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Serapis Bey      July 21, 2017

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
July 21, 2017   9:00–9:23 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Serapis Bey Impels Us Upward
and Gives Us a Seraphim to Help Us on Our Ascension Path

Disciples of the Living Word,

I, Serapis Bey, come to infuse the Earth with the radiance of the ascension flame and to infuse you, each one, from the base of the spine upward into your crown, with that Mother light, that Mother-fire radiance that you require now for your victory on this path.

Precious ones, it is a time of decision rather than indecision. It is a time to embrace God-abundance rather than its opposite. And when you master the cycles of the six o'clock line of God-harmony and supply, you live, move and have your being in that radiance of the Divine Mother, where all comes to fruition, all comes to resolution within the white light of the ascension.

Are you truly dedicated and consecrated to both the ascension of the Earth and all of her evolutions, and of yourself, as a part of the greater dynamic of planetary transformation? If so, then join us, the ascended masters and the chohans of the rays, in the dynamics of our work, in the daily recitation of holy prayer, in giving obeisance unto the Creator of you and of all, the Divine One, the Lord God.

Did you know, blessed ones, that the chohans of the rays report both to the Solar Lords and to the manus of the ages, and that there is a procession of light, a very active manifestation of all aspects of God's eternal plan that manifests through our collective work, our service and our guiding light to mankind? If you embrace the work of the chohans, you will also embrace the work of the sponsoring masters of The Hearts Center community. For they work closely with us in determining the outcomes that we desire to objectify and the daily initiatives that are essential to be victorious in, in order for the greater plan to unfold.

There is a natural progression of light that manifests through our disciples when each one is so dedicated and consecrated to the greater plan. Some do not always feel worthy of bearing that light, of sharing that light, of working integrally with the light of their Presence in this endowment unto mankind of the essentials of the spiritual path that are the requirements of the hour. And yet when you engage; when you get involved; when daily you are activating your chakras, your energy centers, your aura, your higher mind and heart in this impeccable manifestation of grace that comes through the agency of the Holy Spirit, through what we offer and through what you collectively do to inscribe that light around and within the Earth through the words that you speak, the emanations that you send forth, then, dearest ones, there is intercession from our realms. There is mediation, and many ascended masters become involved in your daily affairs, in your initiations, in the initiatives that you engage in.

Yes, we are dedicated to the holy cause of eternal freedom. Are you, on a daily basis, making this your reason for being, for arising, for invoking that light and then plighting your troth to invest the energies of your heart, mind and will in this endeavor? Do you feel the increase of light on a daily basis within your aura, as the Master El Morya, chohan of the first ray, has so inspired upon you within his sacred tome Advanced Studies of the Human Aura?1

Make this a seminal work that you master and invest your energies in upon your path, blessed ones. For when your aura shines forth the radiance of true spiritual fire, when you are supercharged with the atomic, cosmic energies and frequencies of your Solar reality, then we, the chohans all, may step in and activate even greater engrams of fire within your higher mind, within the energy field that you wield on behalf of the Lord God. And there can be greater intercession on behalf of lifewaves, both of this Earth and beyond, when you are so invested in that sacred work of the invocation of the Logos, the Word of God, in your domain.

You speak many words, and you inscribe within those words your consciousness, either wed to God or to something else. When you are truly conscious, aware and awake in the present moment as you speak, and what you speak of is a reality of the Now and not only something that you are seeking to manifest in the future; and when you use the I AM name of God to proclaim in the here and now that what you say is now a reality, then, blessed ones, those words are cosmically charged with the radiance of perfection and victory. And there is the dynamic of the anchoring of that light tangibly within the world of form in which you live, move and have your being as conscious ones.

How may we get across unto you again the imperatives of this dynamic—that the words that you speak are the reality that you co-create with God, your I AM Presence? When you truly invest your words wisely and carefully in what you craft and utter, then the Logos lives within your higher mind and emanates through your auric field.

Now, blessed ones, there are a number of disciples who are preparing for their ascension at inner levels, both at Luxor and throughout the world—those who have invested years, decades and even lifetimes in hallowing space with the fragrance of their higher beingness through what they have offered unto God as service, ministration, givingness and love. If you would count yourself among these, then I say rededicate yourself to the holy cause of eternal freedom; reconsecrate every moment of your life to something godly, something divine, something more noble than your lesser self and all of its wiles and crafty manifestations, which keep you in some way bound to this plane of lesser beingness. It is time to spring forth into the eternal realms of light by investing who you are, the essence of your co-creative self, in this greater cause of planetary liberation!

