HeartStreams Library - Messages from the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
6/23/19 7m Celestel The Archangels and Archeiai of the Five Crystal Rays Come to Impress Their Quintessences Within the Earth and Within The Hearts Center Community
10/5/18 29m Celestel Celestel: We Co-Create with You a New Latticework of Divine, Crystalline Light around Our Earth
9/23/17 31m Celestel Archangels of the Five Crystal Rays Release Essences of Crystalline Frequencies to the Earth
12/20/14 21m Celestel The Archangels of the Five Crystal Rays Bless Us with Their Crystal Frequencies
11/29/10 7m Celestel Change is the Order of the Day. Allow the Archangels and Archeiai to Move Through And You Will See A New Transformation Dawning
3/20/10 13m Celestel A Journey To The Great Central Sun Know Your Oneness Now With The Eternal Source