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Virgo      December 15, 2016

Beloved Virgo
David Christopher Lewis
December 15, 2016   9:00–9:28 am MST
Livingston, Montana

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series

Virgo's Maxims

          Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us today on this fifteenth day of December 2016. Today's twenty-four maxims are from beloved Virgo, who is the twin flame of Pelleur, and they are the hierarchs of the earth element. So here we go. 

1.   When you walk gently upon the earth, Mother Nature responds to your sweet spirit.

2.   Arising early to greet the sunrise affords both the sun and the earth an entrée point within your world to bless and charge you.

3.   We wish that petrochemical industry scientists could see our amazing laboratories of light.

4.   Genesis speaks of the “face of the deep” and the “face of the waters.” The former is my face, and the latter, Luara's, which were both veiled at that time.

5.   All of the elements interpenetrate one another and at times morph into and through the various solid, liquid, gaseous and ether states more than you may realize.

6.   Walking barefoot increases the circulation of earth prana within your body.

7.   Earth reflects heaven's crystalline state deep within through the lively beings of the gemstones and precious metals that anchor various light essences within matter.

8.   You know that gold is precipitated sunlight; meditate now on precipitated starlight.

9.   The Divine Mother veiled represents both the nonmanifest void and matter unrevealed.

10. When you collect rocks, shells, leaves and other earthly specimens, the playful gnomes play hide-and-seek with your inner child.

11. Moving mountains is preparatory to siring planetary homes.

12. The gnomes are great advocates for planetary peace, for it often takes more than a generation for us to recover from your terrible human conflicts.

13. We have mastered the science of nesting algorithms to maintain order within earthen space.

14. Consult the gnomes to more easily decipher rare earth science formulas.

15. We are the progeny of the stars, just as you are children of the sun.

16. To discover deeper secrets about your core identity and mission, meditate on the center of the earth and send a ray of love to the one who holds the lotus there.

17. The earth reveals its secrets to humble soles.

18. A tender regard for the gnomes' magic affords an opportunity for you to witness it in person.

19. Although some wildfires are troublesome to our kingdom, the greatest harm is caused by human hatred manifest as ignorant disregard for the love and balance we hold.

20. Tap into the energies and frequencies of the earth to learn how to ground spiritual light.

21. Though humanity inflicts many scars, Earth ever remains in a balanced, harmonious state.

22. The foundations of all prior civilizations remain somewhere deep beneath your feet.

23. Many aborigines speak our language, and many native peoples understand our ways.

24. A golden-crystal age may only begin when all are first reintroduced to and then reunified with Mother Nature.


These are the twenty-four maxims for today. There was one that I had to look up because it was interesting, about nesting algorithms. I did not know what that was. “We have mastered the science of nesting algorithms to maintain order within earthen space.” When I looked this up, I found that it had to do with how different solids can be configured in the most efficient way next to each other, in alignment, in a certain order, to utilize space in the best possible way. Maybe Cathleen knows more about nesting algorithms and can explain it a little better, or you can google it and see what it is. It's a very interesting concept.

There's a lot of compactness in the earth, with all of the particles from all of the minerals; decaying plants and root systems of plants and trees; decaying animals, humans; and what mankind has put under the earth from previous civilizations, et cetera. And all of these substances are kind of nesting together. There is a type of order to it, and Virgo and Pelleur have mastered the science of how to have all of this material substance kind of congeal and be arranged in this nesting algorithm matrix to maintain order within earthen space. It's a very interesting concept.

The next one was interesting too. “Consult the gnomes to more easily decipher rare earth science formulas.” You may have heard of rare earth elements, which are specific minerals deep within the earth that have to be mined out and are used a lot in industry, science and technology today. Yet she's saying “rare earth science formulas.” So there are obviously divine formulas for how these minerals are made over time through pressure, and through heating and cooling, et cetera. What I'm seeing through her eyes now is the magnetization through kind of a pooling of the different electrons within different substances, how the various particles of the different elements and the atoms of those elements are actually magnetized together to form various substances, such as carbon; how carbon interacts with other elements; and how all of these rare earth elements come into being through all the pressure, the heat, the congealing of all of them into those specific elements, which have different numbers of atoms.

Minerals themselves can be composed of a number of different elements and a number of atoms of those elements. So it's really a rare earth science, and there are formulas to it all. And I believe that the gnomes actually know these formulas, because it says to consult the gnomes to decipher these. So they know them, and they work with all of these substances within the earth to co-create some of these rare earth elements, which then are very helpful in certain technologies and industry. It's very interesting.

