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Victory      January 25, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Victory and Justina)
January 25, 2018   7:00–7:30 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Victory and Justina Share How to Invoke the Action of Victory in Our Calls and Life

Good evening, everyone. God bless you. Mighty Victory comes today with Justina to share a teaching on the power of victory to transform through our calls, our fiats, our prayers and our divine expectations.

Victory says that we can call forth the victory of anything that is good, anything that is divine, anything that is virtuous. And when we make our calls and fiats—for the victory of love, the victory of peace, the victory of justice, of freedom, of hope, the victory of Mexico, the victory of the Mexican people, the victory of the Mexican culture, of education in Mexico, of the economy of Mexico, of virtuous leaders, of coming elections—all of these are victoriously answered by Mighty Victory, Justina and the angels of Victory.

By adding the word and the name Victory to our calls, there is a momentum that descends from heaven that is very powerful. The V itself of Victory signifies an action of the descent of light from heaven to Earth, where at that point of the base of the V, the light is incarnated within matter. And this is why Victory is so effective in the Earth when we call forth Mighty Victory, because there is the imperative of that action of light brought forth, invoked from the heaven world into Earth through our tangible, physical verbal, or oral, calls and prayers.

When we speak with the authority of the fiat, the decree, the spoken prayer, it anchors the light of the Word, which is the Logos, the Christ, into our dimension, into our Earth. Spoken prayers are more powerful than unspoken prayers in the sense that they anchor the light in the matter planes of being because of the force, the power of the Word, the Logos, calling forth the victory of any virtue as the light of Victory into the light of that virtue. And there is a greater momentum manifest when we invoke the victory of love, the victory of hope, the victory of peace.

This is an important teaching because, yes, we can invoke love and that is a beautiful thing. The apex, the acme, the summit, of love is augmented when we say, “I invoke the victory of love.” That extra little oomph, that power, that thrust gives love the momentum that is the all-power of the highest form of love that can be manifested in that moment. We all desire to make progress on our path, Victory says, and what affords us that progress is the power, the oomph, the energy of the thrust of God behind us, God inside of us, God all around us. And calling to Mighty Victory provides that thrust, that charge, that dynamism that we require.

This is a time of troubles in the Earth. The battle of Armageddon is being engaged in every day; the warring is occurring. Yet it is a warring of Spirit and non-Spirit, of light and darkness. And so when we invoke Victory, the legions of Victory come with their sacred swords, with their shields of light, with all of their divine armaments and cosmic ammo to thrust forth into our plane of being every resource that they have to help us, to aid us, to illumine us.

When we call forth the victory of godliness in the Earth, imagine what occurs on the inner through the intercession of angels, archangels, divine spirits, who come directly in answer to that specificity. The more specific we are in our calls, Mighty Victory says, the greater the effects can be in the Earth with pinpoint accuracy. We know this teaching; that is why we have all of our call sheets, which are very specific. They are called call sheets because they are different from our decrees, which are often rhythmic and rhyming and beautiful and invoke all these thoughtforms and images of perfection. Often the call sheets are for us to anchor the light in our dimension with a very specific matrix so that a specific angel, a specific master can come and effect change in our world because we have named something that means something very directly personal, and then the energy of Spirit comes and it has a chalice in which to act in our world.

I call for the victory of the light within the worlds of heartfriends, within The Hearts Center community worldwide and specifically this night within Mexico, our Mexico City group, all of the precious and beautiful heartfriends, their families, this greater community of light that is building and expanding and doing great spiritual work for all of Mexico and all of the Latin communities and the Hispanic people throughout North, Central and South America, Spain and the world.

I call for the victory of my children and their testings in school and their everyday work activity, in their relationships, in their travel. I call for the victory of every initiation that heartfriends are going through today so that they will be victorious and overcome, through these testings, all that assails them, and rise in light to their ascension. I call for the victory of our worldwide community of lightbearers to work in harmony with one another, in consonance with one another, balancing their lives—their practical lives, their spiritual lives—so that they live victoriously every day with joy, harmony, peace, great love and affection for one another, their families, their communities.

