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Lanello      October 18, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse [overshined by beloved Lanello]
October 18, 2017   7:31 ̶ 7:54 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Wisdom Teachings from the Past
Serve as the Roots of the Tree of Today's Teachings

I'd like to address something that came to me as I was meditating yesterday on a situation that will be addressed at our upcoming council meeting this Saturday. The teachings that have gone before us—the ancient teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and the true teachings of East and West through all kinds of dispensations and lineages—are like the foundation of a tree, the roots of the tree. And every true dispensation has its trunk, which is the absolutely beautiful, new revelatory teaching that a particular messenger, arhat or avatar has brought to the Earth.

For instance, Gautama Buddha brought forth beautiful new teachings: the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and all of what he taught. And this is one magnificent tree of life. There are many lineages that have sprung up from the basic roots and trunk of what Gautama brought, and all of these lineages are like the branches, and now the leaves, that have come down to us today through the various teachers and disciples of those lineages.

Likewise, the Saint Germain Foundation and its release of the I AM teachings through Guy Ballard, or Godfre Ray King, is a new trunk, a new tree of life. And from that beautiful, beautiful tree, all these disciples who were true to that teaching have brought forth branches—for instance, Pearl, and what Lotus herself brought forth later in the I AM activity, which some people feel was not always 100 percent accurate, yet it's still there for many disciples. Then other branches sprung up and created their own tree after that—for instance, the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse. And even The Hearts Center now is its own tree, even though it sprung from seeds from a previous tree.

It's important that we have this understanding so that we can study the ancient teachings. Yet we realize that we can't always stay with just one tree, even if in and of itself it is complete, full and rich in the fruits of the Spirit that that founder, that arhat, that messenger brought forth.

We have a new tree, a new teaching, and if we focus too much on the ancient teachings, even those of Buddhism, Hinduism, or whatever, that's fine. We can partake of that fruit and we can actually, if we enter into the mystical elements of it, Self-realize and earn our ascension. Yet in this beautiful Garden of Eden that we have on the Earth, with new trees that are forming and coming into existence, we have the opportunity to have the vital progressive revelatory teachings that the fruit from these new trees is offering us.

I feel that some people, God bless them, like to focus a lot on the older trees. And of course you can, as I said, make it on the path if that is your choice. However, I think what you can miss is the beautiful, new fresh fruit from these new trees, which is very vital, very energetic, very nourishing to our souls. This is why I believe most of you are in The Hearts Center movement and community, because we have this great up-to-date, current, progressive teaching that the masters are giving us for today. And in today's world, it's essential that we meet the initiations of today. What the original trees of those former dispensations brought forth was excellent for that time, and elements of them are still important for us to assimilate. Yet for today's path, today's initiations, the challenges of today's world, these new fruits of the Spirit are so important for us to incorporate in our lives, in our path in order to deal with the exigencies of today, which are very challenging.

So maybe for a cycle it was important to focus a lot on, let's say, giving judgment calls in an energy field where we had to challenge things, challenge things, challenge things. For today, with our understanding of the nondual teachings, living in the light of the Presence fully and blazing forth that light also counteracts the darkness. And we have seen people who enter into duality or a dualistic state of being when they are always in the mode of challenging, challenging, challenging rather than being that light.

In our dispensation, we primarily desire to be the Buddha—the Buddha being very peaceful and in a state of quiescent, high meditation that has a very high frequency and is able to be like a general with the forces of light and send forth these cosmic rays to deal with all the darkness. In my opinion, it's a safer, sacred space to be in than to always feel like you've got to challenge and beat your dweller into submission, which is the mentality that many of us had in a former tree.

So I enjoy, and I think many of us enjoy, the more quiescent state of peace that allows us to have a harmonic life and maintain a state of equanimity and deep abiding presence so that we don't get caught in this trap of good and evil and light and darkness, where we're always looking for the next thing that we have to challenge and beat into submission.

Humanly, we can't win if we're in that game. In a divine spirit, yes, you can at times deal with the great darkness that comes through whatever tools and resources work for you. And I have to tell you that for me, I go deeper, higher and can maintain a more positive attitude toward everything when I'm in more of a Buddhic type of presence. And I think that our community exemplifies this. We try to emulate this teaching and to live it in our lives, and I think that it's worked for many of us; it has served us well.

Again, at times I've had to challenge darkness when I've been under direct, almost physical attack upon my lifestream, my body. And I've had to say: “Thus far and no farther” or “You have no power, your day is done,” or whatever it takes to roll back that darkness. Yet I don't choose to live in that battle scene 24/7, because I think it can be very debilitating to our psyche and to our souls.

