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Goddess of Liberty      December 03, 2016

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis   8:30–9:10 pm MST

December 3, 2016

Livingston, Montana

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series of Maxims
The Goddess of Liberty

      Good evening, everyone. God bless you and thank you for participating in the vigil. I will, by God's grace, release the next twenty-four of the maxims. And these are by the Goddess of Liberty.

1.      The thermal radiance of your aura is directly proportional to the fire of love in your heart.

2.      Magnanimous hearts inspire generosity in others.

3.      Trusting in your divine plan helps to lock it into place and prominence in your mind, will and heart.

4.      Divine revelation is occurring every moment. Your intuitive self accesses its phasings as they come into focus, and its opportunities as you are willing to embrace and engage them.

5.      Spiritual productivity increases as initiates apply the wisdom teachings of their divine mentors.

6.      The Holy Spirit condenses grace from God's etheric storehouse to provide the merciful with more divine light.

7.      Bring intention and volition into manifestation through the conscious application of scientific compassion.

8.      Investing in God's will increases the rapidity of angelic responses to you and adds capital to your causal body.

9.      Multiply your higher intelligence quotient through daily study of the words and ways of the Prince of Peace.

10.  The sunshine of eternal love is available everywhere. As your heart sings praises and paeons of joy, you open its floodgate unto your world.

11.  A vibrant mind elicits heavenly answers a sacred moment before they are released.

12.  Ancestry influences yet does not determine present awareness, responses, health and longevity.

13.  Access your internal fountain of youth from the larger reservoir of God's ocean of love.

14.  Refashion your thoughts and refine your feelings through the miracle of mindfulness and the mysticism of mirth.

15.  God is self-evident!

16.  Become a portal of peace through which the divine design may incarnate as loveliness.

17.  Liberate your voice and speech to echo God's Word.

18.  The mindful employment of divine thought instills cosmic engrams throughout the ethers.

19.  Every loving word graces akasha with kindness.

20.  Lifting others' burdens is a magical means of transmuting your own.

21.  As intention becomes volition and volition becomes action, the alchemy of precipitation proceeds.

22.  Your harmonious life shines a sacred light unto many worlds.

23.  Many torchbearers are required to light a planet, yet even one may save a village.

24.  Today's cosmic imperative is this: Emanate joy!

            I have a little time to reflect on a few of these.

            In number nine, the Goddess of Liberty says, “Multiply your higher intelligence quotient through daily study of the words and ways of the Prince of Peace.” Intelligence quotient is IQ. Higher intelligence quotient is HIQ. So there is the human intelligence quotient, HUIQ, and there's the higher intelligence quotient, HIIQ. And I would prefer to have the higher of the two.

            However, there is a direct correspondence between this higher intelligence and the daily study of the words and ways of Jesus, or the Prince of Peace. Those who read the scripture regularly and study it with the overshining presence of the Holy Spirit do develop, over time, this higher intelligence quotient. They multiply it. Now, why is that? Because when you study Jesus' words, you tap into his golden causal body, the emanations of the Christ consciousness, which, on the cosmic clock of Mother Mary, is on the three o'clock line, representing the beginning of the mental quadrant. Yet it is also the line of Helios and Vesta. So you expand this golden light, which represents your higher intelligence quotient. By reading in scripture the words of one of the World Teachers, Jesus, even if they have not been perfectly transliterated and recorded, you tap into his awareness, his being.

            As a young man in my teens, I read the entire Bible from cover to cover. I appreciated the New Testament more than the Old because I felt it was new energy, and it is, especially the words of Jesus, which in my Bible were in red. They were offset specifically in red so we could see what Jesus actually said versus what others said or what the gospel writers recorded of happenings apart from Jesus' words. These red-colored words of Jesus are awesome—to just focus on them, imbibe them, have them inscribed in your inner being and let them resonate there so that they, as living entities, transform you.

            You may have heard that Thomas Jefferson took the words of Jesus from the Bible and made a special book out of them, almost exclusively of Jesus' words, not of everything else that was going on. And this was a great, great, very mindful project so that people could really concentrate on the power of what the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, the Christ, spoke. When people focus on that rather than the epistles and the other books of the New Testament, they really get to the core issue of his mission, at least for those three years—from the time he was thirty to thirty-three, in and around Galilee, Jerusalem, et cetera—and can tune into this living Christ being, Jesus, Yeshua, Issa.

            This could be something that you consider doing each year for the rest of your life— over time read the words of Jesus in the scripture and ask him to illumine you and to expand your higher intelligence quotient, your mindfulness. I know that if you do this religiously, Jesus will come to you, as he came to me as a young boy of seventeen when I fasted for seven days and received a very direct internal impartation of his Christic being because I took that time to read the entire Bible.

