HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

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12/20/19 19m Angel of Peace The Angel of Peace Speaks on Stillness and about Norene Kaminski
5/11/17 20m Angel of Peace Angel of Peace Enfires Us to Prepare for Mary's Coming
2/12/16 7m Angel of Peace The Angel of Peace Adjures Us to Know Peace at a Deeper Level
1/27/11 13m Angel of Peace The Quiescent State Of Perfection Is Your True State Of Being There Is The Flowering Of Your Divinity In That Stillness Choose Peace At All Costs My Angels Stitch Up The Rents In Your Garments With Cosmic-Christ-Peace Light
8/23/06 18m Angel of Peace Put Aside The Death Consciousness And Come Into An Understanding Of The Joy Of Life, Life, Life!