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God of the Swiss Alps      August 05, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps)
August 5, 2017   12:30 ̶ 1 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

The God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps Share Answers to Darshan Questions

Good afternoon, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being here. These next thirty minutes are sponsored by the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps and it is a darshan. I'd like to first share a little bit from their perspective and then answer some darshan questions.

The European range of mountains known as the Alps contains many more specific sub-regions of Alps. The God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps focus on those Alps that are in Switzerland. Yet they would like us to expand our awareness as we discuss the Alps in particular, and other mountain ranges in general, to understand the connectedness of all of these mountains as families of the Earth.

Mountains in particular have a mission, as it were, on the Earth to anchor great light as they rise from the valleys to the great heights, into the upper atmosphere and draw forth from the atmosphere, from the sky, from the air element great electrical biochemical energies, etheric energies. And then as they are able to anchor them within the rock, the sediment and the fastnesses of the mountains, they are able to help sustain a certain harmonic balance for the earth element in particular, and then for all the elements: earth, air, fire, water.

When we climb mountains, we have wonderful experiences with nature, with the elements, with the nature spirits, with the rock itself that we walk upon. The foundation laid by these great beings, the devas and the gods and goddesses of the mountain ranges, are very important for us to understand, because through this foundation that they provide us, they offer us the energy of Spirit anchored in Matter, the energy of Father anchored in Mother upon the Earth. There is a constant influx of light from heaven to earth facilitated by the mountains and the ranges of the mountains.

So these various ranges are like spiritual families. We have the Andes, the Himalayas, the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and the Canadian Rockies. We have so many other mountain ranges: the Carpathians, the Apennines, the Caucasus in Europe, and many, many more. And there are numerous Alps in many regions of the nations within Europe. The Swiss Alps, in particular, are very pure and have an energy field that is very benign for all of Europe, because Switzerland is virtually in the heart of Europe. And Austria has, through Vienna, the anchoring of great light from Venus, just as Scandinavia does.

Question:  What makes the heart of the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps sing?

David:  It is the harmonic balance that these mountains maintain in their dynamic of anchoring the light of Spirit in Matter very dynamically through the many elements that are in the rock within the mountains and also through the biochemical and electrical energies that the mountains anchor from Spirit to Matter.

When we climb mountains, there is a communion with the rock itself and also an anchoring of the crystal rays through our feet, which focus two of the five crystal rays. This also happens through the crystal rays in our hands as we're touching the rock, especially if we're climbing really high and we have to use our hands a lot more than if it was an easier climb; and it also happens through our heart. We may not always be aware of it, yet rock within the mountains sends energies to us and vibrates at a very subtle and slow vibration, in one sense. And touching the rock, the stones, as well as the earth and the plants, is helpful for our bones, our bodily structure, for the balance of the elements within our physical body. It allows us to have this very physical sensation that allows the elementals and the devas to actually interpenetrate our being and to provide energies and light to our physical bodies.

So when we hike, when we touch the earth with our feet, even with our shoes or hiking boots on, there is a transfer of energy. And this is what makes the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps sing—the interaction of heaven with the earth, the interaction between the nature kingdom and our kingdom of humankind, and the interactions that occur within the angelic kingdom when the angels work with the devas to also anchor light in our realm.

I think about the iconic song from The Sound of Music, which takes place in the Swiss Alps: “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” And just those words give us pause to consider how the mountains are alive and that they sing, they vibrate, and that their vibration is a type of song. We may not be able to understand it or really hear it through our senses, our ears, yet there is a vibration there; there is a frequency that every mountain and every mountain range emits. And when we are attuned to the purpose of these mountain ranges as families of the rock and families of the gnomes, then we can receive from them great inspiration, great light, great intuition and a great fortification of our spiritual mooring upon the Earth so that we can fulfill our divine plan.

So the first question has been answered, “What makes your heart sing?” It is conscious individuals walking upon the mountains, receiving the blessing that the mountains bestow, receiving the energy that the mountains help to facilitate through their anchoring within us of their secrets, their mysteries, their energies, their love when we are sensitive, loving, appreciative, earnest and sincere in our desire to receive from the earth, from the elements, from nature.

Question:  Is there a connection between all the mountains on the Earth?

David:  Yes, of course, and there are many families. I've named some. I was researching just a little while ago all these mountain ranges in Europe, and there are many, many mountain ranges: the Urals, the Pyrenees, the Caucasus, the Scandinavian mountains (including Mt. Elbrus), the Dolomites (we've heard of the term dolomite), the Tatra, the Jura, the Pindus, the Balkans, the Apennines, the Cantabrians, the Ore, the Sudetes, the Pyrenees, the Harz (I have not really studied or heard any of these names before), the Rhodopes, the Sistema, the Black Forest region, the Beskids, the Bernina.

