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Hermes Trismegistus      July 22, 2005

Hermes Trismegistus (God Mercury)
David Christopher Lewis
July 22, 2005 6:24 - 6:52 pm
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Beloved Initiates of Divine Science,
            When you study the laws of God as cosmic science you enter into the thought processes of the Divine One where life is manifest as the glory of creation magnified into the level of the understanding which you can bear. This study is the theology of nature and of God's appearing where you are. For only through your conscious awareness can you ascertain those concepts where you appreciate all that God has developed in the warp and woof of the universal spirit.
            Dear ones, I come this evening to dispel concepts which are false, namely that you are limited and cannot know the fullness of the truth and the emerald matrix of light. I say that although few have penetrated the deepest regions of inner reality, those who do meditate on the manifestation of light in the 360 degrees of its appearance do receive intimations of the splendor and glory hidden within all. And so you may not only understand life on higher planes and at microscopic levels, but you may enter into a relationship of being through this introspection that gives you that solar awareness of truth at ever deeper planes until one day you will see clearly as we see.
            Hearts of fire, I come to initiate you through the greater understanding that you have gleaned. For when you sit at our feet and receive more and more teaching each day, it is incumbent upon you to take and apply that instruction else you will not fully appreciate each new morsel that we impart. And as you master the energies of life that flow through and of this new consciousness, your perception will be refined so that each new meditation and session with us will be more heightened. For once you have broken through to a new level, you will have the keys to unlock other doors that will still remain unopened before you on your journey home.
            What you have done once will become easier, until the day will come when fear of the unknown is utterly cast aside and all the resources of your causal body will be readily available for you in your ascent upward. Many have recently received our inspiration through your new messengers, and many more will be coming whose open hearts and minds will be the key to much of your future growth and development. For we are preparing and laying the groundwork for many lightbearers to become attentive to our missives and scientific explanations and more importantly to begin invoking more light for the upliftment of more sentient beings.
            Do not be shy in sharing what you have received, and yet put before you first and foremost the goal of attaining true humility and the gifts of the spirit that will be your boon and ongoing comfort as you strive to save sentient beings. The emerald pathway is one of discernment of truth both within the soul of individuals and within the soul of the planet. We cannot share more than you can receive with that divine intention where you are ready to use the knowledge and wisdom released solely for the highest purposes of the Brotherhood.
            I am a cosmic master because I long ago participated in the drama to the extent that God felt safe in empowering me with his all, knowing that only love was at the core of every expression of light within me. I ask that you too develop your talents and graces so that all will instantly know your heart-felt intent to serve and to spread the face of charity to all.
            In the crystal of divine science I seal you in the healing presence of universal truth, for only truth will prevail for those who must know the way home now and without fail, beloved. I am Hermes and I am always running to deliver more to you as you prepare to receive the next initiation. Be ready, for I come swiftly to my own.

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