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Raphael      July 13, 2016

Beloved Archangel Raphael

David Christopher Lewis

July 13, 2016   7:00–7:39 am MDT

Healing Light Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana


Archangel Raphael Delivers a Message of Empowerment and a Personal Call to Action


I AM Raphael, and I stand in the presence of God. And I stand in your presence physically, as tangibly as I am allowed to, dearest ones, on this day, the thirteenth of July 2016, for the initiation of a spiral of light here and within your life, if you choose, lived to the glory of God.

When an archangel appears, it is an opportunity for you to transcend your lesser self and to access more of the divine within your life, within every avenue of expression—your thoughts, your mindfulness, your feelings and emotions, your ideations and co-creations with God, the physical temple in which you abide and, most importantly, the spiritual work that you invest your energies within to glorify God and to bring higher awareness and presence into manifestation within this world.

When you know your purpose, when you are invested in God's great dharma upon this Earth, there is opportunity at every hand for us to come to infuse you with that radiance of grace and the blessings of the Spirit that accrue to those who are so purposed, who are so invested, who are so focused on their spiritual path of beingness in God. This is what we afford within this activity, this movement of light of The Hearts Center community worldwide. And when you engage with us through holy prayer and service, through invocation of the sacred fire, through singing and praise to God with the devotion of your hearts, we are there fanning the fires that are burning within your hearts to a new and higher radiant field of God-consciousness so that you may access more of the divine of heaven within your world and draw forth that cosmic activity from the sun into your domain for the fruitfulness of Spirit's work right where you are. Yes, you may be fruitful in what you do, what you fulfill in your lives. Yet this must first come from the seat of God-consciousness within you as you attend to the Lord, listen to the voice of conscience within and then obey that still, small voice daily in fulfilling your dharma, one with God's eternal dharma.

O blessed hearts, we come again and again unto our own to raise you up, to incite you to greater insight in God's eternal consciousness. For when you are invested in this way, you are truly fulfilled in the highest calling. There is no dissimulation within those who are attentive to the divine voice, to the I AM THAT I AM and to all of God's investments within this world. Yes, you are here and we are here; and we are one, and our oneness co-creates a new action of wholeness within the world. That wholeness manifests in many ways, dearest hearts. Choose which way it will manifest within your life. For when you are whole, when you abide in the unity field of beingness with God, that wholeness pervades your cosmos, which is your consciousness, one with God's. You co-create with us when you choose life rather than death; when you choose light rather than darkness; when you choose beingness rather than human doingness, which often keeps you bound to a matrix of illusion with the sense that you are the arbiter of your destiny rather than the Divine One. When you choose light and love, we are there in the equation of how that light and love, as the alchemy of God's eternal beingness, manifests through your heart, through your mind, through your will in perfect balance.

I come this day because you have prayed to my beloved Mary often. And this day she sends me to fan the fires of this radiant emerald light-energy field here and within every Hearts Center, heartfriends group and broadcast station around the world that invests this grace on God's behalf within this world through their holy prayers, devotions and beingness. If, dearest ones, you could see how great is the miracle of the descent of light where these broadcasts occur, you would be engaged day after day in this activity. For you would see arising from deep within the Earth and descending from high in the upper atmosphere so many graces that God provides through archangelic and divine intercession in your midst. There is an infusion within the Earth for that grace to mitigate all manner of darkness within the Earth and the greater environs where your services are held.

You see, miracles do occur through God's love and through God's grace, and yet there must be a place for that grace to reside, to manifest. And so you have co-created it here, and many of you are co-creating it in other places around the globe. And we applaud your efforts to create these centers of light, these homes and habitations of divine joy and holy radiance. For this is where we feel comfortable in coming to adorn you with these holy quintessences of light during these services and whenever you choose to so associate with one another and with us in these light fests of divine joy.

Yes, blessed hearts, each of your services is a divine light fest of joy, for in your singing and in your revelry, there we come to accentuate the light in so many dynamic ways. That light is what allows the graces of God to descend, for you create the portal and the matrix and the foundation for that light to both ascend and descend—as Above, so below. It is front and center and present in the still point of being within the God-created sphere of higher awareness that is precipitated instantaneously when you so dedicate and consecrate your light, your love in service to the One.