Thus we the seven chohans, under the sponsorship of the Maha Chohan, dare you now, each one, to be real; to be creative; to be your highest self; to merge throughout the day, within your Presence, with our octaves of light. Feel the nobleness of your true Selfhood pressing in upon all life around you with God-radiance and the holiness of the true essences of God, which exist everywhere, and yet which many have not fully cognized or accepted as their reality. Accept it now!

And as you move into the cycle of Leo from my sign of Cancer, let there be communion with the Goddess of Liberty and the feeling within your heart, your mind, your soul of what God-gratitude is, in terms of it being an endearing virtue that you may manifest throughout your day—breathing unto God your thanks for all that is, breathing unto the universe that which is always loving, kind, virtuous and worthy of a son or daughter of God.

It is time to embrace the finer essences of your Buddha nature, which you know are your right to experience and to fully embrace and master. How will you be the Buddha that you have proclaimed to be within your Buddha rosaries and your Buddha mantras unless you truly see yourself in that mode of holy meditation, communion with the All-Buddha and every Buddha of light, every bodhisattva of mercy and love? Yes, it is time to become that teaching that you know so well. For true knowingness is becoming, manifesting, realizing.

Therefore make your study real through the application of the words that you read and those that you hear spoken from the altar of the Most High God through our emissaries so that that Word will truly transform you moment by moment and allow you to live in that reality that you seek. Many have sought, through many movements and spiritual teachers, higher truth, divine wisdom. And yet sometimes when it is proffered unto them, even glaring at them, right before them, they do not embrace it. They do not fully understand all that is at play because of the subtle and yet wily veil that maya manifests and that Mara has placed before them.

Pierce through that veil now of maya! Dispel Mara from your life permanently and feel your Buddha nature. Allow it to sing through you, to exist as your new norm so that every application of light through your chakras may be worthy of a son of God, a daughter of the One Eternal Light, and you can truly proclaim: “I AM Buddha where I AM. I AM Mother where I AM. I AM the All-in all, who now exists deep within my soul as my spirit moves and lives and breathes with God eternally."

I come because it is time now for many of you to permanently create within your aura the sacred lily light of the ascension current. Consider that you, through all the work that you have done, are now worthy to bear the ascension currents within your physical form as well as within your Higher Self, your chakras, your aura. If you would have inscribed within yourselves each day aspects of this ascension fire, then self-correct when something arises within your thoughts or feeling world that you know is not to God's liking or to your highest outpicturing of Selfhood in God. This self-correction, through the application of awareness, Solar presence of mind and heart, is imperative, dearest ones, for you to fully embrace to be a disciple of the chohans.

We look to the disciplined ones who will aver that God is the only power that can act; that love is the universal solvent, as an aspect of the violet fire, which transmutes all, by God's grace, through its radiance, through its mystical roseate fire-light. When you embrace love, you embrace us. When you embrace virtue, we are there for you. When you embrace godliness, the ascension spiral manifests within your aura and the sacred coil of beingness holds you in the divine embrace immaculately, inviolately in light. Think on this, feel this, know this and then all shall be fulfilled in your life according to cosmic cycles, according to the divine ideals of perfection and eternal joy.

Now, blessed ones, a seraphim stands before you, each one, to initiate you in this higher walk with God. And if you desire to be inspired and to be enfired daily, then invite this seraphim into your life and world through a nod, through your conscious assent, through a holy prayer of acceptance and invitation. I can assure you that this one will work for you to keep you on the straight-and-narrow path of perfection, within all of God's virtues and essences. This one will work with your guardian angel to keep you true to the path that you vowed that you would walk unto your ascension in the light. This one will model for you at times the intrepid nature of your Higher Self that you must embrace in order to conquer all of the final aspects of your lower nature and to accept in totality who you are as a God-realized one.

This seraphim will sing lullabies of light when you require comfort and the soothing elements of God-love. Yet this one will also brand you with the sacred fire when you are tempted to go out of the way of light and to accept the shadow worlds of darkness that at times beset even our brightest ones. Look to the light; stay in the light. Abide within the fire of God, and God will be there to embrace you when you have conquered self, when you have been victorious in all things and when you stand upon that dais and feel the eternal fires of the Maxin light burning through and recreating you in a new and more glorious image of who you have always been in God's eye—perfect, divine, ideal, beautiful.

Yes, I AM Serapis. I am here to impel you forward, upward, onward to your victory. So it is! So be that light! So be that eternal fire, and enjoy God within. Thank you.

1. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura by David Christopher Lewis (Meru Press, 2013).

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