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Victory      November 13, 2004

Cosmic Being Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
November 13, 2004 7:30 - 8:08 am
Livingston, Montana
            Victory I Am! And I come in the full presence of God draped with living fire to enfold you in the garments of Victory. Are you ready for your victory, beloved? Then be seated in the lotus fires of victory this hour.
            We have witnessed many victories in the earth in recent days, for my legions have been on the march in answer to the calls of certain lifestreams among you. And our golden light of Victory has been seen and witnessed as a tangible presence in the atmosphere by some who are more sensitive to our vibration. I am here to pronounce to you the victory of the ascension of one who has walked among you, namely Peggy Black. This stalwart soul who did keep the flame of victory in your midst and in your sanctuary in Glastonbury for many years, has earned her immortal status as an ascended lady master in heaven. May you leap to your feet to proclaim her victory and claim the mantle of this victorious daughter of God!
            Yes, this lifestream, though short in stature, carried within her chest a heart of gold woven with many threads of victory. Her spirit of fire, of excitement for life and the fire in her eye was a most tangible manifestation of the path of victory, for she truly embodied the spirit that we would have all chelas bear-namely-humility, joy and the desire to serve and to be the living fire of love. She does stand with me now as a witness to this path of overcoming, through the constancy of devotion in the giving forth of the word in sacred invocation, especially in the pre-dawn hours so loved by the hosts of the Lord who come, almost impatient, to take the light you invoke and use it for alchemical change on earth. So this fiery spirit won through her spirit wed to God in deep devotion to prayer and focusing on those specific calls that are needed hour by hour to maintain planetary equilibrium. May you call to her to assist you on your path and always remember that the call compels the answer!
            Beloved ones, we have also seen other souls who have recently made their transition who are either ascended or are preparing for their ascension. You know at the soul level which of these friends of light have become one with their God Presence, for you sensed that ascension coil woven about them even while they were in your midst. You may call to them for assistance in your work and projects and needs, for they are ever willing to aid you, as then they themselves may accelerate toward the full balancing of their remaining karma in the earth.
            Dear hearts, Victory is won through an action plan that I hold before you that cannot fail. And that plan includes your focusing upon victory now and at all times. Sometimes you seem to focus more on the negative side of life and of the gloom and doom of the past or of current financial stresses and problems, rather than focusing on the solution to those problems which is always the flame of Victory!
            Well, you have almost forgotten that I exist, save when your need is so great that you cry out your cosmic S.O.S. and then I come with my legions to set you free! I would have you put me to good use all the time, for I am an ascended being, and like your Lanello, I can be everywhere at once, slaying demons, saving a damsel in distress and inspiring you with an answer to your most dire need or question. Yes, I am here, there and everywhere that you need me to be-when you make the call.
            May I humbly request that you always include a song or a decree or at least a quick call to me in all your Saint Germain services, for I will amplify the work of Archangel Michael and his legions as well as other of the hosts of the Lord; for when they see us coming they themselves are buoyed up with greater fire for they know that we have never lost a battle in all of cosmos! Yes, I am Victory and if you would be Victory you must have that mien and that jaw and that twinkle in the eye that never says die, that does not even allow into your consciousness or the sphere of your being any concept of defeat!
            So place upon your feet now those golden sandals worn by Nike and fly with my legions unto the sun and dip into those solar fires of victory that will be your very life blood for the rest of your days on earth. See the light of the sun as a shimmering, golden corona around your own crown, amplifying that Buddhic attainment which many of you are beginning to sense and become; for when you are truly illumined with this Victory Light, you know the right course of action, you know who you are, you know who we are and your knowing is the key to your Victory!
            Yes, we are illumined beings and we serve on that yellow ray, for the laurel of victory is always placed on the head, don't you see, of those who have won because they were smart and chose the right path to the finish line. Are you smart? Then get with my program, be up and doing, exercise your mind, your heart, your voice and your wings and be the victorious ones!
            My legions now soar across a cosmos. We expand our consciousness to take in not only your world, but the worlds of other lifewaves who have need of us. Yes, when earth shall become Freedom's Star, many of you may be called up to higher service with your messengers to serve on that yellow ray of illumination's fires to help illumine other worlds in distress. Will you be ready for that challenge? Then win your battles today and claim your mantle of the golden chain mail of Victory, for it will be the signet and the calling card of all those who are ready to serve with Victory!
            I Am the Victorious One. May you acclaim it! May you proclaim it! May you claim it day in and day out until nothing can stop you in your march home to the heart of God. Come with me this day for I will tutor you and train you in the golden fires of Helios and Vesta from whence I come and to whom I now return.
            Victory, beloved! Victory!

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