These are all areas within Europe that allow heaven to interact with earth through all of the elements that are within the mountains. And there is a connection and a communication between the mountains. Every element of the periodic table is like a family. And throughout the Earth where these elements are distributed, there is a communication at the frequency of that element around the world. It's similar to how we can tune into a type of mind-thought of all human beings because we are all of this genus, family and species that some call Homo sapiens. And yet we're moving up into a higher evolutionary state of Christic beingness and evolving into our Divine Selfhood as we let go of the human aspects of our lower nature and embrace the divine aspects of our eternal nature.

This connection and communication between the elements within the rocks and mountains allows there to be the sustaining grace that that element manifests through whatever it is a part of within life. So let's say tin, let's say aluminum, let's say gold, let's say silver—all of these, as elements, have a certain number of atoms, as we understand through the periodic chart, a certain number of protons, neutrons and electrons. And they have certain characteristics, traits and abilities, I would say. And these abilities are what they are able to perform as a function when used by mankind. These characteristics and properties are important for us to understand even as a part of ourselves. We have gold within us; we have these elements within our body temple. Are we in balance harmonically, energetically, crystalogically? Many of these elements are also in crystal formations. So the mountains are like giant crystals of Matter, of Mother, and they perform certain functions for harmonizing time and space within the three-dimensional planes of being, the time-space continuum.

How best may we serve Mother Earth, together with the divine elemental life, except by being balanced ourselves, by being harmonious ourselves, by understanding our nation and fulfilling our purpose, our nature. When we see ourselves as one with all life; one with Mother Nature; one with earth, air, fire and water and we respect the elements, the devas, the nature spirits and their function, their purpose, and we communicate lovingly to them and allow them to communicate lovingly with us, then we serve Mother Earth and we serve the elemental forces—earth, air, fire, water.

This morning Mona and I were dancing the Paneurhythmy and there was a single crow, a very large mother crow, that was observing us the entire time and wasn't flying around. It came right up to the edge of the Paneurhythmy circle and stayed there listening to the music that we were playing of Peter Deunov, and then it walked around occasionally, pecking for a worm here or there. Yet during the entire fifty-plus minutes of the Paneurhythmy, this crow was observing us, watching us and being attentive to what it was that we were doing. We were sending it love, light and appreciation as it continued to remain very close to us.

So what is the consciousness of this crow? It is God's energy manifest through that species, which does what it does. And yet through that consciousness, we can attune to it and love and appreciate it, understand it. And then, through that reverence and harmony that we partake of in collaboration and communication with it, we can help Mother Nature through that crow and through all creatures to fulfill their purpose in balance and harmony. The native peoples have understood this; we are coming back to this understanding through a greater sensitivity. And we develop this sensitivity through our meditation, our prayer and just through being aware, awake, conscious.

So when you walk in the mountains, you can observe the animals and the various things in nature that show, very dramatically, what has occurred over billions of years, such as the effects of the wind, the sun, the rain. You can see the formations that have been created in the rock, how rain or other water has moved upon or influenced it, how plants grow in certain areas in the mountains, and how nature is so intrepid and eager to bring forth and sustain this life, by hook or by crook, that flowers can even grow right out of rocks, and many other amazing things. All of this is a part of the dynamic of life. And when we are observant, reverential and are quickened by our own Higher Self to be observant, caring, loving and appreciative, we then serve Mother Earth through that appreciation, that reverence, that love.

These virtues are very, very important. And Mother Earth desires us to be more sensitive to her because she is very sensitive. And when we are insensitive, then we can't listen; we don't understand what nature is telling us. When we are observant and are sensitive, we can even know when there is a storm coming and prepare. We can know when there is going to be a shift in the weather or when something may occur so that, through our sensitivity, we will be prepared to handle it. You will know before you begin your hike that rain is not forecast, but something is telling you that you could run into some rain, so you had better have a poncho or a raincoat or a hood or something.

We can be prepared for everything in our life when we are more sensitive, through the development of our hearts, our minds and our intuition. This is a skill set for initiates. Intuition is one of the most important skill sets, which we can develop through listening grace, through a listening heart, listening ears because we have developed that sensitivity through prayer, meditation, fasting and just a sense of oneness, stillness and beingness.