            I believe that when we set our hearts to a specific discipline and we engage every day by using our time wisely, God answers and we receive a blessing, a bestowal, a boon. Many of you have many, many years left in your life and you can decide to do certain amazing things by disciplining yourself. Set aside a half hour or an hour of time every day—no matter how busy your schedule may be with all kinds of projects and community activities, family activities, things that you feel you must do for all of the reasons that you feel you must do them—to devote to study or to some discipline. And tell yourself that regardless of all of these other activities, you are going to have your private time with God through study, through discipline, and that you are going to really get to the core of something that you decide is part of your discipline to do, whether it's a meditation practice, study of scripture or something that you're doing in nature that's very, very deep and respectful of God and the Holy Spirit. Decide that no matter what, you will do this every day, and you will find that you will zip through certain things that have burdened you. And because of this razor's-edge consciousness and exactitude in what you aspire to be victorious in, there will be an overcoming that will manifest as a victory flame and fire in your being, and you will soar to new heights and you will see the response of heaven to your discipline.

            I've been through many, many novenas, and the biggest one of my life was the thirty-three day novena with Lanello to see if I was ready to be an anointed messenger for the Universal Great White Brotherhood. I wasn't really anointed until after that discipline. That was a testing of my soul, and it was not easy. And there have been many other thirty-three day cycles. Kuan Yin came, I believe in early 2008, for thirty-three straight days and gave beautiful teachings in the Missives of Mercy. And other masters have come during certain cycles. So if they come to me, I know they can come to you, and you can have El Morya in your life, as he's asked us to. You can have Jesus in your life. You can have the Holy Spirit in your life. You can have Mother Mary or Kuan Yin in your life, focused in your world such that you will be absolutely transformed; miracles will ensue; you will have mystical, deep experiences, which you should not talk about with others. And this will be a springboard for greater initiatic opportunities for you and for higher blessings.

So determine tonight, if you choose, the various disciplines that you would like to fulfill in the next year, 2017, maybe in the next decade, and also before the end of your life. It's like your spiritual bucket list, and just decide to do it. I know that if each of you will do this, we as a community will expand. We will have greater abundance; we will have greater focus because each of us is taking this accountability to do this deeper spiritual work.

Number fourteen: “Refashion your thoughts and refine your feelings through the miracle of mindfulness and the mysticism of mirth.” You may think that mirth, or levity, through joking and having fun is a little bit of an inane thing. Yet the Goddess of Liberty says “the mysticism of mirth.” Remember that she serves on the seven o'clock line of God-gratitude, which is in polarity with God-love. And gratitude and love generate this field of the heart that does incorporate, through happiness and joy, this mirth, this levity. So there is a mysticism to mirth. Morya has said that a twinkle of mirth is needed on Earth. And the mirth does bring an aspect of mysticism into play that really helps us get out of the human mind because it opens our hearts—we expand our hearts' love and it's a beautiful thing.

I love number fifteen, which is very short, succinct, sweet: “God is self-evident.” I think that these four words put to shame anyone and everyone that doesn't believe in God. It's like “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” I mean, is there anything that is not more self-evident than God, the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer? God is self-evident. God doesn't have to prove anything to us, because God is. Even though people don't believe in God—and they're foolish to be in that mode—it doesn't matter, because God is who God is; God is self-evident. It was really wonderful to receive just these four words. I was ready to write more words after it: God is self-evident, blah, blah, blah, because of what? What are you going to say, Goddess of Liberty? No, that was it, period: God is self-evident. It was very powerful to write just those words and realize how important it is for us to realize God is self-evident within us. We are because God is, I AM THAT I AM. And this is kind of a corollary to I AM THAT I AM. God is self-evident everywhere—within me, within you, within all of us, within nature. God is everywhere, so God is self-evident. The evidence of God is within our Higher Self. It could have many interpretations, but I love this one.

Then the final one, number twenty-four: “Today's cosmic imperative is this: Emanate joy!” I was in a Matrix Energetics class throughout the day, in which I laughed in one day as much as I have in probably two years since the last time I took this class. This is a concentrated course, and we're going to be doing more in the next two days.

Today's cosmic imperative is to emanate joy. If we consciously choose to emanate joy, that joy floods our world and floods the world of others. It changes and transforms the atmosphere; it hallows space. It brings about miracles; it facilitates amazing things happening in people's lives. Joy is the nature of children. Joy is really our nature. We may have forgotten it a little bit. So please lighten up. Be joyous, be happy and be at peace with yourself.

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