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God Meru      October 08, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by the God and Goddess Meru)
October 8, 2017   10:09–10:34 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

God and Goddess Meru: The Path of Initiation and Solar Beingness

On the path, we know that there are many levels of commitment and initiation. We begin as a seeker and then we become an observer and a listener; then a participant, a follower, a disciple, an apostle, a brother/sister, an initiate, an adept, a master; then, for some, a lord or lady of the flame in the higher octaves; then a manu, a god or goddess, Elohim. And then we are eventually completely subsumed into the Almighty, the Creator, the Source. And, of course, there are many gradations of levels within these levels of understanding, of Self-mastery, of identification with God that lead us higher and higher on the path of initiation.

I think that within our movement, we all consider ourselves to be at least initiates, even beyond disciple or apostle. We've moved into that brother/sisterhood of fellowship with other initiates on the path. And we call ourselves holy brothers, holy sisters, heartfriends. Yet we desire, within our movement, to be initiated and to move into higher Self-mastery in order to become adepts. In other words, adept at that point of Self-mastery on the path where we can fully identify with God and eventually move into our ascended mastership, even being a living, walking master while upon Earth.

Now, I think few of us can claim to have fully mastered all levels of initiation while in incarnation, and so we're living, moving and having our being within this point of reference of what we experience on our path. And hopefully we keep identifying more and more with our God Presence and we feel that we are daily being subsumed into that higher God-reality of our True Selfhood.

As we identify more and more with our true nature and the inner core of our reality, who we are in God, we become more godly and we clothe ourselves with the virtues of heaven and the higher initiates of light who have gone beyond the veil into the ascended-master octaves. And then, feeding from our Source day by day, we receive greater skeins of light to assimilate at deeper and deeper and more refined levels so that we can abide in the Presence and sustain that pure connection with the light.

So as disciples who have moved through the initiatic path to those levels where we hope to maintain presence throughout our day and to emanate great light and love and the virtues of God, we take our cues from the masters—not that they displace our own God Presence, because they never will. They always lead us to our own Divine Selfhood. Yet they are there as our elder brothers and sisters to help us when we at times require guidance or maybe suggestions on how we can refine the processes that we are experiencing in our lives. And in our movement, when we say, “We commune with the ascended masters daily,” this communion is a very personal thing. It's unique for each one of us, depending on where we are on the path, how we have assimilated light, how we have ingested all of the aspects of this path and mastered our Self.

As we move higher and higher and deeper within to become more fully clothed with the light and one with God, we begin having those deeper mystical experiences in which the masters may communicate directly with us. And we champion this dynamic within our movement and don't feel that it is only for the one or the few. It can be an experience that each of us has, where we have that deep, deep connection both with our own sponsoring masters, our guardian angel and any master that we so choose to identify with and commune with, and through that communion, get closer and closer to being one with our own God Presence.

So the masters always lead us to our own Divine Self, because eventually we will be, in effect, on our own and will have to go through those final initiations to prove that we have assimilated all the aspects of this path of initiation and that we have mastered who we are. And so we work on our psychology. We work on expanding our threefold flame, purifying and expanding our aura and mastering every aspect of love, wisdom and power of that threefold flame so that we truly know who we are. We've realized that adage “Man/woman, know thyself,” which is to know the great God Self of our Divine Presence.

Now, knowing all these truths is one thing. Some of us even at times go back and forth as we move through this path. And at times we may become more of an observer or a listener rather than being an adept or a true initiate or even one who is moving into mastery. The reason I am sharing this is that as we commune with the God and Goddess Meru today, who have been asked to come and share with us, we understand that their training has been going on for eons. They were required to attain the office or status of being a god or goddess—this is their title—before they became the lords of the Sun in our solar system. This training is so important, and we can participate in this same process now.

I was meditating early this morning on this whole teaching, and what I see now is that it's a teaching on our own training in sunship (and that's s-u-n-s-h-i-p, sunship). The question was asked during a meeting recently, “Can the God and Goddess Meru tell us how it's going in the sun?” How is it going in your initiatic path? What is it like being there, past the point of being on the Earth, and fulfilling your office at Lake Titicaca? What is it like being in the sun? The requirements to be at this level are really the requirements of being a Solar Lord or Lady. You have to master this loving emanation through selfless service and surrendered sacrifice so that you become less of your human and more of the Divine.

