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David Lewis      April 20, 2016

David Christopher Lewis
April 20, 2016   7:00 ̶ 7:56 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Meditation on the Expansion of the Threefold Flame

We will begin our devotional service today by singing song number 22, “Sanat Kumara, Our Lord of Love.”1

Focus on your threefold flame now and feel it burning within your chest cavity, within your heart. See tangibly the pulsation of the pink, the blue and the golden-yellow aspects of this eternal flame, which animates your being, gives you life, supports you as your own link to the Eternal One. Know the integrity of this flame as that which within you represents God; as that which is the tangible reality of the God-flame ensconced within your being, providing for you that resource of light, power, wisdom and love that allows you to live as a sentient being, as a son or daughter of God, integrated within a framework of higher reality beyond this physical world. And thereby you can maintain, through your state of consciousness, that sense of beingness and oneness and eternality as an immortal, as one who is evolving, ever expanding in light and in love to raise consciousness and to support God's evolution of all life in all worlds.

Feel that threefold flame now expanding to engulf your entire being. Feel it animating new life, new frequencies of divine joy that represent the new cosmic waves that are interpenetrating our planet, our solar system, our galaxy from the Great Central Sun. Feel this pulsation now as an active energy field within you and around you that blesses you every moment; that charges you with every life-giving erg of divine prana, chi, energy that you require to maintain presence, to live in love with all life and to love God with your entire being—your heart, your mind, your virya, your soul.

Feel the love of God growing within you, as an aspect of godliness that is within you and not outside of you. It is the animating life force that gives you inspiration, every virtue and fulfills every human and divine requirement. It supplies you with that which is behind material substance—energy and light—that which interpenetrates all dimensions and planes of being. It is life itself within you.

Now as you see, feel and accept the expansion of this threefold flame, feel now your auric field expanding. Feel it as your own representation of the God flame blessing life within this room, where you abide, within your home or this sanctuary, within your village, city or town, and now even expanding outward to include your state or province, your nation, your continent and, if you can accept it, believe it and know it, this entire planet.

See the threefold flame within you animating life in all dimensions and now expanded to include the entire Earth, its atmosphere and all life evolving here. The entire Earth is now within this magnificent threefold flame that we collectively generate, accept, visualize and know as that which provides this Earth with a new spin of beingness, a new grace of heaven's beauty and eternal beingness.

This threefold flame now even expands out beyond our planet, like the pulsations from our sun, those fiery extrusions or protrusions that our solar scientists and physicists see. And we feel the animating energy of this magnificent giant threefold flame transmuting and blessing everything, purifying all within the Earth, on the Earth, outside of the Earth. The atmosphere itself is charged with a new cosmic electricity because of this dynamic alchemy that we engage in today.

Nothing less than perfection manifests in its presence. God's grace is known; God's blessing is here. God's eternal beingness is this magnificent threefold flame, the triune aspects of God: Father-Mother, Son-Daughter and Holy Spirit of love.

Now we utilize the threefold flame, through alchemy, to co-create anything we desire that is just, that is opportune, that may be a blessing to life. And so every alchemy that you desire to accept, visualize and know as a new reality in your world, in your life is charged with this divine energy, is magnified by the God-glory of this magnificent flame. For it is God's great pleasure to give you the kingdom, the consciousness, of him/herself in this state of oneness, collaboration, correspondence.

As Above, so below, we enter into the alchemical field of God's co-creative work through the utilization of the threefold flame today. And we see all of its beautiful triune aspects outpictured in our lives in magnificent ways as we draw eternal divine substance, abundance into our world tangibly and as we see every divine project, initiative and co-creative work simply manifesting in its natural state of beauty and harmony and grace.

There is no pressure here. There is only the divine pressure of the eternal light of God that ensconces our beings with this grace, harmony, beauty, sense of peace and divine progress in outpicturing our full potential today. Through the magnificence of the threefold flame we are Self-realized, we are enlightened, we are enlovened, we are empowered. And that light, that love and that power is fully in balance, is fully in harmony with who we are in God, as God beings.

The threefold flame, as life itself within us, charges forth its radiance in multidimensions of being. And it is so natural and buoyant, lively and expressive that we are buoyed up and wooed ever unto God and God's eternal Presence in this sense of new joy, new holiness, new beingness in the eternal Presence of the One. God within us lives, moves and has his/her being through our being. God's joy is our joy; God's grace is our grace; God's sense of allness is our sense of allness.

Our full potential is realizable through the majesty, the mystery, the alchemy, the magnificence of this eternal light-energy. We are in a radiant field of God-potential, now becoming active through our conscious awareness. And we enter into, through this magnificence, the full Self-realizable potential now actively expressing through us.