You know all this, and I have not necessarily released any new information. Yet I would inspire you, dearest ones, to come together more often in your centers of light. And I applaud the efforts of this one and Deborah in traveling to Africa to inspire the heartfriends there to come into union with their God and with one another for the holiest purpose of that communion, which is to invoke the light and to manifest the miracle consciousness of God, by God's grace.

Yes, blessed hearts, miracles are manifesting around the world through the hearts of devotees true to the I AM Presence, through the true teachings of the ascended masters through this and other sponsored activities. And we are there in the midst of those who fan those fires daily, who invoke the light week after week, month after month, year after year, giving their all, serving with the magnificence of their inner being. This is what this movement is all about, primarily—the invocation of light and a path of initiation for those who are moving onward and upward into the ascended-master light frequencies of divine joy!

Yes, blessed ones, feel that joy descending in your midst this hour! For as I speak more vociferously in your midst, it is to anchor that light! It is to invest that light here, there and everywhere where you are. And so I come with this infusion this day because each of you requires it in a great way. And this infusion is my love for you, is Mary's love for you, is our response to all of your devotions and your rosaries of light. Yes, we come, we come, we come in order to applaud who you are as God-beings and to invest this light so that you may never again feel less than, unfortunate in your human creation, that you may always feel uplifted in that light and the bestowal of God's grace again and again in your lives.

Yes, we the archangels have come throughout the centuries and the millennia to inspire mankind to be more God-centered, to be more heart-centered and to remember their Source, to remember their God, and through that remembrance and through that focus and that dedication to allow civilization to proceed in the cosmic spirals of divine evolution in the light, in the grace of that love.

The only time when evolution ceases, spiritually speaking, is when people forget their Source and turn their heads away from the Divine One. This America and many nations have done in this hour, and it is time for people to be awakened to the Divine Source again, to the inspirational light of God in their midst. Yet this may only occur, blessed hearts, when people realize that it is an incestuous and diabolical activity to rely on the human rather than the divine, to put their marbles in the basket of a leader who has turned diametrically opposite to the light of the Divine Presence, which is always at the forefront of what can be of God-good within this and other nations.

Those who have forgotten God will not stand in the day of divine justice and judgment, yet those who call upon the Lord¹ will stand in the light no matter what transpires around them. And though there may be the unleashing even of chemical warfare or of atomic explosions somewhere upon the Earth, they will be sealed in the inviolate light of their Divine Presence, impervious to that which man with devils create.

It is time for man to co-create with God! For this is the only true creation—the creation of love, the creation of compassion, kindness, virtue and all of the blessings that come through them, dearest ones. Therefore put aside, mankind, your division! Put aside your racist comments, your diatribes against one another, against this or that person, personage, institution, the police themselves. Let healing occur this day! And let oneness within this nation be restored through reverence for life, reverence for God within each other's hearts and lives and beings.

It is time for people to know the truth through the quickening of the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit is moving through this movement, through the blessings of the graces from heaven, which you may afford yourselves of, dearest ones, if you choose to so engage with the Holy Spirit. Very few of you have taken advantage of that opportunity to date to receive the initiation of light and of grace through this one whom we have called to this activity.² And so I, Raphael, state unto you that if you would move forward on your path, the greatest opportunity of ten thousand years is now afforded unto you to receive that impetus directly from the Holy Spirit in these Soul Raising Sessions. Some of you have said in your mind, “O God, it is too expensive. It is only some charade or a means of securing greater money for this movement.” Humbug, I say! This is the greatest opportunity that you have, dearest hearts, to receive directly from God, through the Holy Spirit, that which you require right now, right here in this hour for your advancement on the path!

Therefore if you would have the Holy Spirit vibrating within your heart, within your soul, within your midst, use this opportunity. Seek that which God would speak directly unto you through this one on our behalf. For this is where the restorative path will begin for many of you who have gone out of the way, forgotten your divine plan in some way, or sought other masters, other initiations outside of the circle, the hallowed circle, of this movement of love.

I speak with a ferocity that comes from the diamond mind of God, and that lightning descends this day! And that lightning cleaves asunder the real from the unreal within the Earth and within you. Yet you must be willing to bear that lightning. You must be willing to accept the initiatic path. No more “Woe is me” consciousness within this movement, saying: “Oh, I feel so down, so immobile. I feel the lack manifesting in my world. I don't know where to go or what to do, O Lord."

