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David Lewis      January 11, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Overshined by beloved Afra)
January 11, 2016   9:09 ̶ 9:30 am MST

Livingston, Montana

Living a Soulful Life: Part 1

How to be Soulful and Expand Your Soul's Radiance


Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you so much for participating in our broadcast service today and in this sacred work of the Spirit. I would like to begin sharing a series of very short talks on soulfulness to augment what is already in our book by beloved Afra so that we can have some blogs to support the Web page for that book.1

This topic of soulfulness is very deep and is something that we can meditate on for quite some time as we go in consciousness, with God, to our source. As I've studied it and attempted to be soulful in my life, I've seen how being soulful is really being Spirit-filled. And when we are rich or full in Spirit, we are soulful. And how do we get rich in Spirit? Obviously, we do our spiritual work. Most importantly, we desire God fully in our life. We seek God. We yearn for God. God is at the front and center of our lives. And God brings that soulfulness into us and manifests it through us because we are open to it.

When we are soulful, then all the lesser aspects of our unreal self leave us. They disappear because there is no room for them within our being, which is rich and complete spiritually through God's essences and divine quintessences that are manifesting through us.

To be soulful we must release the soulless aspects of our self in order to accommodate more of Spirit, of God, of the Eternal Presence in our lives. We all know people who are soulful. They are joyful; they are inspiring. They bring us divine joy and happiness through their essence, which manifests through their creativity, their virtue, their caring, their concern, their givingness and every aspect of how they represent God, how they outpicture God in their lives.

I encourage you to write down three people in your life that you consider to be very soulful. And at some point you can text them a message of your appreciation. Or maybe we can start a blog about soulful people and how they have been inspiring to you, how they are rich in that spiritual fire and essence that brought you greater awareness and into the richness of who you are. It could be a parent, a teacher, a spiritual guru, a friend, someone that you only met once or even saw from afar, or someone that you never met and yet read their works and intuited just how soulful they were by the words that they penned and brought forth. which were key to you.

When we meditate on soulfulness and drink in the essences that we partake of as we meditate and allow them to resonate and vibrate within us, we actually draw these divine soul parts from other inspired souls into our aura. Now, this is not a bad thing. We've heard about the soul parts that have left us and that are not part of us or integrated within us. Yet I declare today, through my own meditation, that there are the higher spiritual soul parts of all of us that we are always able to give to others. And in this giving, we don't lose anything; we actually gain more.

We can confide in others about these rich, spiritual soulful parts of our self or we can release them appropriately, sometimes give them to others whom we never meet, to those for whom we pray, the people on our prayer list, et cetera. And this type of higher soul parts, as blessings of the Spirit, find their lodging, find their way into the consciousness of people so that they too can be inspired by what we have to offer.

Think of all the essences that El Morya, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Jesus, Gautama Buddha and Kuthumi have provided to mankind. Those soulful essences still ring clear and true and beautifully within our consciousness, who we are as God-men and women. And these soulful aspects of their causal bodies, their higher awareness do become a part of us. We assimilate them; they are that master's communion. When Jesus offered his essence during the Last Supper, this truly was the soulful aspect of the Christ consciousness that he had clothed himself with; that he had entered into fully; and that he had allowed, by his communion with the Father-Mother God, to fully take hold of his being so that he could bring forth the most beautiful aspects of God-awareness and heal, teach, forgive, anoint and inspire souls upon Earth—first by the dozens, then by the hundreds and eventually by the thousands and millions.

So Jesus's soulful essences are living within his words that people read daily in the Holy Bible and attempt to both contemplate and consciously incorporate into their lives by being loving, kind, compassionate and virtuous. The same is true with the Buddha. His soulful aspects live on through his disciples, through his teaching, through that which many lamas and spiritual rinpoches around the world are now releasing, both East and West. And these soulful aspects of that Buddhic awareness are making inroads into every area of life—the fabric of civilization as a whole—and are allowing there to be a gradual and yet very amazing raising of the consciousness of all of humanity.

As we imbibe the soulful aspects of great ascended beings, angels, archangels, cosmic beings and Elohim into our worlds, into our consciousness, there is an amalgamation of all of our soulful parts into a great whole and totality that brings all of this into play dynamically so that all life is blessed.

When we are soulful, when we determine to be virtuous and to appropriate these virtues anytime and anywhere that we so choose by simply being present, by being in our Presence, living consciously and lovingly, it's amazing how people will later come to us—weeks, months, years and even decades later—and say,You know, you said something that made a lasting impression on me, that I thought about, and it changed my life; and I desire to thank you for that reflection, for those words.” So I think that as we meditate upon the words that we speak—both in our prayers and lovingly to each other in our communiqués, in our service, in our team work—we can enrich our words with the soulful aspects of who we are so that those words bring harmony, peace, joy and blessings to everyone.

