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Cha Ara      May 13, 2016

Beloved Cha Ara

David Christopher Lewis

May 13, 2016   8:35–8:49 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Cha Ara Speaks on the Importance of Mother Mary's Appearance
during the Upcoming Winter Solstice Event in Mexico

Precious Hearts,

As your Cha Ara, I come investing within the Earth the light of pure love, the light of pure grace, the sense of holiness that comes when the heart is opened unto God fully, as a rose opens to the sun and the sky. For in that opening, there is the securing of an amazing alchemical opportunity for the flowering of love, the flowering of light, the flowering of grace in so many transcendent ways.

Those of us ascended who work especially on behalf of the Indian people have considered ways and means of bringing love into a greater manifestation to dissolve ancient records, to transmute the past so that the new and more glorious future of light may emerge. When love is present within your heart and flowing freely through you, there is no constraining or constricting matrix that limits its cosmic effects, its beauty, its harmony, its healing qualities. We encourage you, each one, to spend time each day in an intimate experience of love whereby betwixt your heart and God's there is only the purity of the unfolding grace of your oneness; there is only understanding in the integration—as Above, so below—of every aspect of love that you receive from God and then choose to embody within your life.

When love motivates you to do anything, the grace of the Holy Spirit is present. When love encourages you to reach out to another to give aid, assistance, help of any kind, already the angels of charity are there to serve with you and through you to that other one. For in the cherishment of the soul and the heart, godly love is extended, the grace of heaven is afforded, and the beauty and the aroma of that love caresses that one with great intention. And it assuages all hurt, pain, suffering and distress in that sacred moment, where God is present, where love is felt, where encouragement is modeled through kind words and the expressiveness of the Spirit that is inspired upon you through gentle gestures, through a smile, through an embrace, through love.

O, how tender is God. Yet somehow mankind has envisioned a God that is primarily powerful and authoritarian and does not always hear the cries, the needs of mankind. Reconsider who God is to you, dearest ones. For if you would hold God closely to your heart as a great friend and comfort and loved one, cherished in the deepest depths of your being, understood through a higher level of perception and knowingness, then simply through your communion with this true reality of who God is, you will receive miraculous blessings and bestowals of grace in your life. And then these will also affect others who are near and dear to you and your heart.

Man has created God in his/her own image, based on a limited perception of true beingness and oneness. When you let go of all pain, the past itself, all hurts that you have experienced, pressures upon your life, your family, your world and accept that it truly is God's great pleasure to provide all the essentials of your life, all the requirements of your soul every day of your life for the asking and by the grace of the divine, eternal heart, then all fear is dissolved and love becomes more active, enlivened in your world. And you are alchemically changed in that moment of pure love, which may then always abide within you and refresh you in the spiritual integrity of pure beingness.

Why do I come this day to my own upon Earth? It is because many are bent low and require a boon of love to bring them surcease from distress, the strains of living upon what at times is a dark star that you call Earth. Through a shift in awareness, you may enter our domain and have the cooling and refreshing winds of peace be ever present in your life. Through uplift and support of angels and many divine beings, you may actually transcend this plane in consciousness to both behold and experience the sacred dynamic of life in your eternal freedom in spirit. And when you accept this reality as your new sacred norm of life, you will be amazed that you had not fully understood the all-possibilities that love affords you when you enter it, when you become it, when you are fulfilled in that love through your breath, within the silence of your hearts.

The blessed Mother Mary will be sponsoring your sacred winter solstice event in Mexico, dearest hearts. And there will be a great immersion of your soul within the great Oversoul of Mary's Presence when you come physically on the northern shores of the Sea of Cortez and receive the sacred currents of light from her heart, as well as from Jesus, Saint Germain, Lanello and Mother, Morya, the Divine Director and, finally, the Maha Chohan, who will come to provide a sacred, fiery blessing and initiation for those physically present. Yes, within the immaculate heart of the Cosmic Virgin, the Virgin of Guadalupe, there is peace; there is comfort; there is no duress or stress, only the divine embrace and caress of archangelic love, of archeiaic hope, faith and charity.

O gracious hearts, you may have discerned that within my name is a key to the light of charity. Yes, I live and move and my being in the ray, the ra, of charity. For I am a charitable one, giving unto you and proffering unto your souls the sacred gifts of Spirit when you call to me. And often you may hear in the infinitude of heaven that Indian love call when Chananda and I, Najah and my beloved soar in the beauty of the all-enveloping presence of light to nurture souls in those intimate moments when the restoration of wholeness may occur, when the blessings of the Holy Spirit abide and when love is ever known, experienced, felt, intuited and entered into through the alchemy that God provides through his/her heart of oneness.

All healing begins with love. All healing is fulfilled in charity. All healing and wholeness manifests because God's heart is at the center of the sacred formula and equation of wholeness, whereby the light works its perfect work within the heart that is pure. Thank you.

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