Well, I say, begin with holy prayer. Begin with surrender to your God Presence, obedience to the inner voice. Get on the bandwagon of heaven and hitch your star to the Divine Presence of your own I AM THAT I AM. This is where you will make progress when you are determined to provide the effort, the impetus, the virya from within you to be soulful, to be active, to be dynamic and progress on your path rather than think that somehow it is all going to come to you sometime, someplace in some distant future through the miracle of intercession.

Well, miracles of intercession manifest because you are willing to accept them through cosmic activity, givingness, doingness in God's Presence. You cannot laze around in your living room watching endless movies, videos and all manner of entertainment and then somehow magically arise in God-consciousness to attend to the spiritual initiations of the path with the higher beings of light! Dearest ones, move! Get up off your duffs! Be active! Exercise! Do those things that you know in your heart are essential for you! Then we will intercede! Then we will come to gaze upon you and, with that laser-like, fiery stream of emerald light rays, provide the impetus for you to transcend limitation and to rise up out of mediocrity and denial and that immobile state of fear.

When you immobilize yourself in nonbeingness, it comes from fear of the cosmic initiations that could be yours on the path of manifesting your ascension in the light! Yet, blessed hearts, you must move; you must be active for this to occur. Yes, remember that parable, which was an actual story of truth, in which the one who was virtually immobile in his body temple attempted to get into the water, for there was the stirring of those waters by the angel of healing, who I am. And the first one there would receive the instantaneous manifestation of wholeness through that light. And yet before that one could move into the water, someone else would. And so he was always behind the eight ball, not knowing what to do. Then the Lord appeared and provided that impetus, on our behalf, for that one to be restored to wholeness. You see, he made the effort, and the effort provided the flowfield and the opportunity for grace to occur.³

Many of you have so immobilized yourselves that you think that you are not worthy to be whole and to live in the integrity of abundance, the abundant life and the graces of the Spirit. Well, I tell you that each of you is worthy to know God, to experience God-consciousness and to accept this new state of beingness in the reality of your Presence and the love of God every day of your life. If you will simply accept that you are worthy, it sets in motion the dynamic for light to restore you to that state of oneness and true beingness. So accept this reality. Know that you are God-created ones! And in that knowingness and in that beingness, the restoration beings, the renewal ensues and the miracles begin to manifest in your life.

O precious hearts, I am here as tangibly, as I have said, as I am allowed to be, for I would restore you to your God-identity. I would have you as my initiates of healing, wholeness, wellness and perfection. Mary holds that immaculate concept for you and sustains it through her immaculate heart and vison 24/7. Yet you must place yourself within the area of her gaze and her heart's love. And by this I mean you must be ready and willing to accept that love, that compassion, that divine mindfulness. And when you are in that vibration of willingness to accept the miracle of her immaculate heart, it will be so, and every possibility for that healing will then arise mystically, magically and miraculously, by God's grace.

So sing to Mary this day your songs of love, and she will woo you to her heart, and from her heart to the heart of God. And from God's heart there will arise around you a new radiant field of divine joy. And this happiness will bring you great comfort, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, the comfort of true love, not necessarily always secured from outside of yourself from one of the opposite sex. That love, that true comfort comes from within, from God's love in your midst and woos you back to the Source and the fount of eternal love. For when you are in that state, then maybe the one whom you can outwardly love, appreciate and commune with will appear.

If you have not first felt that eternal love fire present within you, you do not have and will not have the joy-field of beingness manifesting as a fountain of light within your heart that will magnetize that true love to you, dearest ones. This is the simple teaching that you have known and yet forgotten at those times when you have beseeched God for your twin flame or soul mate to come to somehow make you feel more whole, valued, appreciated. The validation and the appreciation arises first from deep within your soul when you know who you are in God. And that knowingness provides the field of love manifesting through and around you for that human love to then also be precipitated on your behalf.