When we are truly soulful, we cannot speak words that hurt, that divide, that create inharmony or reactivity. This is kind of the rule of thumb for those who engage in conscious language and nonviolent communication. There are times when a guru can be tough with us and give us tough love through the words that he or she speaks. And yet even within the tough love of the verbiage, which at times may be intense and challenge us, there is still at the core the soulful aspects of God in that guru, in that divine teacher, which do cause us to take stock of where we are on our path, to make greater progress.

The exception, in one sense, to this general rule of thumb is that when we have an ascended master, a guru or a divine teacher whom we have chosen to follow and enlist in our lives, we have to be ready for the disciplined words, which still have this soulful aspect within them, and yet, temporarily, may seem to the outer human personality to be a little bit intense and maybe not so soulful. I think we all prefer the gentler way of soulful communiqués. This is because when we live in a certain level of equanimity and spiritual beingness and peace, we desire to maintain that presence, and sometimes intense things can kind of jar us. Even yesterday during Padre Pio's message, which was very gentle and peaceful throughout, suddenly he announced that Melchizedek was there with a sacred, fiery chalice and that he was providing an anointing. And my voice raised to quite a pitch and took on a powerful aspect. And yet even though I was temporarily a little bit taken aback by this experience, I knew that the desire of the great Master Melchizedek was to anoint us and to bring this spiritual communion to us.

When we are ready for anything on our path and are nonreactive, we can abide even when the winds are intense, as they are right now in Livingston; even when the storms are all around us and people do not understand us and they chide us or they say things that we don't humanly appreciate. If we take everything as a learning experience, if we choose to abide in presence through nonreactivity, then even if words are said that chafe or grind a little bit at the core of our being, we can still absorb the mindful, soulful and conscious aspects of those words, which we know that the soul of the person is attempting to share with us in order to bring us understanding of situations, events, problems, issues.

When we are nonreactive, I believe we are more able to absorb the soulful aspects of others' consciousness, their starry beings, their causal bodies, and we are able to absorb and assimilate the soulful aspects of God working through nature, working through everything that comes our way. By being soulful, we are ready; we are prepared; we are alert. We are in that nonreactive and absorptive state so that that which is the highest, greatest, most sublime and spiritual may find concourse and lodging within us, may find resonance deep within our souls. And then our soul grows. “One star differeth from another star in glory.”2 Well, one soul differeth from another soul in glory, because the more soulful we are, the more the balloon of our soul grows and we are then able to absorb even greater light.

Even though we were created in God's image and likeness—and we all were created as co-equals within the manvantaric ages and within root races—yet, based on our choices, our soul may be greater in its glory than others, or lesser. So we can choose at any point, through soulfulness, to expand the reach of our soul, the expansiveness of our auric field. We can grow our soul consciously through meditation, especially, and through prayer, deep reflection, contemplation, time in nature, gardening, pranic breathing, clear seeing, right diet and occasional fasting, whereby these disciplines bring us to a greater state of soulfulness and awareness. And through that expansion of our soul, we are then also able to offer more to life, to others. We are able to provide inspiration through our creative genius, our gifts, graces and talents.

Meditate upon your soul this year as you read the Master Afra's words. Contemplate what your soul is, who you are as a soulful being in reference to the book of life that you are writing each day, and allow there to be such an expansiveness of your glory—the glory of your soul, one with God—that eventually that influence, that impact upon life will bring about an amazing inspirational legacy and divine story. You will leave your mark in the footprints on the sands of time and, beyond the sands of time, upon the mountain peaks where even the great masters' footprints are etched, as in fire, and are still there, such as Jesus's in Ladakh, India, and Tibet.

I pray that we will all choose to be more soulful, rich in Spirit, enlivened, on fire, Holy Spirit charged this day and every day. And by doing that collectively, we will grow our movement, our community and touch many, many more lives with our love, with the holier aspects of who we truly are as God beings, and provide resources through our website, through our offerings that will truly change and transform lives.

God bless you. Have a magnificent day and week. Tomorrow will be the twelfth and final release in this series of the first twelve days of the year, although I'll be back on Wednesday with our heartfriends in Livingston and ready for the next initiation and opportunity.

Take care, and God bless.

1. David Christopher Lewis, Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom, Volume I (Meru Press, 2015).
2. 1 Corinthians 15:41.


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