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David Lewis      March 07, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 7, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

The Foundations of Our Hearts Center Community: Part 3

          Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for being with us today on this seventh day of March, 2016. I would like to continue sharing some concepts that I feel are important to deliver as we consider our movement, its mission, your purpose within it and how we, together, can collectively move everything forward into the new dynamic of the new era, the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

Last time I shared that I felt that The Hearts Center movement was allowing us to continue the initiatic path that many of us began in a former organization. This initiatic path is one that, when we attend to it, when we are invested in it, provides us an avenue and opportunity to transcend all aspects of our lesser self and to deliver our highest offering to the Earth. This initiatic path allows us to walk, with grace, the path of light of both East and West, with Jesus, as he outlined that path and demonstrated it in his life, and also as Gautama Buddha did in the East through the Middle Way.

We have incorporated the teachings of East and West in their highest aspects within our movement and allowed each of you, as initiates, to come to terms with who you are within this path by very mindfully drawing forth from your own Divine Presence, from your own Source, truth and enlightenment; and, in the spirit of enrichment, by accessing that wisdom teaching through the lens of your experience in time and space.

It is important for each of us to embrace who we are in our totality. We are much more than these physical bodies walking on this Earth. We live in multidimensional planes of being. We experience God within ourselves at our deepest core and, if we choose, throughout our lives by allowing God and the radiance of our Presence to flow, to shine forth and to grow within us.

So it is important that as we walk this initiatic path with the ascended hosts, with our mentors of the Spirit, that we also bring into play within our worlds our greatest offering, our gifts, the fruits of our labors in time and space through all of our lifetimes. Those of us who consider that this may be our final incarnation upon Earth in a physical body temple can choose to optimize everything, to accelerate consciousness so that everything that we do, think, feel, say and experience is brought, through mindfulness and through presence, to its highest glory. And that glory is to glorify God, to magnify the Lord through our lives.

I shared that having a living teacher or guru is important for many of us, at least during a certain phase of our life. For that living guru or master provides for us an impetus, a sounding board and great inspiration to move forward on our journey. I know that I have allowed El Morya, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Jesus, beloved Lanello and other ascended masters to guide my path by conscientiously inviting them to provide that impetus, by asking questions of them as I seek answers to everything within my life and as I spiritually help direct the course of our movement.

It's important to run things by God. You can write that down: “It's important for me to run things by God.” And whether you see God as your own Divine Presence, as the eternal Spirit, the source of all life, or as the ascended hosts, through whom God steps down that eternal wisdom and light, it is important that you seek first to do God's will. And in seeking and determining that God's will is more important than our lesser will, we will then bring into play within our lives every aspect of the highest offering that we choose to engage in.

When you're ready to make a decision on anything, seek first the kingdom, or the consciousness, of God within yourself. Ask the question, even silently, and wait for the answer to arise. You will be amazed when you engage in this dynamic, in this discipline, that God will speak within your heart and mind. And you will know instantaneously when it is the empowered Word of God, through the Holy Spirit, that speaks unto you and within you, and at times when it may not be that voice eternal, when it is something less than that. You will know by vibration. You will know when the Holy Spirit's voice is there speaking unto you, emanating through you and sharing with you. You will know by the instantaneous raising of the light within you, whereby you may feel the charge of energy through your electronic, or fire, body.

You develop this sensitivity over many lifetimes and through silence, meditation, stillness, abiding in presence and discerning day by day, hour by hour what the highest course is for you, which way to turn, what decisions are the highest and most optimal. We are constantly assessing, experiencing and accessing  heaven within our lives. And so it's important to get this dynamic straight so that we are assured that we are on the highest course and path, that we are walking the spiritual straight and narrow with God, with the ascended hosts guiding and leading us every day, every hour.

Many of us who experienced The Summit Lighthouse experienced the path through the lens of the dynamic of that movement, founded by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet under the auspices of, I believe, seven or eight ascended masters—one of whom, of course, was El Morya. That mission was an important mission for a cycle, and it is still important because many devotees will find the teachings of the ascended masters through it.

I believe that we, as a continuation of that mission and also a number of other streams of activity, are now bringing to bear to the Earth, through a higher frequency, our greatest gifts, our greatest treasures. I've shared in the past that I believe that we are in the order of the Rosy Cross. We have that beautiful rose symbol as an iconic emblem on our website, with light rays coming forth from it. According to my understanding of mystery schools—many of which Saint Germain initiated, founded and perfused with his light-energies—I believe that we are a mystery school of the Universal White Brotherhood. And this mystery school is not so mysterious anymore, because we have the Internet; we have the media by which to proffer these teachings and this initiatic path to mankind. Many have awakened, and it is time that the mysteries be revealed, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

We don't necessarily have to call our movement a mystery school any longer. We are an initiatic school. Our Meru University is an opportunity for initiations to continue through the teachings that are presented and to help us to incorporate them in our lives on our own walk with God, which is very personal as well as communal.

