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David Lewis      January 18, 2017

David Christopher Lewis

January 18, 2017   8:09–8:19 am MST
Healing Light Retreat
Livingston, Montana

Maximus's Miracle Matrix

We heard earlier about Maximus's Miracle Matrix, and I'd like to allow him to share more about this because we've never heard this before.

I said earlier in the service that 70 percent of the effectiveness of our prayers and decrees is the result of visualization. This is something I've contemplated over the years because it's pretty amazing to consider that what we conceive of and ideate through our higher vision is so powerful. And we know that what we place our attention upon is where our energy is directed and flows. With this understanding, Maximus's Miracle Matrix is partly up to your imagination, what you can conceive of and believe it to be.

What I am seeing is that it is a multidimensional divine thoughtform that is very original and yet changes. It's not just something in concrete or something that you can describe very visually in 2-D or 3-D. It is something that is miraculous and goes beyond this plane of being to incorporate very high frequencies in the divine world. We call to Maximus and Progeneta, his twin flame, now that we've been told about her, to maximize our prayers—in other words, to further them and extend them beyond just one particular cause or one particular point of reference.

When we maximize something, we allow God to wrap his/her being and consciousness around it to expand it beyond our domain into many domains. I am seeing a minimum of twelve dimensions, levels of consciousness, where Maximus's Miracle Matrix is manifest. And when you call forth this matrix of light, the miracles of God can ensue, the blessings of the Holy Spirit can be there and certain spiritual gifts that we may not even be aware of that heaven is ready to offer humanity can be endowed within those twelve dimensions and more.

I'm not saying that it's limited to twelve dimensions, though it's at least in twelve dimensions. It may be more than what we can humanly conceive of. We think of time and space. We think of breadth, depth and height as three dimensions and then time as being kind of a fourth dimension. What is beyond that? We hear a lot in the new-age world about the fifth dimension, and we're going into this fifth dimension, which is kind of the Christ consciousness. Well, conceive of twelve dimensions and what that may mean.

You can think of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, the sefirotic tree, with all of its characteristics and the understanding of the structure of the universe that's embedded within that kabbalistic tree. As you conceive of it in your own way, you can see the expansion of the light through Maximus's Miracle Matrix to provide an impetus for protection and blessing, with all of the seven rays and the five crystal rays working in consonance as a unity and wrapping themselves around and incorporating themselves in any given situation, person, event, place to safeguard it, to bless it and to allow the highest energies to dance around it and to work through it.

In one sense, you could say that it is all of the dispensations we've ever received kind of locked into one beautiful co-creative blessing. That's how I'm going to conceive of it, because sometimes it may be humanly difficult for us to remember every dispensation, every blessing or every thoughtform that we've ever received. So I am imagining that Maximus's Miracle Matrix is a combination of everything that's ever happened, which we call forth in order to maximize our time within time and space and our space within that time-space continuum to allow the most amazing light to descend and envelop anything and everything and to bring forth joy, peace, brotherhood, sisterhood, love and every virtue. It's kind of like a smorgasbord of divine light and beingness in all of its elements. This is how I'm imagining it.

So with this understanding, is there anything else to invoke? It's like, okay God, give it all to us right now. This is the pot fortune par excellence. It's the cornucopia of light of heaven. I say let Maximus bring it on to us. Let it descend, let it ascend and let it manifest in all of these dimensions and more.

This is something that you can reflect on, you can meditate upon, and maybe you'll receive a revelation about what it is. I think it's important that it's being shared with us today so that we can call it forth and utilize it for what is about to transpire in our world, which is pretty amazing, in my opinion. Everything that is transpiring now is, in one sense, predestined based on previous karma and dharma. Yet it's also rich in the freewill opportunity of sentient beings to co-create new energies, new life right now because we have this thing called free will.

With this, we can make a brighter and better and more beautiful world. We can improve ourselves. We can transform anything and everything in our environment by our consciousness within this Miracle Matrix. If you have a habit pattern that you've been trying to change or overcome and transmute and you haven't quite gotten there yet and this thing keeps cropping up, try Maximus's Miracle Matrix now and see what happens. Give God the authority through this to transform you and transmute anything. And I think that you'll find amazing things happening.

If you have a health issue that's been a problem and you've tried everything and it seems like your perfect health evades you, try this. Ask for this Miracle Matrix from Maximus to be yours. And it will be there, both within time and space and beyond our conception of time and space, interpenetrating physical substance with spiritual divine energies. And I think it will allow us to live, move and have our being in a living liquid-light field that is much more than what we may have ever conceived of.

So let's sing 9.009, Magda's beautiful Crystal-Light Matrix, because I think this is a precursor or maybe even a part of Maximus's Miracle Matrix, this crystal-diamond energy field of living liquid-crystal diamond light. So we'll sing 9.009 now.

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