I think you understand what I'm saying. Yet all of these foundational teachings of the past—even the very ancient teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, the Essene teachings—are great; they are foundational. They lay a framework and form a basis for us to now understand the new branches, the new shoots, the new leaves, the new fruit and seeds of the Spirit that are coming for today.

The reason I'm sharing this is because some people—I have the opinion and it's my observation—like to focus primarily on the past. And they even put on our forum teachings from the I AM activity over and over and over again. Some of these are great, yet look at the beautiful fruits that we have in this dispensation and teaching and what's coming day after day after day. Are they also important to meet initiations for today? I believe so.

So our dispensation will primarily focus on the new revelatory teachings. That is our charge; that is our directive from the masters, because they are continually releasing more. And I urge you to spend a little bit more time studying the current releases rather than just reading and/or rehashing the ancient teachings, as good as they are. And, of course, I recently read four books from Peter Mt. Shasta speaking of Pearl, who was an I AM student and released beautiful teachings. And this is excellent information and stuff that I had to know for my path. And I've encouraged you to read them and we've secured those books.

So with that said, we require assistance in taking all of the more current teachings that we've received since 2004 and 2005 to the world through publishing them. We have a lot of them on our website, yet most people in the world do not have access to this yet because they haven't found us. And we would like students of the masters to read these beautiful teachings that we have.

So we're working on a publication now that will help with this. We have the charge to do many publications: volume 2 of Afra's book, volume 2 of Saint Germain's book on advanced alchemy. We have many, many books that the masters have asked us to produce. So if you feel called to help our community with this, we appreciate your gratitude for them and your support through tithing, through your offerings and, for some of you, through actually helping us do the work itself.

Does anybody have just a short comment on this, from your perspective, that will shed a little bit more light from your experience? If so, you can raise your hand and speak. __________, go ahead.

Student:  I've been working with producing a page of Enoch. And the dynamic that you're describing has been something that I have noticed in recent releases of Enoch through our Hearts Center compared to the previous organization. And the summary that I've come up with that summarizes the difference is that Enoch prior to the Hearts Center and even in his own writings was much more confrontational in the judgment. And today I would describe it as transformational. So there has been this evolution of the judgment taking the form of confrontation, and now we are using the dynamic of transformation.

David:  That's excellent, __________. That was a beautiful, beautiful revelation and insight. Okay, __________.

Student:  Good morning. Last night I was privileged to re-listen to the Serapis Bey HeartStream that was given to Sweden this weekend. And it was wonderful. It was refreshing. It was emphasizing how the path is joy, and even though things may be tough, the process is joyful, and that that spark of God is within you and within everyone. It's about dialing into that joy and speaking to God all the time. You're always with God. And I thought it was such a new refreshing idea, which we have probably heard before, but it really helped me a lot. And it's this revelatory teaching that can really keep us moving forward when things get a little tough.

David:  Great. Thank you, __________. __________.

Student:  I was part of the previous dispensation. I read a lot and benefited a lot, especially from Theosophy, the I AM Movement, the Bridge to Freedom. I was in The Summit Lighthouse. I was a decree leader there and I like to decree. I benefited a lot from that path of decreeing for many, many hours, and especially doing the judgment calls, the dweller calls and all that. And through that, my desire was always to transform darkness into light.

And through that time, and also especially through my meditation, I developed gradually the ability to discern how much light was flowing through me, how much transformation was happening and how effective I was at integrating with the master we were decreeing to or that I was meditating with and how much and how quickly the transformation was happening.

I can absolutely tell you that I can do more in silence and in presence, and do it more quickly, than I can by bah, bah, bah, bah, and talking and talking and motioning and all that kind of stuff. It's just a personal testimony that more light flows and it happens faster. And it's easier to not be in what I would call the duality consciousness of asking the masters to do this for you or asking your I AM Presence, or treating your I AM Presence like it's something separate from you. And I think the past dispensations somewhat led people—not intentionally—to regard it that way, as if the I AM Presence was up there and we had to call it forth. Well, that's duality. It was a step and a stage that was effective at the time. And we've even heard that Godfre and Lotus told people not to meditate; they thought it was too passive. Well, you know what? Maybe it was at that time. Maybe that was exactly what those students needed to hear back then, and the most important thing that they could do was to really engage with the decrees. Fine.

Now? I keep hearing over and over in my heart, meditation and presence and emanating and direct translation through our Buddhic Self. And I just can't say enough about how much easier and faster it is and how much more you can get done that way. That's my testimony. So it's effectiveness. Who wants to be ineffective? Who wants to be inefficient?

David:  Right. Thank you, thank you.

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