I call for the victory of the fulfillment of the highest desires and aspirations, visions and goals of every lightbearer across the planet and beyond planet Earth so that everyone rises to the occasion and soars in spiritual authenticity to fulfill their highest purpose, calling and mission. I call for the victory of the light in every situation that I will encounter, that you will encounter, that we together will encounter so that all of our encounters will be magnificent and beneficial and that we will use every opportunity to give our most, to give our best, to give our brightest offering to the planet.

I call for the victory of the decisions of our leaders in our local communities, our states, our provinces, our nations, our countries and throughout the world so that together we are making progress as a culture, as a society, as a nation of civilization.

I call for the victory of the light for new technologies to come forth that will make life better upon Earth for every man, woman and child. I call for the victory of the highest forms of communication so that we can put aside things that divide us and separate us, and embrace those things that will unify us and perfect us in the oneness of Spirit.

I call for the victory of the rebirth, the renaissance of a golden-crystal-age culture, nation by nation, people by people, race by race, religion by religion, and beyond religion so that all together, as a melting pot of civilization, we can embrace the future now with great joy, loveliness, harmony, peace, brother/sisterhood, compassion, kindness.

I call for the victory of the highest teachings coming to the fore upon Earth, the highest forms of education at all levels of society—from children in the womb, and even in the retreats before they incarnate, through the conception of them by their parents in the matter planes, all the way through their development into adults and throughout their adult life.

I call for the victory of understanding between peoples so that the barriers between our understanding of one another can be broken and consumed and dissolved and so that we can embrace each other as holy brothers and sisters across all racial divides, all cultural divides, all religious divides. In fact, all these divisions are consumed, dissolved, transmuted, and we see, feel and know each other as self, from the vantage point of that other's experience, perception, view, purview.

I call for the victory of every child so that that child may have opportunity to learn, to grow, to be nurtured and expand in the brightness of their true Selfhood. I call for the victory of love between all peoples—love within the family; love between man and woman; love between parents and children, extended families; love between people in the workplace, in the sense that there is a camaraderie, a fellowship and a unity that moves forward our culture through business, through activity, through commerce, where honesty and integrity are the new norm, and all dishonesty and lack of integrity are put aside and done away with because everyone embraces the truth, the way and the life of the Christ and the golden rule.

You see, friends, our victory is assured when we daily invoke Victory, because we develop a momentum when we invoke the light of Victory every day that is progressive and builds. That momentum increases and we generate more steam, more divine power, more cosmic magnetism. We draw to ourself all the elements we require in our work and service, and one of the most important of these is joy, because joy is the motor of life. Happiness is the engine of cosmic activity in our world. And when we have joy, when we have happiness it moves everything forward magnificently. That joy and happiness oil the gears of society.

If you desire your victory, you must claim it, Mighty Victory says. You must see it, invoke it and claim it, and then you must engage with the elements that come into play so that victory has the space and the time in your world, in your life to manifest. You can achieve what you can conceive and believe. We know this; many inspirational speakers have spoken of this truth. Whatever you can conceive and then believe, you can achieve. And that achievement comes with a price: it is commitment; it is determination; it is givingness and putting in the work, the time, the effort.

You can't expect, Mighty Victory says, to be victorious in a battle if you don't pick up the sword and the shield and engage. You can't expect to pass a test unless you are in class, you read the text and you study. You can't expect to have a great job if you don't learn what the requirements are to fulfill the work within that job; there's a lot of learning, a lot of preparation.

So the learning, the preparation, the delving into a situation to ascertain what is required to be victorious is essential for the victory to manifest. This is where meditation in silence is important, because in that time of silence you will receive divine stimulation from the higher worlds through your higher bodies, focused down through even your mental body, your heart. And the intuition that opens the doors for you to embrace divine wisdom, divine truth, divine knowledge is essential in order for you to have those elements that you require for your victory.

This is why I love to meditate very early in the morning—to be still and have a pad and a pen there. And then as I am open to what God would reveal and share in the stillness of my heart and as I quiet my mind, if something comes that I know that I must write down so I remember it, I write it down. And then I have my operating manual for that day through what God has revealed that I must engage in.

