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White Tara      March 18, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by White Tara)
March 18, 2016   10:24–10:39 am HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Hale Akua
Maui, Hawaii

White Tara's Message on the White-Diamond Lotus Meditation

Now, the White Tara actually came during the meditation with the archeiai and the archangels of the five crystal rays. And when I held my hands like this, through me she was sending out rays of light from each of my fingers to activate within your five crystal-ray chakras light and awareness. Did anybody see that when I held my hands up? Any of you clairvoyants out there? Anyway, I was very aware of it. And I saw going out to each one of you here, as well as to those on the broadcast, many, many light rays, each finger relating to one of the crystal-ray chakras—the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger and the pinkie. It was really amazing to behold this action.

You're probably still desirous of hearing from her. What we gave today as a meditation, rather than a rosary, is very important. You can choose, if you like, when we finally complete it with the streaming words, to give it in silence with the White Tara mindfully there with you, because she will accelerate the crystal rays through this particular beautiful visual. You have to do it with the visual though. Hopefully we will be offering it in video form at a future time, and then eventually it may also be placed on YouTube.

This visual is so powerful when you engage with it, both in silence and if you choose to give it as a rosary, that it literally draws into the earth heavenly fire. It is literally anchoring spiritual light from the Holy City in the heaven-world into the Earth, physically, tangibly.

In that last song, the second verse shows the darkness and the clouds, and I was wondering whether we should keep that in there. It's such a beautiful rosary all the way through until that point, in terms of all the colors and everything. And yet the Master showed me that it's okay, because we all at some point go through the dark night. We all go through the initiation of the crucifixion, though not as Jesus experienced it, and to celebrate our overcoming of darkness is important. So if you feel a little bit of a lowering of the energy during that part of the rosary and the meditation, just remember that there is the resurrection; there is Easter morn coming. And the final verse is a crescendo and it draws the full light of the Holy City into the Earth in all of its glory and radiance to completely obliterate that darkness. So it's not that we are focused upon that darkness; it's a very temporary thing. We all know that we have experienced in our lives what it's like to be on this Earth with the unreality here. We don't celebrate it, yet we are aware of it.

The White Tara said that we should mindfully use this particular Rosary of Divine Quintessence, which the Spanish-speaking people in Barcelona have now been giving every week religiously—spiritually and religiously. And they are drawing more and more people to their activity in Barcelona—all these young men, most of them are in their twenties and thirties. And they have great light and they have great work ahead of them in Barcelona. And they are literally charging the atmosphere of Barcelona and Spain every time they do this with this same cosmic energy.

When you give it as a meditation and you visualize and use the concepts that David Kiel has very beautifully rendered in this visual through the flowing, amorphous, kaleidoscopic representation of what the crystal rays are, you literally do draw that energy into this Earth, and it is transformative of the Earth in many, many dimensions and deep within the Earth. It is literally transforming everything.

You don't have to be aware of all the points of darkness that it is transforming. However, I can assure you, it can transmute nuclear radiation. It can transmute chemtrails. It can transmute toxic GMO substances, which we have unfortunately been taking into our bodies through the foods that we eat and that literally are going into the Earth through the plants that are grown that way and causing disturbance to the natural order of things. The crystal rays can magically, miraculously transform anything on this Earth because of the power of what they are.

And lest you think that you do not have the power to transform nuclear radiation or whatever, you do, if you accept this power from on high. And the crystal rays, in this rosary in particular, in this meditation, will be such a powerful tool for our activity, for initiates of the sacred fire. And you can share this teaching from today with your study groups, with other people so that they can engage in giving this rosary and meditation with this understanding, because sometimes we feel helpless to deal with the issues, whether it's the substances that are in chemtrails, as some of you have been told, and I think it's true, or something else. They're even trying to place these little implants into our minds to affect our DNA, to affect our cognitive ability. It's absolutely horrendous to think what the powers of darkness have tried to do to control us in our souls, in our spirits, in our energy fields.

Yet they have no power when we invoke the power of God and when we know who we are and we establish that firm foundation of our sovereignty as sons and daughters of God to perform alchemy and to imagine not a vain thing, as the Bible says, but a beautiful thing—a glorious thing of a new world ensconced in light, co-created by our intention and fulfilled through the sacred words that we speak and what we emanate as we visualize all of this light, all of these colorful radiant, flowing fields of cosmic awareness.

