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David Lewis      January 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 18. 2015   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Our True Character as Our Soulfulness and Buddha Nature

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us on this Monday morning in early January, the eighteenth of the month, a day to be expressive of divine love.

Louise Nevelson wrote, “Character is the architecture of being.” I believe that our character contains our soul elements. Our character is our inner essence portrayed through our lives, through our beingness expressed as we live consciously each day.

Hopefully we have a character that is expressive of God's virtues. Hopefully we have a character that people enjoy, that is inspiring, true to divine principles and values; a character that is creative and stamped with more than just a cookie-cutter stamp, with something unique, different and exciting that people can revere because God has first revered our character.

If we are soulful, I believe that we are divinely impressionable. In other words, God is able to reach us through the faculties of our intuition. The great Oversoul that is expressive of the entire creation can utilize us as a resource in our soulfulness to be expressive of something of value, of our divine nature. In this impressionable state, we can be stimulated by divine love, divine light, divine levity. We are divinely reactive rather than humanly overreactive to events, to people, to what comes into our lives as challenge, opportunity and initiation.

 In our soul, our character is developed. And by that I mean that our True Self, manifesting through the reality of what we experience humanly, shines forth. And that essence of who we are as our soulfulness finds a creative outlet in the world, which provides God with the ability to experience him/herself through us in this plane of being.

Some have said that the reason for the creation was that God desired to experience himself, to reflect upon himself, because unless God is objectified in some way, how does God see from some other vantage point who he is? So, in a sense, the reflecting pool of creation, as the Divine Mother's outpicturing of the Father God in matter, allows for God to behold himself, to feel himself. And this beholding, expressiveness and feeling, truly as the creation, is the Mother, from whom we all also experience who we are as created beings in God's image and likeness.

To be soulful, our character has to be rich in Spirit and the divine graces and virtues that we individually and uniquely are destined to outpicture and to objectify. We don't try to be someone else; we try to be ourselves. We don't even try; we are ourselves. We are our True Selves in our true soulfulness because we tap into the Oversoul of our I AM Presence, our God-Self, our Solar Reality. And we draw forth from that the beautiful elements of our character, of who we are, to express as we mature, grow, evolve and learn our lessons and master ourselves.

In our soul-realization, or our Self-realization, we become a divine character as a player on the stage of life. We develop our character, having God first and foremost in mind. God's light streams forth through our essence, our soul and heightens, highlights and accentuates the highest, the best, the brightest of ourselves and our character. And our character is that which others behold and God beholds as that unique aspect of who we are that is right and just and appropriate for us. And we can celebrate each person's character as that one's uniqueness, as that divine spark as it is brought forth in many lifetimes of experience, uniquely expressed by his or her nature.

Our character is a part of our Buddha nature, and our Buddha nature is unique to each one of us. Every Buddha nature is a little different, although each Buddha nature originates from the same fount or source. The way in which we are expressive determines the creative faculties that we develop, that are resourced by our Buddha nature and brought forth through the specificity of our creative spark and genius.

In the thangkas that Buddhists paint, there are numbers of Buddhas, each differently expressing some aspects of the allness of God's eternal Buddha nature: the White Taras and the Green Taras, the Manjushris, the Avalokitesvaras, the Gautamas, the Maitreyas, the Kartikeyas, the Milarepas, Padma Sambhava. All of these Buddhas have a uniqueness of expression that is their character objectified as that which is wise, compassionate, holy and completely virtuous.

We can join these Buddhas in consciousness as we express our character, our soulfulness from the vantage point of centeredness in our Buddha nature. And within that Buddha nature, our aura shines and bespeaks who we are, with a scintillating light that we have coalesced through our meditation practices, the disciplines of the spirit, our invocations, our songs, our mantras. And in this coalescing of that Buddha nature around and within us, the character development is awesome. Our unique Buddha nature shines forth and all can feel it, see it, know it and hopefully be inspired by those virtues that we objectify, that we lovingly express.

I have five little statues right before me, underneath the webcam, of the five Dhyani Buddhas, which I purchased before our conference, and I have been beholding them in their uniqueness—the uniqueness of their mudras and how they were fashioned by hands of light of someone probably in Nepal. It's amazing to feel, even in this little statue that's only about two inches tall, the Buddha nature, the character of each of these Buddhas, and reflect upon it. Now, these Buddhas, of course, are representative of cosmic energy fields and they're not representative of actual Buddhas who embodied upon Earth. They are streams that we can choose to objectify—the all-pervading nature of the Buddha, the all-conquering nature of the Buddha, et cetera.

As you choose to delve into your higher Buddhic Presence and nature and have the sourcing, or the accessing of the Source, within your world of that which these Buddhas represent, don't attempt to mimic them or only perfuse through your being their nature as something separate from yourself. Choose to realize that there is a uniqueness of your particular Buddha nature that is your character, which can be developed, mastered and expressed with such beauty, delicacy and creativity that one day you may be hovering in the etheric planes of life, perfuming the cosmos with that which is your essence, and all may look to you as a source of some aspect of the eternal Buddha nature. And, of course, you can do this now. You don't have to wait until some future time. You can see and feel and realize this happening in your meditation, in your prayers, your mantras, your songs and know this nature as that which illumines the world with your light, with the specificity of your causality, your Atmic Presence.

The soulful are those who are rich in Spirit. We can be rich beyond our wildest dreams if that richness, that opulence is ultimately light, Spirit, Spirit-fire, beingness, presence, energy. So as we reach up into our Buddha nature and become ever more soulful in the graces of Spirit, ever more rich in being able to capture any and all aspects of God's eternal Presence and consciousness and deliver them to the planet with the originality and the creativity of our being, I believe we are fulfilled in our soul. We are fulfilled in our soulfulness.