The Summit had a certain spiritual and psychological culture based on the gestalt of its founders and its members in relation to the ascended masters. We were told that it was destined to outpicture the pink ray, even as the I AM movement outpictured the blue and the Bridge to Freedom outpictured the yellow. I believe The Hearts Center movement is accelerating that pink aspect unto the ruby ray, where the initiations of our Buddhahood, beyond our Christhood, are coming into play and we are walking a path of integration through the acceleration of the love fire of our hearts and bringing to bear within our lives our greatest gifts of Spirit.

It may have been the path, the mission, of The Summit to invest itself in the judgment of fallen angels through a certain dynamic of dualism, in terms of looking at darkness and directly confronting it and countermanding it through intense, fiery calls. I believe that we, as initiates on this path, are now called to invest the energies and the dynamics of our spiritual gifts in a way that draws forth spiritual light to completely illumine the world; and in that illumination flame, all darkness is consumed.

We don't have to directly confront evil in a way that sets up this dual-action manifestation. By focusing on this dual state, at times we can lose our sense of oneness with God. Often what happens is that disciples get in the mode of thinking that they know what is righteous and right and then they become the nexus for the release of light, rather than knowing that God is the doer and that, in a very impersonal way, they are only representing the brotherhood/the sisterhood of light by emanating God's light through them to bring forth the highest manifestation.

We have determined that we will conscientiously live in this unity field of beingness, which brings us fully into presence in the center of the circle, where we feel God's eternality within us, where we experience the dynamics of all that is transpiring on the Earth from the center point of being, where we are in a nonreactive state. And in this state of highest beingness, we perfume pure light, pure love, pure forgiveness, pure virtue to all sentient beings on Earth. And by doing this, we serve with the Great Silent Watchers. We serve with the great bodhisattvas and Buddhas of heaven to simply be in that Christic and Buddhic presence 24-7 and, through mindfulness, stillness and the emanating currents of spiritual fire, draw forth the gifts of the Spirit into this Earth, anchor heaven upon Earth and bring the Pure Land of the Buddhas into play in this world.

The many influences of my life, including the other streams that I know that I have been involved in, have led me to where I am today. These include the Essene community and its teachings, where we prepared for the coming of Jesus and John the Baptist during the Piscean dispensation. I also know that I was embodied as a Buddhist teacher, Shantideva, and brought forth the teachings on bodhicitta, pure compassion, pure love, many centuries ago. I was embodied as an American Indian, and in that lifetime I married Mona, who was a daughter of Hiawatha. As a result of this incarnation, I feel a resonance with the native peoples and cultures and a oneness with nature that is profound.

We are now drawing forth, through the teachings of Anastasia proffered in the Ringing Cedars books in the United States and throughout the world, an understanding of permaculture and how important growing our own organic live food is for our nurturing. This is especially true in this hour, when we see the breakdown of true agriculture and what has occurred in the United States and elsewhere through multinational corporations, such as Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and others, who are invested in the use of GMOs. They do not understand the oneness with nature that God embedded within the creation and which we can partake of in a very loving and fruitful way without attempting to dominate nature. Rather we work with nature in all of its glory, in all of its dynamism, harmony and beauty.

I also know the stream of oneness with the teachings of Peter Deunov and the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. I feel a complete resonance with these two great spiritual teachers of the late nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. They brought forth in Bulgaria and France, primarily, transcendent teachings that culminated in Omraam's understanding of solar, or Surya, yoga, including solar gazing and its importance in the equation of drawing forth the light of the sun into our eyes, into our world so that we can glorify God through this dawning of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. This is similar to what transpired in previous golden-crystal ages, in which people communed directly with the sun as their Source. There was a great use of solar energy through crystals and through higher technologies, which are now, hopefully, coming back to the Earth to be utilized in the Golden-Crystal Age.

I also know the stream of my love for the mystical teachings of Islam through Sufism, including through Rumi, and I know that these mystical teachings have brought me to a place of mindfulness through art, through poetry, through writing. You see in the words and in the music that I have been graced to manifest this angelic quality of beauty and harmony, of communion with Jesus and Mary and the saints. I believe that when we look at music as a means of divine expression and of harmonizing light and fields of energy within our auras and within our beings, we see that we can truly rise in consciousness with the choirs of heaven to engage with them in drawing forth the beautiful music of the spheres, which is very important for us all to embrace and to use in our spiritual work.