Remember that you are a co-creator, Tara says. Remember that you are a co-creator, because with God all things are possible.1 We have to get this into our psyche—with God, all things are possible. There is nothing that is beyond the reach of God to fulfill, to accomplish, to realize. And lest we ever devolve in consciousness to think that we are disempowered, that we are just humans walking on this Earth, we have to remember, remember, remember that we are divine, that we have the wherewithal to transform, to transmute, to translucently recreate this Earth in the beauty and glory of what we know we came to this Earth to change it into. Right? [Audience responds: “Yes!” and applauds.]

So the White Tara's message today is that we can be the White Tara, just as we affirm the same with Kali. You may think of her in this beautiful radiant field, as she normally is. And yet she can be Kali, with the white-fire, absolute stupendous defiance against darkness that a mother figure has to protect her children. And that is how I see White Tara standing right now—in this beautiful field of her lily being, in all of her divine glory with Astrea, with Durga, with Purity, with angels of the sacred fire and seraphim, who have no sense of limitation, because God has no limitation. When they are sent forth from the altar of God to perform cosmic alchemy through their beings, they have focused through them a directed stream that goes right back to the heart of God. It's like their crystal cord, and I can tell you that their crystal cords have never diminished. They're amazing, and what they fulfill and objectify is, to us, miraculous.

So we have to start accepting that we are miracle beings, White Tara says. We have to accept that we are miraculous creatures of God, because that is who we are. We have been dumbed down to think that we are something less than that, that we are sinners, that we are this or that. Yet we are miraculous beings. Remember that you are a miraculous being, she says. Just say to yourself, “I AM a miraculous being.” [Audience says together: “I AM a miraculous being. I AM a miraculous being. I AM a miraculous being.”] When you studied biology in high school, was there anybody who didn't see how miraculous our body temple is and how everything works? It's absolutely stupendous how the Creator imagined us into existence and created this amazing physical body. And yet in our spiritual body, we are even more miraculous.

So meditate on your spiritual being, which is even beyond this plane, and the intricacy of all the dynamics of the cosmic biology of who you are. Because I can assure you that just as you study biology on Earth and see the body temple, with all of its systems, organs and cell structures and how amazingly they work together, if you could see your crystal being, your Divine Selfhood, it's even more miraculous in the way in which there are the flowering and the flows and the dynamism of the crystal aspects of who you truly are in your God-realized state, your Solar state of being.

So remember this and meditate upon yourself as a crystal being of light. Conceive of yourself and reconceive of yourself always as bright, luminous, starry and radiant. And lest anyone ever project a shadow upon you of anything less than your true Selfhood, just dispense that shadow and go like this. When you feel less than or unholy or that you are somehow unhealthy in any way, all you have to do is say, “White Tara, I am here with you; you are here with me.” And that darkness, that shadow will be gone in an instant. Will you do this, please? [Audience responds: “Yes!” and applauds.]

So that is your command from the White Tara. And she encourages you (Alice Tucker, if you're listening), even if we don't have the visual yet because we're broadcasting on the radio and audio, to have this new video in the background of your awareness now that those of you here have seen it, and others will see it soon. And when you hear that being played on our 24/7 radio broadcast, reimagine the world as you know it is meant to be. Visualize it, accept it, feel it, and intuit what heaven has to offer each day that will bring it even a notch higher every time you give this ritual and meditation. You don't have to limit yourself to think on what this alchemy will be like as if it would occur only one step at a time. Every time you give it, it's supposed to build and be created at a higher and new level.

That's the joy of the spiritual work that we do. We're never at the same level each day. And if you find yourself tired in the morning, saying, “Oh, I've got to get up again and give my rosary and my prayers,” just remember that it's an opportunity to live at a new higher level every time. And you should seek that; you should strive for that. You have to be involved in the way that heaven is invested in trying to get through to us with its graces and beauties and glories. And yet sometimes we're a little too dense to realize heaven is just waiting for us to open our mouths or to meditate and draw into our worlds something even greater and more sublime, you see, because heaven desires Earth to be like heaven. Just as much as we desire Earth to be like heaven, heaven really desires that Earth be like heaven because they know how beautiful and joyous it is. And we all know that because between lifetimes we experience the etheric plane. And we know where we're going, hopefully, all of us after this life, right? Straight up into the divine realms. And so there's no fear of anything. We're conquering heroes and heroines of light.

So thank you, beloved White Tara, for being with us during this meditation and emanating your light rays and now giving this beautiful message to us, which we accept and we internalize and we are determined with you to fulfill in the Earth.

1. Matthew 19:26;
Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.

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