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David Lewis      March 04, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 4, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:28 am MST

Livingston, Montana 

David's Poems, Writings and Sharings on the Initiatic Path (continued)

Good morning, everyone. God bless you on this fourth day of March 2016. It is a great day, a new day and an opportunity for victory to be ours in every possible way as we march in March. In fact, as I'm working on our new book by preparing some materials and finding some materials from the past, I found a poem that I wrote back on Lanello's Ascension Day in 1986. It's called “We March in March,” so I think it may be appropriate.

We March in March

Though trials siege the lighthouse tower,
Those evil ones have no more power.
We know Lanello's here with us, protecting us from all their fuss.
Religious freedom they destroy and seek to take away our joy.
Our blessed Mother they decry and conjure up all sorts of lies.

Who cares if they be ten feet tall?
The higher they come, the lower they fall.

They think the battle's surely won;
Howe'er, we shout, “Your day is done!”

O God, we know you're on our side,
For in our hearts you do abide
As we remain e'er constant to our daily tags and sessions blue.
So help us testify of thee and we will have the victory.
We march in March.

I found another poem that's also appropriate for today on the birthday of a friend of mine, whom you all know, Boyd. This one's called “A Special Birthday.”

A Special Birthday

A birthday is a happy time as friends their faith renew
When gifts and cards arrive and bring their hope and love to you.
A birthday is a quiet time as memories fill the mind
Of all the mercy God has sent to you and all mankind.

A birthday is a holy time when heaven answers all,
When special blessings come your way and angel fairies call.
A birthday is a special time when cares and problems flee
When life in all its warmth and glow does speak and say to thee:
You are a Son of God; you were made in his image.
One day you will ascend and live with him forevermore.

Since I'm talking about poetry a little bit, I found another one that's very appropriate for us in Livingston, Montana, because of late we've been having high winds almost every day. I penned this poem on May 12, 1995, having experienced the winds in Livingston.

The Winds

 If messages of angels' hearts are carried in the breezes
Then Livingston must be a special place.
Though some have said the frightful winds are simply angel sneezes,
I've yet to see her rosy angel face.

I know the airy winds that blow throughout the winter day
That pile the snow in massive drifts of white
Are winged by cherubs, sprites and sylphs who've truly gone astray.
Their play is surely not our great delight.

The windmills up the hill have stopped, for they have all been broken.
The winds are much too fierce for them to work.
If we could harness all their power, 'twould still just be a token.
The winds just always seem to go berserk.

Some say the Holy Spirit comes in giant waves and rushes
That pick us up and knock us off our feet.
I doubt the Lord would have her land us in some sagebrush bushes;
I'd rather land downtown on Lewis Street.

So blow ye winds, blow ever on. Blow hard and ever faster.
Your raging breath does keep us on our toes.
Our wind-chapped hands and jostled nerves remind us of your laughter,
For some day you'll be out of all your blows.

 Boy, that would be great if we had a little less of those blows. And one more poem that I found that I penned on March 7, 1988, is titled “The Seventh Angel,” and I think you know who this is about.

The Seventh Angel

A prophet walks our land today dispensing freedom's flame.
The Seventh Angel sounds today and souls of old he'd claim.

Awakening those who've chosen truth and seen the inner light,
Rekindling hearts of fire who have vowed to serve the right.

He comes, Aquarian Master, with a message for today.
He teaches us of alchemy and transmutation's ray.

Table Mountain in the Tetons is the home of his retreat.
Of most holy Trinosophia, his lectures are replete.

Maltese Cross, his signet for unlocking energy
And directing it in balance everywhere to set men free.

Communing with our holy brother, we desire to know
Of the secrets he has gleaned, commanding light to flow.

Perfecting precious gems with flaws and mastering time and space,
He has sought through cosmic law to raise the human race.

A heart of deepest caring has this gracious one so spun.
In his Presence all are drawn into a radiance like a sun.

The seventh seal is opened and the mysteries are complete.
Our lower nature elements must melt with fervent heat.

As whirling sacred fire descends through daily invocation,
We are transformed through violet fire's transubstantiation.

His intense desire for freedom for all souls caught here below
Is outpictured in his purple heart and sacred auric glow.

His words of love, his wisdom and the power of his mien,
His grace, his poised diplomacy have rarely e'er been seen.

He tells us though that what he's won we too may also win.
Two million right decisions he has made through thick and thin.

He says the stars portend of changes on the world scene.
“Act now,” he says, “and don't look back on that which might have been.”

He says he hears our prayers and that he'll always be right there
If we daily call his Presence into action everywhere.

A prophet walks our land today, his name is Saint Germain.
O hear his cry, my people, that his words be not in vain.

So, again, that was on March 7, 1988, almost an anniversary today.

Back when I was seventeen years old, my sister-in-law, Lorel June Rezak Lewis, my second oldest brother's wife, gave me a Kahlil Gibran diary for 1974, and I began writing in this just before my eighteenth birthday. I'd like to read just a little bit from this because I think that it portends what my mission is in this life. And even back then, I was, through study of esoteric teachings, desiring God, desiring oneness, desiring spirituality. This was penned probably just after January first.

