HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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5/26/18 24m Kali Mother Kali Breathes Divine Fire to Clear Us and All of Australia
12/8/17 12m Kali Kali Cleanses Us
7/11/17 47m Kali Kali Teaches Us How to Remain Clear of Maya
6/20/17 5m Kali Blue Tara (the Goddess Kali) Performs a Cosmic Dance and Clearance
3/30/16 10m Kali Kali Performs a Personal and Planetary Clearance with Spiritual Light and Fire
3/13/15 34m Kali Darshan with Kali on Divine Standards, How to Behold Yourself, Crying, and Maintaining Serenity
3/13/15 19m Kali 150313 Kali
6/21/14 9m Kali Kali Comes For The Clearance Of Darkness From The Earth And For The Acceleration Of The Fire Of The Transfiguration
5/13/12 9m Kali 120513 Kali
11/17/11 9m Kali 111117 Kali
7/4/08 9m Kali My Sacred Meal Is Composed Of The Darkness Which I Assimilate And Return To You Now As Light A Sacred Ritual To Beloved Kali And Lord Shiva In The West