There is no limitation within our being, for God is where we are. There is no less-than consciousness; there is only the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of God employed here within us, active and expressive through us. We, as sons and daughters of God, engage, engage, engage in divine work and holy work—the work of the saints upon Earth, the initiates of the sacred fire, the sons and daughters of God, the Children of the Sun. We know who we are and we accept our commission to be who we came to be within this reality, as God created us in the beginning and has ever held us inviolate in this light-potential of perfection, immortality and union.

This threefold flame is our very beingness from this day forward as we accept its reality and breathe it in and breathe it out, utilize it, imagine it, accept it, co-create with it. The threefold flame is the nexus of our new reality in God right within us, giving birth to God's new creation each morning, each day, each hour.

God is evolving through us as his sons and daughters, as her beloveds, through the nexus of our hearts, through this action of the threefold flame as God within us employs it in these works of sacredness, of joy, of beingness. As you maintain the sense of oneness throughout the day with your Presence, as you feel your full potential realized because of the threefold flame—who is God within you—you maintain that state of being in the Presence, in the eternal Now, in the oneness of eternality through this joy-fire flame.

You sing God's praise throughout the day. You feel God's Presence within everyone who comes to you, even those who challenge you or denigrate you or question you. There is only God, God, God within everything. There is only light, light, light within the cosmos. There is only love, love, love manifesting here, there and everywhere because you have tapped into God within every sacred spot and speck of the cosmos that exists in the matter planes and within the spiritual realms—the spirit-matter cosmos. That which has been seen to be a line drawn between heaven and earth no longer exists because everything is pure spirit, even within matter. In other words, matter is charged with light, even as heaven materializes here right before our eyes.

We feel the presence of angels, cosmic masters, divine beings, sacred ones who all originate from God, from the one Cause, the one Source. And in our feeling and sensing and even seeing of them, we are raised in knowingness of God. We are blessed by the divine light that each one emanates in their own particular representation of that eternal essence—colorful, co-creative, beautiful, holy. The masters walk and talk with us, sing and dance with us, pray and meditate with us, emanate light through us because we are one and we meditate and emanate through them also, by God's grace.

The magnificence of the threefold flame moves us ever into a higher state and frequency of being, and evolution speeds up within our mind, our heart, our will. And the speeding up of the evolutionary process within us is the glorification of God right where we are so that that potential becomes reality and that state of oneness is maintained through harmony and balance.

There is no divisiveness in our thought processes, in our feeling world, in our soul, in our heart-mind connection. We live in the unity field of beingness, which generates and regenerates this greater field of unity, of union, of yoga and beingness because we have accepted the oneness of all life, the oneness of others and ourselves—our father and mother, brother, sister, male, female, black and white, and, if we can go there, even good and evil.

The oneness of this Presence moves us out of reactivity, density and darkness, and fully into the light—which is beyond that reactivity, that karma, that suffering, that desire, that dhuka—God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, in God's triune aspect, within our threefold flame and the greater cosmic threefold flame that we have invoked this day. A new triangle of light appears and we see and feel, through the three dots, the alchemy of love, wisdom and power manifesting in so many new and glorious ways in our lives.

Now sing with me “God, God, God.” [sung 8 times] “Blue, gold, pink.” [sung 8 times] “Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva,” [sung 4 times] “Father, Mother, Spirit.” [sung 4 times] OM. [chanted 1 time]

We have a beautiful song invoking the threefold flame, number 63, “Fleur-de-Lis.” [Song number 63 is played.]

Om Mani Padme Hum. [chanted 3 times]

I AM love, I AM wisdom, I AM power. [given 20 times] OM.

We're going to give prayer 30.000 nine times, “Jesus' Great Commandment Prayer.” [Prayer 30.000 is given 9 times.]

Om Mani Padme Hum. [chanted 12 times]

We're going to sing “Jewel” now as we continue the focus on the threefold flame. And in this case, it is the light within the jewel within the lotus. So this is song number 66. [Song number 66 is played.]

Please turn to 30.012, “O Magi-Masters Bright!” We'll invoke Morya, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul, who represent the threefold flame of the Wise Men, the Magi. [Prayer number 30.012 is given 3 times.]

We'll turn to Song number 62, “The Fire Within,” and I'd like us to just meditate during the playing of the song rather than attempting to sing it and, again, feel deep within ourselves that threefold flame, that eternal fire of God. [Song number 62 is played.]

1. All songs are printed in HeartSongs (The Hearts Center, 2015).


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