What the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps would like us to do today is to energetically collaborate with them in appreciating all of the mountains around the world. Recently Boyd and Nancy Badten told us that their family climbed the Livingston peak, and this was probably on their bucket list. You may have your bucket list of peaks or mountains that you would like to climb in this life. And when you prepare for it by hiking enough so that you won't be winded to the point of not being able to make that trek and fulfill it, and then you very courageously go for it and fulfill that item on your bucket list, it is a victory. It is a victory for you and it is a victory for the mountain or the peak. Why? Because now you have left traces of your consciousness there, which even the devas of the mountains, the gods and goddesses of the mountain ranges feed off of as a part of their collaboration with humankind.

Just as we feed off of the love within nature, nature feeds off of our love, our consciousness, our energy. It is a collaboration; it is cooperation. So remember to be respectful and to leave the best elements of yourself when you go on a trek, a hike, a tour, whatever. If you are loving and careful, you don't leave any pollution or toxicity—body, mind or soul, physically, emotionally or mentally. You respect the energies of the devas and their environments, which is kind of like their family sphere of influence, and when you enter an area you ask permission. You nod and you say, “I'd like to go here; do I have permission?” When you receive it, then you know that your respect is a sign to the elements, the elementals, nature that you will not do harm. You will only do what is essential for you to do and keep that harmonic balance.

Many of us have had native lifetimes in which we have understood all of this. We have come back now, we are evolving, we are focusing the great light of Spirit in the Matter planes, and we desire to maintain that balance in our bodies so that we can live long lives and fulfill our purpose. When we choose everything righteously and appropriately and we live in harmony, we can fulfill the length of our life as it is destined to be, with great grace, understanding, patience and fortitude.

If we wile away our time in pursuits that aren't really part of our divine purpose, then there is a compromise of our energy field, our light, what we are able to express and what we are able to wield and activate of these divine frequencies. So watch your time; watch your consciousness; watch the energy that you spend. And secure enough rest, water and good food to make your body temple strong, vital and healthy so that when you do enter Mother Nature, you have that vitality and sensitivity to engage, to participate and maybe to receive some secrets from nature that are essential for you to receive, because some of these keys may be key for your entire life, your mission, and they may help to inspire others.

Viewing photographs of sacred places around the world has inspired many of us through all of the various social media that we have now—Facebook and what they call Stamp Chat and other forms of social media. And people do get inspired by seeing beautiful, beautiful sunsets and formations and colors, what nature has done and what we have co-created in collaboration with nature as stewards of the Earth.

So the alchemy that the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps would perform is a connectivity of these various mountain ranges, since you brought this up, __________. The connectivity will be one whereby, even if you have not, let's say, hiked to a certain mountain range, when you hike one, you can send your light to every mountain that is at that elevation. When you partake of the energy field of one area of the Alps, you can turn 360 degrees and use your hand, like this, and send love and light to all of the Alps throughout Europe.

When we do the Paneurhythmy, there is a prayer that we give at the beginning and at the end, and it is a sacred prayer of the Master Peter Deunov: “O kindly, luminous beings, guardians of this place, thank you for your hospitality, and may God bless you.” You say it three times. They give that in the Rila mountains in Bulgaria. We turn 360 degrees, so by the time you've given it three times, you've turned in all directions. You are respecting the kindly, luminous beings who are guarding that entire area—the devas, the gods of the mountains. You are revering them. And I believe that divine magic occurs when you are respectful in this way.

You can do this wherever you live—Norway, Sweden, throughout the world. Sanctify your neighborhood and the area in which you live by acknowledging, revering and thanking these kindly, luminous beings, who do desire to protect you, safeguard you, ensure that you're okay because you're a lightbearer and you mean a lot to the Great White Brotherhood, to the ascended masters and to the divine beings. So the elementals are involved in safeguarding and protecting you, and that's a good thing.

I've noticed that there haven't been any chemtrails here in this area for what seems like about a month, since right around July fourth. So who knows, maybe this prayer that we're giving every day is helping to set in motion a new dynamic that is amazing, that is actually purifying the Earth, the atmosphere and keeping the bad guys away, or at least at bay.

So thank you very much for listening today and participating in this part of the service, this darshan, and I pray that we can connect and reconnect very often at our elevation, wherever we are around the world. And when we go to different elevations, we can connect with the lightbearers who are living at that elevation. And when we go into the higher mountains, we connect with the great yogis of Asia, Tibet and Nepal and those regions.

We love being in Montana, at nearly one-mile high, because the air is pure. It's more intense; there's more prana, more chi. And when you go to other areas, you can partake of the chi in that area, the prana, and bless everyone who lives at that elevation.

So I think that's it. We're at the end of that half hour. And we send light to all of Europe, to all of Scandinavia—Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the entire region—and we thank the God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps for their sharing today, for inspiring me with their message of love, hope, reverence and truth. God bless you. Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

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