Our soulfulness will actually determine the outcome of much within our world. If we are soulful each day, the Earth is rebirthed in light through our soulfulness. If we are soulful each hour, through those moments there is the nurturing of the Earth and her atmosphere and the lives and auras of thousands and millions of individuals because we have chosen to be our Buddha nature in its originality, in that divine light. And through our choice and our conscious cooperation with Buddhas, divine masters and cosmic beings, light emerges and rebirths the Earth in so many domains. It brings peace and presence, possibilities for cosmic engagements and divine intercession.

We tend to think that divine intercession comes from somewhere outside of ourselves, from the Almighty, from archangels and angels. Yet what I feel today is that divine intercession has to have a point, or three points, by which and through which that intercession is focused and precipitated in matter. Therefore we must become that point through which divine intercession manifests. And who's to say where that divine intercession originates? It could originate from our own Buddha nature, one with God, the Eternal.

So don't discount yourself and your ability to be a nexus for the release of light, intercession, magic, miracles and manifestations of God-glory. Because if you can conceive that you are able to be that nexus, to be that focal point for the streaming forth of great light, it is so by your consciousness wed to Spirit, through your soulfulness. This allows us to take accountability and responsibility for all of our actions, all of our thoughts, our feelings, our words. And when every word, feeling, action and thought is expressive of our Buddha nature, then we truly—through our chakras, through our light essence, through our auric fields—become that nexus for divine realization for others, for the acceptance of a higher walk with God, for intimate conversation with Spirit, spirit beings, guides, guardians and friends.

Our soulfulness creates the portal through which the Oversoul may dip into this world with the fire of heaven, with those Promethean fires of such cosmic and atomic energy that in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, change, transformation, transmutation may occur and souls may be raised, darkness consumed, dire prophecies averted or completely obliterated.

One soul completely fused with the Oversoul of God's eternal Presence can truly make a cosmic difference in what he or she does to facilitate heaven descending and manifesting upon Earth; the Pure Land of the Buddhas arising here, manifesting through the consciousness of thousands and millions; and people finding their true nature and manifesting it day by day.

Our soulfulness is the spine of our character that we emanate, that says to all humanity, “I AM a son, a daughter of God in this essence that I broadcast; in this field of energy that I emanate; in this uniqueness that I project in a cosmic, dreamlike reality that is beyond the human reality, in which I am a co-creator investing my virtues, my nature into this world.” And in so doing, you raise that world into the all-fiery Presence of perfection and beauty.

Our soulfulness each day co-creates the new world and the new reality that we are uniquely destined to bring forth with God through our spiritual maturity. As we bring it forth lovingly and magnanimously, with cosmic audacity and daunting courage, souls may be inspired. And what they are inspired by is the essence of light and love that is within that representation of our character. It's not the human personality that they are inspired by.

Stars in Hollywood have their personalities and their uniqueness, and many people fawn over them. The paparazzi go here and there following them and capturing them with photographs and videos. This is all a charade and a chimera of unreality. Let us be the paparazzi that are constantly trying to capture the essence of God as it is represented and characterized by us. We can become our own paparazzi in a divinely humble way and find those elements within ourselves that we highlight to bless life; that we represent, whereby we are godly in all things, virtuous through every challenge, humble, open, accepting and nurturing through thick and thin.

There is a little quote that I love from a book that I was reading, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Mothers and Daughters.1 Under the chapter titled “A Mother's Sacrifice,” there is a Spanish proverb that says: “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.” And there is a nice image of a young girl hugging her mother and saying, “Your hugs are the nicest hand-me-downs, Mom.”

My guru in this life, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Guru Ma, taught that the soul is the feminine potential of God, and I do believe that women, in general, through their intuition, their sensitivity are able to tap into their souls a little more easily than men. In our macho-ness, we try not to necessarily feel our soulfulness and rather try to be expressive of this intense Alpha energy. So hugs and the feelings that we receive from our mothers are that which help us to understand our soulfulness.

If you ever have a time of feeling less than or disconnected from your True Self, where you don't feel soulful, go back to the feeling of your oneness with your mother, your love of your mother, the cherishment of your mother, how your mother held for you, as her son or daughter, the immaculate concept of your divine Selfhood, and feel that mother energy. Feel the appreciation, the gratitude, the thanksgiving welling up from within you in your heart chakra and gather those energies and allow them to sort themselves out within you and to grow within you. And in this growing feeling of appreciation and gratitude, you access your soulfulness. And once you access and feel that, as a Buddha-in-the-becoming, you can then begin the process of the maturing of your selfhood into who you are as a God Self-realized one and then become fully Self-realized by manifesting your Buddha nature and shining it forth. The soul and your soulfulness allow your Buddha nature to flow, to emerge, to be.

Some say that the Buddhist teachings and Buddha himself didn't recognize God or the Divine, per se, and that they don't even necessarily talk about the soul. Yet I can assure you that those who manifest their Buddha nature are soulful and have won over their souls to Spirit to the extent that their souls have become the full blazing presence of their Buddha nature. Their soul has allowed their divine Buddha nature to emerge, to shine forth and to manifest. The soul is talked about more in Christianity and in the West than in certain teachings in the East, especially Buddhism. Yet words are not as important as the energy, the feeling, the concept that is Self-realized.

Thank you, everyone, for listening to this discourse. And as you continue to read the book Living a Soulful Life 2 by beloved Afra, my prayer is that, rich in Spirit, your soul will exceed the limits of its previous manifestation yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last decade, last life, and that you, in your true soulful nature, will emerge from the cocoon of your yester-self and blossom and bloom and shine forth in your Buddha nature as your true reality.

God bless you. Have a great day.


1. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Mothers and Daughters (Health Communications, Inc., 2007).
2. David Christopher Lewis, Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom (Meru Press 2015).  


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