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Justina      June 17, 2017

Beloved Justina
David Christopher Lewis
June 17, 2017   9:18–9:30 am MDT
2017 Summer Solstice Event
Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth: Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Justina Initiates Us in the Art of Victory

I AM Justina, consort of Victory, and I come to initiate you in the art of victory. As Mighty Victory comes with a sword of sacred fire, I come with a hoop of light to rein you in, dearest ones, from your lesser self's influences in order that you may shine forth victoriously in the light of your Presence.

Unannounced, I come to perform alchemy within this circle of lightbearers, for each of ye is a lightbearer. Yet you must bear more than light. You must work with that light; you must accelerate that light; you must share that light far and wide through the gifts of the Spirit proffered to you by your I AM God Presence. And when you do, you are joyful, as we are as ascended beings.

Blessed ones, Mighty Victory and I have focuses within the sun, in our Temple of Victory there; over Chicago, the heartland of these United States, in our temple there; and also over Taiwan in Tapei, over the Tapei 101 building, where a great fiery light shoots forth high up into the atmosphere as a focus of our fire and flame to support the work of the initiates of the Buddha and of the Christ who live on that island nation.

Yes, blessed ones, if you desire a focus of Victory where you are, then enter into the divine equation of the alchemy of spiritual integrity by fanning that fire each day and entering into a newfound spirit of cosmic joy through love. If you would know love, know God. And if you would know God, become that love every day in some integrative way, applying that love through conscious effort, conscious thought, conscious feeling, conscious intuition and then knowing fully, as a Self-realized one, that you live, move and have your being in that love-fire flame of Victory.

Victory is that light that integrates all in the dynamism of cosmic energy. And when you require energy to fulfill anything in your life, call to us, Victory and Justina, and we will come and serve you. We will come and goad you. We will come and support that divine work in which you are engaged so that it is pristinely victorious, it is dynamically and cosmically fulfilled with God-success from beginning to end and everything in between.

Do you know that there are angels of Victory that support every step on the initiatic path so that you pass every test, dearest ones, with flying colors? Think on this. You can move through life serenely and stupendously and be victorious at every stage of your ascension in the light, which begins before infancy and never ends, even beyond this lifetime.

Victory is a science and it is an art. And when you study this dynamic alchemy of victory in your own life through the lens of your Higher Self's awareness, then you will have the keying in to your divine path that will allow you to soar into spiritual realms and see beyond the veil what is true, real, holy and sanctified above and within. As Above, so below, you are destined to be victorious in this lifetime, not at some date far, far into a future that you imagine with an evanescent and timeless sense of what could be.

Bring Victory into the Now by applying daily everything that you know of the Eightfold Path, the twelve lines of the clock, the Buddhic way, the way of the Christ. And then step by step, stage by stage, when you have fulfilled all, the final capstone of the pyramid may be placed upon it, whereby you give glory to God within you for that which God has fulfilled within self and which you humbly bear and accept as the true you, now merged completely into the light of your Presence.

The merging process continues day by day through love—and wisdom teaches love the science of compassion and of empathy. When you have true Buddhic compassion and true Mother empathy toward all life, then you enter into this equation of divine love with conscious attentiveness. And when you apply your all to this love, then you fulfill that commandment of the Lord Jesus to love the Lord your God with your entire heart, mind, strength and soul.1

Hold this formula front and center in your life upon arising in the morning, when having your meals, before the setting of the sun and when you place your head upon your pillow at night: “Have I loved the Lord my God with the completeness of my being this day? Have I shared this love in some way with others? Have I applied it through the science of beingness and the creativity of divine mindfulness?” If you can truly aver to yourself that you have indeed tried this formula and made it real in your life, then I assure you that your life will be victorious at every turn and that we will be there to support that love, that light so that you may soar with the eagles and the falcons and even the mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius.

Rise, dearest ones, in awareness to reconceive of yourselves as God sees and beholds youas inviolate in life and light and perfect in every way. Let go of your past and embrace the Now. Receive the ampoules of light that descend through your crystal cord from your Presence into the secret chamber of your heart every moment, which will allow you to maintain this sacred connection with Spirit and be your best, your truest, your holiest. Victory and I will serve you if you love.

Thank you, blessed ones, for receiving our angels in your midst. And now I assign an angel of Victory, with my beloved, to each of you during this event. He or she will walk with you and talk with you, will overshine you and goad you to be victorious. And if, perchance, you desire this angel to maintain his or her presence with you for the duration of your life, it may be so by your invitation daily, whereby you simply say:

“O angel of Victory and Justina, I accept your presence in my life. Be with me this day. Help me on my path. I AM victorious with you at my side, leading me onward, ever onward, to my victory. Thank you for your love, your light, your presence this day, O beloved angel of Victory and Justina.”

You see, dearest ones, simple prayers like this afford you greater insights into your path and victory and allow you to truly know why you have come to Earth, why you are here and what is next for your victory. Thank you.

1. See Matthew 22:35–38; Mark 12:28–30; Luke 10:25–27.

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