I feel a resonance with the people upon the African continent. Many of you have now read the Afra book. If you've read it in its entirety, you know of my lifetime as David Livingstone and how I sought to bring the light of the Christ teaching to the darkness of certain aspects of the culture in Africa, where the slave trade was proliferating and was absolutely horrendous. This was actually my greatest work, to expose this debauchery to the West and to Great Britain so that they could make illegal the trade of human flesh and human beings through slavery. As you may know, this was outlawed in Great Britain even before or during the time of the Civil War, when it was finally outlawed in the United States of America. So I consider that one of the greatest things that I was called to do in that life was to expose this and bring it to light so that the peoples of all of the cultures within the African continent could have their freedom to simply express who they were and who they are today.

I'd like to speak just a little bit about this because as I've studied that lifetime, I realized that I did not really help to convert too many people to Christianity. What I found was that the beautiful people of these native cultures were so innocent and pure and mindful within their own cultures that they understood from deep within their soul who they were. They were connected with nature and they got their understanding internally from who they already were. They did not require a white man from Europe to convert them to something different from that which nature already spoke unto them from within their own beings. Yet they did require someone who was a champion for freedom and liberation from the enslavement that was occurring. And so my mapping of the southern half of the continent, traveling throughout that region and communing with these peoples and seeing what they were going through brought great compassion. And that compassion was brought to the West so that we could stamp out that slave trade.

Unfortunately, in this day and age we still see remnants of slavery everywhere upon Earth, especially in the enslavement of women as sex objects, the enslavement of children who have to work at too early an age to support their families, and in what we see occurring through Boko Haram in Nigeria and other nations in Africa. The work is still ongoing, and we must strive to stamp out every vestige of slavery in all of its manifestations, especially our slavery to our lesser self.

The stream of activity through which we have been exponents of freedom, which I believe we are all engaged in, brings us to the cause of beloved Saint Germain, the Master Alchemist. One of the greatest things that we have so far offered in our movement is his great book on advanced alchemy, and the second volume will be forthcoming hopefully within the next year. I believe that all of you are invested in that greater mission of the Master of Aquarius, as we are at the nexus point of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius and the great eruption of so many forces and battles and situations on this Earth, which we can peacefully and mindfully bring to resolution through our state of oneness with God, through the offering of our best Selfhood to the Lord.

My oneness with the heart of Jesus is something very near and dear to me and has been in a number of incarnations. Of course, I was within Christendom and probably primarily in Catholicism. I know that many in our community have been monks and nuns and brothers and sisters in past holy orders. And the reason many of you resonate with giving so many prayers on a daily basis is because you have done this work before; it is natural to you. You simply must get up, arise early and offer yourself to God through prayer, invocation, mantras, singing, chanting. This is who you are; this is part of your nature. You simply must give glory to God through the spoken word. We have done this so much in the past, and this lifetime is kind of a continuation of that wonderful experience of communing with God through the word.

So we love to chant; we love to sing. In our movement we have brought forth tremendous music. I am constantly amazed at the creativity of our heartfriends and many of you who have that skill set and the means of expression whereby you can coalesce light through sound, through musicality, through both the overshining radiance of the music that is inspired upon you, through melody, through harmony and through lyrics. This music that we have co-created together is a means of drawing forth the angelic presence of light, of energy, of holiness—and especially through our devotion of love—to perfume the Earth with the aroma of the angels, with the aroma of our causal bodies, with the blessings of the Spirit, the roseate qualities of God's heart. It is so important to sing, to praise God and to give glory to God through song, through dance, through movement.

We have also incorporated the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his lineage, going back through his guru, Sri Yukteswar; through Lahiri Mahasaya to Babaji; and back to Jesus and Krishna. We understand that even Swami Kriyananda brought forth progressive revelatory teaching through his dispensation, known as Ananda. And we recognize and affirm the Self Realization Fellowship in their sacred work of bringing forth the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda to the world. We embrace what they brought forth through the energization exercises and other offerings that we will learn about in the future to promulgate this beautiful, beautiful teaching, this great master of love, the Mahavatar Babaji, and the loving avatar Paramhansa Yogananda.

We have embraced higher teachings coming forth through beautiful spiritual teachers, as I've shared in the past: Robert Tennyson Stevens in Conscious Language and Marshall Rosenberg with Nonviolent Communication. We find truth wherever it is and allow it to be given birth to within our consciousness at a level that we, by embracing it, allow that dispensation of that teaching to go forth north, south, east and west to the world. We've embraced Ho'oponopono, a beautiful and mindful teaching on taking personal accountability and responsibility for everything in the world through the loving forgiveness and givingness of self through that love.

There is much more that I will share in the future in terms of how I came upon this path to where I am today and where you are. I will leave it here today for each of us to meditate and reflect upon. And if you have concepts, ideas that you think would be helpful for me, Claire and Cheryl, as we coalesce who we are, what our mission is, what our community is composed of, we would love to hear from you and receive your insights. You can email them to and we will embrace them, consider them.

God bless you. Thank you. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

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