Even as ascended masters, there are levels of initiation. So you become less and less of what? Well, you're already one with God, yet maybe you haven't identified fully with the Creator, the Almighty, the Source at the level that you could. So this training of identifying with God to the extent that you can become a Solar Lord or Lady takes great fortitude.

A while back I gave a discourse on the word lord. We talked about the lords of the flame, the chohans of the rays, what it means to be a lord and that the title Lord means “law of the Word,” one who has mastered the law of the Word. However, it is also one who has mastered the love of the Word. We have Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Jesus, Lord Maha Chohan. All of these lords are those who have exemplified the love and the law and mastered the law of the Word.

Now, the lord is one who embodies that law and love of the Word. And that Word is the Logos, the living universal Word. The God and Goddess Meru hold this title above the lords. When you enter lordship, you have Christ consciousness and even Buddhic awareness; however, when you are a god or goddess, you have God-consciousness. You've actually gone higher in identification with God to the point of knowing yourself fully as God. You still have an identity, the uniqueness that is your Selfhood in God; yet you have so clothed yourself with Solar light, divine joy and presence that you are literally one with God at a much higher frequency. You've united with your God Self fully.

So this training to be a Solar Lord is total identification with God. And through that identification, you have moved beyond being, let's say, a squire, a knight, an earl, a lord and even a king. You are incarnating the kingdom consciousness of Selfhood, the regal nature of your True Self. We've heard that after El Morya ascended, at one point he created a planet. Remember this? Some of us have heard this. What does it take to have this Self-mastery to create a planet? I believe its name is Excelsior.

To my understanding, this requires God-consciousness. So I think El Morya is way beyond being a lord. I think he is at the level of God-consciousness. We could say he is lord of the first ray, yet I believe he is, in effect, a god of the first ray.

Mercurians are those closest to the sun of our planets, and so the speed of their divine thoughts is stupendous—it is supernal. We've heard that Anastasia has this speed of thought, which is divine thought and is amazing. And she is able to move beyond the dark window of time into the future and is co-creating that beautiful Edenic future for the Earth through her own Self-mastery and divine mindfulness. How has she done this? Through perfect meditation. This is tantamount to the mastery of immaculate conception, immaculate consecration, immaculate ideation and immaculate emanation.

This perfect meditation at the higher levels of its manifestation includes what Mother Mary has done through the immaculate concept, using that immaculate concept to view the perfectionment of all life. It is the immaculate ideation of every lifestream, of the universe, of creation. It is immaculate emanation. In other words, every erg of energy that we broadcast from our aura is perfect, sublime, beautiful, harmonious.

So Solar Lordship—to be in the sun, to actually have this office in hierarchy that the God and Goddess Meru now have in the sun of our system—requires supreme fortitude and focus. It is like one who models the perfect manifestation of Ho'oponopono. Ho'oponopono is training in radical forgiveness, which requires this level of focus and fortitude, where the sun shines upon the just and the unjust alike. It is perfect love that flows from the sun of our system to all life, both on Earth and in all planets within this system.

So the God and Goddess Meru's training began eons ago by the great Solar Lords. They reached the level or the office of being god and goddess after being lords of the flame. And, of course, they are manus also—the manus of the sixth era or the sixth root race.

The Great Divine Director, whom we now call Divine Director—and it's okay to still refer to him as the Great Divine Director because this is how most people know him—is a manu, so he is beyond being just a lord. He is the ideal atman, the perfect archetype of the man and woman of the seventh age. So we emulate him. We don't worship any of the ascended masters; we emulate them. We revere them. We only worship God, the Source, the Creator, the Almighty. However, we do bow and revere the masters, although they always project any adoration or reverence toward them to the Almighty, to the Supreme One.

So how is it going for the God and Goddess Meru? Well, it's going in grand order. We see the sunspot activity of the Sun that El Morya has spoken about in his book Advanced Studies of the Human Aura as indicative of some of the processing of light within the sun that goes on both at the etheric level and then even in a more physical way.

