stasis of what was and what was occurring, which was not in alignment with the highest purposes of the Brotherhood. And so The Hearts Center was born by this other matrix.

So we can't dismiss the B. Yet to sustain anything, the A can evolve through both A and B in the proper way when there is communication and proper love manifest between people. Bs can become As as they are realized through careful execution. We can have our A team that does the main work and then have a few outliers who envision and do B items. Yet again, don't rob the A resources to do B projects that are not fully agreed upon, because this builds resentment and it is destructive to the foundation of the organization, the movement.

When laying a foundation, you don't distract the contractor and take him away from pouring the concrete, right? What will he do? If his attention is being diverted, the cement goes all over the place. If you desire a new foundation, either wait till that contractor is done or find another contractor who can do it.

Now, El Morya is giving these analogies because of things that have happened recently that I have become aware of. And I can assure you that careful planning, thoughtfulness and mindfulness, coupled with loving communication and understanding of what people desire to see fulfilled, can bridge the gap that at times manifests and bring us to a higher, conclusive, victorious state of operation and splendor and wonder.

I see and know and feel in my heart that those who have the highest, the brightest and the best desire for our movement will make amends with others with whom they may have had issues and resolve to follow El Morya's direction: to pray first, to communicate, to not be so impulsive or emotional or quick on the draw that they create issues and problems with other people who have their marching orders already and are doing their best to sustain the foundation and maintain the harmony and the balance. Yet those who are doing that can also be just a little bit more graceful in how they communicate so that they bring everything back to balance and harmony through loving and thoughtful and kind communication.

This is something I personally take to heart from the Master because I know that I've been impulsive, been emotional and been quick on the draw. And I also believe in the dynamics of establishing a very strong foundation, and that is what I think we have done in this past thirteen years. We have established a great, great stable foundation for the masters to expand this teaching through our website, through our activity, through your work and service and through your creativity. And so it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Many of you have added so much flavor, so many aromas, so many herbal spices to this brew of our co-creative work, and it's become a beautiful, amazing dinner of many divine dishes as a result of your individual co-creativity. When we pool all of our resources together, we see that the spices that each of us adds to the mix of the beautiful five-course meal are all important and that it wouldn't be such a great, amazing meal without the resource of each person and their creativity. We could have a salad but no dessert or we could have an entrée but no soup, yet we require all of the above to make it a splendorful (if that's a word), wonderful, splendid five-course meal that we had in Livingston, Montana, and that we'll talk about forever throughout the world through our broadcast.

I pray that all of us will take this to heart and understand that some of this applies in our personal lives, even in the way we operate our own private businesses, our finances, our relationships, or whatever. A lot of these dynamics still apply. Don't go off on a tangent to the point where you spend all of the hard-earned money that you require for your retirement, let's say. There are all kinds of ways that you can look at this in terms of how we use this teaching and apply it in our daily lives.

So thank you, El Morya.

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