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Cyclopea      October 28, 2015

Beloved Cyclopea and Virginia
David Christopher Lewis
October 28, 2015   7:01–7:11 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Cyclopea and Virginia Lead Us in Radiating God-Vision to the Earth


We are the Elohim of vision. We stand in your midst to emanate light rays of God-consciousness. And these are precipitated within your third eye and your higher vision center for you to access greater vision within your lives, greater understanding of the dynamics of pure vision, crystal-clear consciousness, that which accentuates the truth and every virtue that flows from the All-Seeing Eye within the Great Central Sun.

As your vision is now quickened by this action of light, there is a pulsing through your third eye that you may experience whereby higher frequencies from the Great Silent Watchers are distributed through your entire being and those of initiates throughout this Earth. These frequencies will require you to turn your eyes toward your Source and behold the Lord face-to-face from that point of reality of your pure vision and from that point of the emerald matrix of perfection, which God has illumined within you.

As you meditate in silence and allow there to be within you, through stillness, the sacred space of God consciousness and Solar awareness, we come and highlight all that is real, divine and beautiful within you and within your world. For we were the creators of worlds, and we still are creating, recreating and divinely accommodating within the creation God-good, that which is whole, pure, undefiled. Therefore we accentuate these within you now and draw you up in our sacred-fire vision unto the perfectionment of your True Self, which you may now feel with a greater integrity and sense of oneness, which you may access and align yourself with in order to be free from all impositions of your not-self and that which has been illusory within your world.

Cast aside maya permanently, if you dare, and enter into the nirvanic spheres of Buddhic awareness within the Pure Land of the visionaries of the Spirit. And accept this new vision state of being whereby, through clarity and through oneness, that which you choose to behold is God within all, including self. To be Self-realized, dearest ones, you must see who you truly are as God beholds you. You must accept this reality that has always been your true Selfhood and see yourself as God sees you, with crystal-clear vision. And you must know, through the integration process of this clear seeing, the ideal—what to many seems exceptional, yet to the Elohim is most natural.

Pure vision is a choice that you may make daily, first by beholding God above you when you open your eyes each morning, and then by seeing God reflected back and beholding self as God. As you internalize this awareness, as you accept that you are God's sons and daughters, offspring of the Divine, then after these few moments of true understanding through pure vision, your course is set for a magnanimous and illustrious day of co-creativity with the Divine One and many visionaries of the Spirit and muses of heaven who will support you on your sacred journey to the Sun.

Behold God throughout your day by internalizing the Allness of the One through pranic breath and pranic seeing. What is this? you ask. Aha! I shall share with you this night keys to the metta state of Buddha-beholding and the Mother matrix of the immaculate heart, one with the child, illumined by that clear acceptance of perfection within.

As you sing the ode to us, song 119,1 feel our love through our vision of who you are, our acceptance of your true reality manifest now, and of the glory of your soul as fully illumined, Self-realized in God this night and forevermore. We, the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, are one with you, are all around you and see clearly through you, ever our beloveds.

1. The “Ode to Cyclopea and Virginia,” song 119, can be found in The Hearts Center eBook HeartSongs, available online at, and also online at

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