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Paul the Venetian      March 21, 2005

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
March 21, 2005 8: 24 - 9:02 am
Livingston, Montana

Friends of Light Who Adore the Beauty of God's Love,
            I am come to commune with those who have placed freedom of expression above the doctrine of the law that limits that expression of the God-Self within.
            We who serve on the third ray see freedom to impart the inner experiences of communion with the graces of heaven as paramount for soul evolution. So, those cultures that allow the development of the individualization of the God-Flame as one of the rights of man, safeguarded by constitutional law, are the ones that see a greater expansion of freedom, education, commerce and the totality of the bringing forth of the divine culture of heaven.
            Would that every constitution would allow this freedom, beloved, for culture is only uplifted when souls who are inspired from the angelic and ascended-master realms are allowed the opportunity to bring forth their gifts unabated and with the backing of both individuals and institutions that seek to promote new invention, new creations and new paradigms of seeing and thinking. As long as your process of discovery and creative output is not limited by a modus of belief that says that all has already been released and that there is nothing new under the sun, you will see the flourishing of greater and greater works of creative genius, collaborative vision and divine inspiration.
            Sometimes it is necessary for the ascended masters to break the mold of certain systems and belief patterns that have become set in stone to the extent that even the truths that they contain become locked-up paradigms of limitation. And so, we do begin anew to weave a new tapestry whose threads will be more vibrant because they contain the rich colors gleaned from fresh dyes pressed from the heart fires of those who are ever striving for those higher concepts of beauty that are ever present within the natural world of God's love for His creation.
            Dear hearts, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal in the sight of God and that none should be limited in the opportunity to become co-creators with God and to become fully involved in the evolutionary process of life on earth and in all spheres of awareness. All men must have the freedom to experiment and to try out the inner promptings of their souls to bring forth new ideas and processes that raise the bar for all to perceive the light of higher worlds and the reasoning that sees a golden-age culture as necessary for every child of the One.
            At times, even our best students become stultified due to a comfortability in their current situation and station in life, and so, the Master of Change comes to stir up the stew and increase the heat so that these ones may come out of their lethargy and the status quo of limited thinking that sets in when the subtle dustings of pride settle upon them. So, we use the young-at-heart and those whose mental models are malleable to spur some to rise from the ruts of self-indulgence and selective thinking and into the new light of Aquarian knowing that shifts gears into a revolution of concepts that even a few short months ago would have been considered illogical or radical.
            Beloved ones, as this solar system rotates and proceeds toward the center of the Hub of the All, greater causal forces are coming into play in your world. You must be receptive to the intimations of cosmic beings whose vast minds have long ago exceeded the abilities of human reasoning to perceive God's love. Their great heart fires may instill within you divine ideals and ideations that will jump-start your life anew into vistas unimagined and into dimensions that even now you cannot perceive. Be open, be receptive and, most of all, allow the God flame to burn brightly within you as we come into your presence and aura when so requested; for we do know the next best step for you and ever desire to prod you gently higher through deep reflection on the thoughts of God and the mirror of grace that echoes back to you your own adoration of the divine in all.
            I am Paul, an artisan of God's love for you. I desire to create for each of you a portrait of the real you that you are to become. If you will call to me, I will mix new oils of heavenly intent on my palette that reflect the truest expression of who you are-that ideal of you held in the mind of God when first you were born in spirit. The pastel tones of this highest portrayal of you as a being of pure love will show you just how beautiful you are in God's sight, beloved. And when you see fully and truly how the reflection of joy and beauty is manifest in your divine countenance, you will know my love for you and the love of every ascended being who desires to establish a personal friendship with you in this hour.
            Desire this friendship with us. There is no greater relationship than that which has at its core the lasting love of divine grace and the freedom to be who you are. We love you and seal you in our immaculate vision of your true reality this day.

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