HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/21/19 10m Aurora Uriel and Aurora Bring the Light of Peace to Sustain the Light of God Within Us
6/22/19 15m Aurora Archangel Uriel and Aurora: The Way of Love Made Plain for Couples on the Initiatic Path
9/22/17 28m Aurora The Art of True, Spirited Prayer
11/10/13 14m Aurora Make Your Peace With The Sun When You Live In Harmony And Peace You Accommodate Our Work On A Planetary, Solar And Galactic Scale
4/11/09 15m Aurora Uriel and Aurora Come with the Resurrection Flame and Bring a New Vision of the Holy City
8/12/08 15m Aurora 2008 Dictations With No Special Event
6/21/07 11m Aurora A New Thrust Of Light Comes To Earth At Summer Solstice
1/17/07 13m Aurora You Are Called Anew This Day By The Archeiai To Fulfill Your Reason For Being Let Peace Be Yours Night And Day, Fully, Until Your Victory Is True
12/22/05 12m Aurora Uriel And Aurora Set The Fire Ring Ablaze!
5/20/06 13m Aurora The Grace Of The Mother Light Our Assignment For Every Hearts Center And Every Soul Who Would Know Our Love
12/26/04   Aurora Uriel and Aurora Come for the Acceleration We Require Above and Beyond Our Former State of Awareness