So even though mankind is doing all this stuff through mining, for eons of time the gnomes have been involved in actually creating all of these elements within the earth. There's a science to it, and there are formulas to that science. We think it's all kind of spiritless and it just happens because of nature, yet there is an order to it; there is a science to it; there is an intelligence behind it. And this is what the gnomes and the earth elementals are so helpful with and are really masters of.

The next one was really cool: “We are the progeny of the stars, just as you are the children of the sun.” So the earth and the planets are the progeny of the star that is at the center of the solar system that they are within. And we've heard that basically every binary star system probably has planets. Maybe our science hasn't discovered that. Our telescopes are not sensitive enough to see all these families—solar families or solar systems—throughout the galaxy and throughout the many galaxies in the universe, yet the suns do sire these planets. And so each planet is inhabited by a pair of divine beings, at minimum. And in the case of the Earth, we have the hierarchs of the four elements, who hold the balance and oversee and supervise the interaction of all the elemental beings that work with their element. It's a very interesting divine order within the universe, and it's beautiful.

Speaking of planetary homes, “Moving mountains is preparatory to siring [which means begetting] planetary homes.” I think you have to have a lot of mastery to do this. Jesus said something to the effect that with faith you can move mountains—with the necessary faith, the right type of faith, you can move mountains.1 And of course he may have been speaking in an allegorical way, on a number of levels. Yet divine beings have and wield a certain amount of God-power and they have to understand creation, how our mountains are created and how they move over eons of time. They have to know this science for begetting planetary homes, or creating them.

I really love number ten. It brings me back to my childhood, to my mother: “When you collect rocks, shells, leaves and other earthly specimens, the playful gnomes play hide-and-seek with your inner child.” I'm seeing them frolicking around with us when we were doing this as children. I collected these things when I was a Cub Scout for a merit badge. They're playing hide-and-seek to see if we can discover where that next interesting leaf or rock or gem is. And, of course, anyone who has been by the ocean—especially as children, but even as adults—loves to find interesting looking shells and see what the ocean has brought to the shoreline. I remember doing this recently in South America. It was wonderful to take home a few beautiful shells. I gave one to someone, and I thought it was a nice little nature offering to them.

I loved this one, which is something that we all probably know: “Walking barefoot increases the circulation of earth prana within your body.” The circulation part is interesting. We know that walking barefoot increases the prana, but the circulation occurs, I believe, through the walking process. In other words, when you move barefoot—not just stand, but move—the circulation in your body is activated, and because you're barefoot, it circulates that prana within your body. So it's great to just stand barefoot, as we do for solar gazing, yet to walk barefoot increases that circulation through the whole of your temple. Because we take it in through our feet, it goes through our legs, through our trunk, through our chest, arms and head. And so walking barefoot is a very, very powerful healing practice, and I think we can all do more of it, especially when the climate is appropriate. Right now it's snowing and we have about eight to ten inches of snow on our ground, so I don't know about today.

I love number one: “When you walk gently upon the earth, Mother Nature responds to your sweet spirit.” We know this. Omraam has beautiful teachings throughout many, many of his discourses and lectures about how to comport ourselves when we are in nature and go on hikes in the mountains—to greet the nature spirits and to send them love as we walk gently. And they do respond. They love us, even as we love them. And I think they do play hide-and-seek sometimes. Maybe it's their testing us to see if we're sensitive enough to know of their presence and of their love.

Number sixteen: “To discover deeper secrets about your core identity and mission, meditate on the center of the earth and send a ray of love to the one who holds the lotus there.” This reminds me of part of our bodhisattva vision ritual that we give, which we sometimes give with the Hail Marys, as we did yesterday in Livingston. And who is that one? The Buddha of the Ruby Ray in the center of the earth, the one that holds the lotus, representing Buddhahood. And we can discover more about our core identity and mission by going to the core of our planet, basically. How awesome.

And then number seventeen: “The earth reveals its secrets to humble soles”—you know, the soles of our feet. So again, walking barefoot is really helpful.

I really appreciated these from beloved Virgo, and it's great that they're being released on the day when Mount Shasta is broadcasting. And I hope Robert's there, because I know he will especially appreciate these.

So I'll turn it back to Cathleen; we have a couple more minutes. You can do whatever you like to wrap up the service. God bless, and we'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye-bye.

1. Matthew 17:20.

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