Our scientists will never fully understand the processes of the sun only from a physical vantage point. You can only truly know who the sun is, what the sun does, its perfect emanation of light that gives life itself to beings—actually gives birth to life on these planets in our solar system—if you look at the processes of the sun from a higher spiritual level. If you are only viewing what occurs from a very mundane human, scientific level, you will miss the deeper aspects of what and who the sun is—that it is a living being; that it is ensouled by many vast higher evolutions who have all reached Christ consciousness and now are in Solar awareness and at that level of being great masters, lords of the flame, even manus and at the level of being gods or goddesses.

I can say definitively that those who live on and within the sun have reached the level of being god and goddess, all of them, because they are pure light; they are pure love. They have to maintain that harmony, that balance and sustain that higher activity with the great God and Goddess Meru to manifest that perfect love, that perfect light; to manifest that immaculate emanation, conception, consecration and ideation 24/7. And really, it's beyond 24/7 as we know it because that's from Earth's perspective. They are emanating perfect light and love infinitely, beyond our conception of time in reference to the sun from the Earth. Their reference point is, from the sun's perspective, in relation to the galaxy, and then our galaxy in relation to the Great Central Sun, who we identify as God.

The lords, the manus, the gods and goddesses are all great beings who, again, we revere. We do not worship. When we sing “Hymn to the Great Central Sun,” yes, we can worship God at that level of being the Source, the Creator, the One, the Almighty, the All-in-all—that is where our focus is. And even though we all have an individualized I AM Presence, whom we revere and, in a sense, worship, it's only worship in the sense that we know that that I AM God Presence is a part of and one with the Great Central Sun. So we can adore our I AM Presence knowing that it is an individualization, an emanation, a point of emanation of the Great Central Sun where we are.

And so when we go within and worship God inside of us, we're not worshiping the human self or the David or the Joan or the Mariah of this activity or of the world. We're worshiping God individualized within us, a point of identification of who we are as an aspect of God Almighty.

So this type of worship and adoration and love is appropriate, is responsible and is something that we can do every day. And as we identify with who we are in God, as an extension of God, that devotion becomes greater and greater. And then we don't have to go without so much, to always look even to the ascended masters, to identify with them as these great, great beings. They will always tell us that at their level of Self-mastery and attainment, they are simply, in effect, one with our own God Presence, extensions of the Almighty, aspects of God's eternal being, points of reference of who God is, in God's infinite greatness, omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence, which is individualized within our I AM God Presence.

This is why Saint Germain gave these beautiful teachings through the Saint Germain Foundation, the “I AM” Activity, so that we could identify with God inside of us, the great I AM THAT I AM, or our I AM Presence. And when we do this through this Western point of reference, we are co-equal with the great initiates of the East who have become adepts through meditation, who go into samadhi and are subsumed into their God Presence through the path of Self-mastery, through yoga or through the higher training that they've received from their mentors.

Those of us in the West, many of whom have embodied in the East in past lives, have this beautiful teaching on the I AM Presence so that we can move closer and closer to the Sun of our Presence, identify with it, emanate the light, maintain that light field of Solar joy, Solar love, Solar beingness. And this is our work; this is our service. This is our reason for being—to be all light, to be all love, to be all of these virtues in manifestation.

So with that said, let us give Vesta's Solar Rosary as we identify with the Sun within ourselves, as well as with the Sun of Helios and Vesta. When we created this rosary, of course, Helios and Vesta were in the sun of our system. They have now moved on to a star close to the center of our galaxy, as we have heard. And so the God and Goddess Meru have taken up their office.

As we give this rosary, we can identify with a sun that is even a higher sun in vibration, near the core of our galaxy. That's the beauty of this rosary. It doesn't become anything less now that they've moved on. It becomes something even more sublime as we identify both with the God and Goddess Meru and also with Helios and Vesta in their higher office.

So this rosary, created recently during this activity, is actually here now as a ritual to help us move higher as initiates, even beyond the Earth to the center of our galaxy. So let's now give this with great joy and intent, and attempt, with all of our love, to have this perfect meditation and point of emanation of our own Solar Selfhood moving upward and inward into the light, and feeling that light going forth in all directions and multidimensions of being to affect life on Earth and beyond with great adoration, holiness and pure joy.

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