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David Lewis      February 17, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
February 17, 2018   9:30 ̶ 9:33 am PST
2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil
San Diego, California

Gratitude to Saint Germain

I would like to applaud Saint Germain. [applause and audience responds: “Hail, Saint Germain!” 3x]

How great is God, how beautiful the Master, how loving and affectionate he is to each of our souls, how much he cares and loves each one of us. Really, it is a miracle, and I am so grateful that [inaudible] that I am worthy of being his helper, and that all of you are too, because we do these HeartStreams together. We are all one, and you are also the voice. You are also the messenger because of your presence. We do this together, and always remember that. I could never do it by myself humanly. It is a divine experience, and it is so holy and precious and sacred that every time they come, they truly do raise us up.

Thank you, blessed masters. I'm sorry I'm not talking in front of the mic. Those at home, forgive me, but there is so much love in the room that it's hard to describe.

Let us sing song 98, “Keep the Flame of Life,” our anthem to freedom and the Master.

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