You can be victorious if you try. And Saint Germain long ago told us what try means: “Theos Rules You.” This is a powerful alchemical word when we understand it: Theos (God) Rules You. In other words, you give God the authority to rule you, to command you, to engage with you. It's different than when someone says, “Are you going to do this work for me?” and the person answers by saying, “I'll try,” and they don't really mean it. That's the try that's not the same engagement as saying, “I will—I will do it.”

This TRY that Saint Germain is talking about is when you engage through effort. You have said, “I will do it,” and then you give your effort, your all. And that is Theos Ruling You—Theos commanding you, God engaging with you. So there's a difference between TRY as all capital letters, with this alchemical understanding that Saint Germain gave, and the try with lowercase letters, where it's an excuse. “Well, I'll try to do it.” You are not making the commitment; you have to make that commitment.

Mighty Victory is a master that will engage with those who make commitments and who keep those commitments. He will not stay around you or like to respond to you if you make commitments and then never fulfill them, because you are not to be trusted. You don't fulfill your promises, your vows. So when you engage heaven by making a vow, making a pledge, then fulfill it. And then you will get the response that you require for the next thing and the next thing. It is simply a law of the universe. It's the law of attraction; it's the law of commensurate fulfillment through the law of karma: Whatsoever you sow, that you shall reap.1 So if you sow it, you put in the time, you sow those seeds, you plant them, you water them and they will grow, and then you will be able to reap the harvest of that givingness.

Mighty Victory is a master of action, of the fulfillment of goals, dreams, aspirations. He looks for the long-term completion of the ideals, the vision that we individually and collectively have. The long-term victory can be experienced when we are engaged day after day after day. We don't go to church one day a week in our Hearts Center community; we are engaged every day in fulfilling God's work through our prayers, through our meditation, through our singing, through our service. And the momentum that we have built because we see every day as Sunday, every day as a day of worship and praise and commitment to God, makes it so that the Son of God, the Christ, engages with us every day rather than just one day a week, you see.

So we have made every day, in a sense, a sunny day, or a Sun-day, by aligning ourself with the teachings of the living Christ, modeled by beloved Jesus. And now we, as sons and daughters of God in our own right, are coming to that point of manifesting the same type of light that Jesus bore through that Christ Spirit that he wielded as he walked the Earth as a true Son of God, fully committed to God's will, fully embracing what the Father told him that he should do and what his Mother trained him to do, what God sent him to Earth to accomplish.

Now, God sent you to accomplish something great. You have your mission; you have your vision—fulfill that. Invoke the victory of your mission and vision. And Victory assures you that if you do this every day, “I AM” (and you use the I AM name of God), “the victory of my mission and my vision accomplished, fulfilled, done, sealed,” then victory comes through that commitment, through that daily effort.

Does this mean that you will never fall? Of course not. We all make mistakes; we all learn through our mistakes. We all fall down; we have to get up. We have issues, problems, challenges, obstacles, yet victory is there even within those challenges, obstacles and problems to elicit a response from deep within us to see if we have the will, the determination, the desire to forge through, to press through and to be victorious.

If you have the desire and you have what it takes as you aspire to God's fire, then the result will be amazing, beautiful, divine. And Victory will be there to place the laurels on your head and to assure that you will then be ready for the next challenge and the next opportunity. What we can't do is rest on our laurels; we have to challenge ourself. We have to ask God, “What's next?” and we have to keep moving. We cannot rest; we have to move on. Yes, there can be a time of reprieve, relaxation after a long struggle or the strain of the battle, which we know that we must reengage in, get back to work on, and this is what initiates do.

So God bless you, all of you in Mexico City and throughout Mexico. God bless all of us throughout the world. I pray that this teaching and sharing by beloved Mighty Victory and Justina through me has come just in time for you to make greater progress on your path and to embrace who you are with great love, affection and joy. Thank you so much. God bless you.

1. See Galatians 6:7–9.

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