If you do not have the love of your life tangibly in your life, let go of attachment to this dynamic. And in your surrender, the mystical alchemy of co-creative love begins to flow through your heart, and then a greater miracle may ensue at the right time, at the right place, according to cosmic cycles. And even if in this life, in your elder years you do not have that tangible one in your life, even let go of that. For you have us in your midst! Are we not enough? And do we not have enough love for you to sustain you as your divine lovers, blessed ones? Is there any greater lover than Mary for you men? Or Morya El or Jesus or Saint Germain for you women? I say, tap into that love and you will never feel diminished within the lesser loves of the human state. I bring this understanding to you again, though other masters have already provided it, because I see how much you strain to somehow access the human loves that, yes, provide comfort and yet do not ultimately allow you to be restored to the divine love state of beingness within your Presence, fully.

Human loves may lead you to the greater love if those human loves are initiates who also put God first in their lives. Yet if you have human loves who are not initiates, then they may compromise your path with who they are and their lack of understanding and divine knowledge of the wisdom teaching and the truths of eternal life. Therefore seek God first and all else shall be added unto you.4 Know God first, and that which is real, everlasting, fruitful and divine will always be where you are for the receiving. But you must receive it through an open heart, an open mind and open hands, blessed ones. We proffer much to humanity, yet few receive the graces and gifts that we provide because they are ignorant of our presence and of the laws of God-consciousness, the laws of eternality, the laws of cause and effect. Restore them through your love and through the honor and the integrity of a true life of a son or daughter of God. Show them by the example of your virtuous life that you are a true advocate of the ascended masters and their teachings for today.

Those who have not even checked out this movement, its teachings and its radiation are simply hiding their heads in the sand because they know in their soul that if they truly investigate what we have to offer, they must then take action or else leave the path behind them. The path is not always easy, yet it is rich in the graces of the Spirit, which come to those who are true to Self, who strive and give with their entire being.

Do not be despondent about those who have never truly investigated or responded to our offerings in this movement, who are invested in other movements. And do not try to wed this movement with others by hook or by crook, by demand or human force. It will not work. There are many voices, many opportunities, a number of sponsored true messengers of light around the world. And each one provides a voice for us with a specificity of the message that can reach the souls, the minds, the hearts of various individuals at various levels of awareness. It will always be so. There is not only one true teacher or path upon this Earth. There are too many cultures and levels of awareness for that to manifest. I hope by now you have surmised this truth, dearest ones, and realize that letting go of your own sense of the way that things should be will allow you to understand the universality of God, the totality of God's infusion of love and light within the entire world and all evolutions residing here.

Let go and let God be active in the lives of others through acceptance of who they are, right where they are. And only speak to people of the higher truths and teachings when inspired by the Spirit from within. For if you reveal too much too soon in a way that is ultimately demeaning to that one's own sense of beingness, it will not allow for conversion, or your sense of conversion, to manifest. Pray for all; love all; be light. And virtues will come to those whose hearts, minds and souls are open at the right time, at the right place through our intercession, through that which God provides as the right impetus for that soul in the right cycle and with the right dynamics for that one's greater path of evolution.

I bring this to you also, for some have been so intense in their proactive desire to change others that they have lost a certain grip on themselves and of what they could do to simply be still and know that I AM God, and through that knowingness of God as the I AM within emanate light and that which facilitates transmutation and conversion through the grace of the Holy Spirit. I give you keys this day that many of you require. And yet the greatest key is the light of love, which then allows there to be the co-creative power of God manifesting to restore you to wholeness.

So Mary now comforts you as your mother. Sing to her, and in your devotion you will feel this day a new aspect of her immaculate heart abiding where you are, a new radiance of her immaculate vision overshining you and a new dynamic of her immaculate will, one with God's, to provide for you the impetus for cosmic joy to be yours as you move forward and grace others in your lives with that love of Mary's heart, vision and will.

We thank you, blessed hearts, for your prayers on a daily basis. These truly do make the difference for the prevention of greater disease, famines, violence, murder, mayhem and all of the lesser awarenesses of darkness manifesting on Earth. Your prayers allow us again and again to intercede, to prevent greater issues and problems and to restore many, many souls to a state of equanimity and inner peace. So it is in the I AM name, and so it will be forevermore, I aver, by God's eternal love. Thank you.

1. See Romans 10:13

2. Beginning July 12, 2016 The Holy Spirit began offering "Soul Raising Sessions" through The Hearts Center movement. Follow the link provided to learn more about this sacred offering:

3. See John 5:1–9.
4  See Matthew 6:33.

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