“These last few days have been most liberating for my soul. I've tried to purify my consciousness and allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely throughout my being. At each inspiration I feel great power arising out of the depths of my soul, revitalizing every cell and atom and raising the frequency of my physical body to fourth-dimensional energy substance.

“I am free of negativity and low-level consciousness. Through transmutation, all lower faculties are being raised to pure celestial light. I am now ready to go unto all who would receive my love—the healing power of the Father-Mother of all creation. All power and glory are forever yours, Almighty God. Amen.

“As this new year begins, we should all strive to attune our wills more perfectly with the Father's and work harmoniously to bring about the kingdom. The job is easy, effortless when the omnipotent love of God works through our lifestreams. Though the end draws near, our task has just begun, and we will constantly be supplied with the pure intelligent energy and pure universal substance necessary to accomplish the great plan. Glory be to God as we begin again and spread his light. Amen.

“Falling in love is one of the most beautiful experiences in anyone's life. You feel love from the moment you wake and seek to make contact with that loved. Your heart is attuned to one wavelength and constantly yearns to express. When eyes or smiles meet, one experiences the joy of understanding and, for a moment at least, union. To be able to shine this light of love to all men is possibly even more fulfilling, for others are raised by love. One realizes that all love is really the same, though expressions differ.”

And my next writing here:

“To have worked hard with love is the beginning, yet few know the joy of even beginning. How can we know what is to be our best work in life? Must we first prepare the way through thought, word and deed? Verily, have not you already prepared for your day during the night in restful release into the kingdom of expectation? Let your work not bind you to yourself, but fulfill your innermost yearnings for freedom of expression.

“True art is simply the expression in the physical world of that which the ethers already hold. It has been said that the answer is blowing in the wind. And when we realize that the outline for the future is always waiting to crystallize, imploring silent action to acknowledge it and bring it into expression, we will have learned the lesson of the wind.

“Yes, melodies dance about the clouds, waiting an attuned ear. Images of grandeur await the careful hand and brush. Words of power and wisdom await the still mind and tongue; all seek to be expressed, to be perfected. And after they have penetrated men's hearts and stirred up the workings of the spirit, they are again released into the ethers, back to the source of all love and expression.”

Then I wrote on my birthday:

This is the eighteenth anniversary of my birthday, and I truly feel as though I've been born again. After making an important change by moving to the country and working hard to bring about a successful way of life, we have all learned some wonderful lessons about life. We've discovered Mother Earth in all her beauty and splendor, and also in her demanding ways. We've discovered people—real people who are striving for a common goal of love, happiness, peace and understanding. We've discovered the joys of living, growing, being. It is all so glorious that I wish to express our warm heartfelt joy by radiating our love to all who would receive it. May everyone find comfort in the Lord. Amen.”

And of course at that age, as a young man, I was always observant of beauty within the feminine aspect of God, and so I penned the following:

“How does one go about calling upon and trying to unite with his true soul mate other than pour forth all love and feeling to all in need without seeking reward? Surely that other half will respond to true love radiations. Possibly patience is required in great measure also, for although the contact is made instantaneously, time is needed to allow the response to manifest in the physical dimension.

“O Lord, grant me patience in my true desires for union with my flame of love, though I know that all love and union is manifest in you. Amen.”

Then I wrote on January 7:

“To overcome the physical world is truly the test of the ages, yet to raise all as much as possible is good while we yet remain. What is the purpose of our being here and now unless we work to unite all and carry what we have earned and learned into higher realms? Whenever I find my reality viewing my carnal self and asking it about its accomplishments, I reflect on how I will someday see how much more I could have accomplished while here. No, all is not in vain under the sun, for all work is recorded on the ethers, to be raised as the vibrations of the Earth itself are raised.

“Take care in what you do, think and say, for all leads to God. Qualify and purify, and love will reign. Amen.”

Then the next day I wrote:

“All healing is one. It recognizes the cause, God, and the cause of all unhealth, separation from God. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually caused, all is ignorance of universal love, harmony and grace. To understand, to know God, we must obey God's laws—love, progression, harmony, attraction and creative expression.

“Let us become one with God, help each other, and all shall be raised unto perfection. All power and glory is yours. Amen.”

And then the next day:

“To love with all our might is hard, and yet it is the easiest course to follow. For all others twist and turn into hard paths and eventually oblivion. To pray unceasingly is also difficult unless one masters the art of allowing the Spirit to direct him. To stay in tune with universal truth and understanding is our goal. Yet in trying at all, we fail. For all wisdom flows from the infinite Source without measurement or end for those that open their hearts, purify their souls and lose their carnal selves.

“The law should serve the truth. Too often we make man serve the law instead of the truth. All truth shall eventually be revealed, but not because of the law. Love is the true law and shall reign supreme. All man-made laws and truths shall bow to God's pure love. For God forgives that which cannot be judged, and those who err in God's sight cannot be free.”

I thought that was pretty profound for an eighteen-year-old. And then the next day I wrote:

“Let us speak on the joy of togetherness. Togetherness is as a stream in a river bank. Although seemingly varied in composition and purpose, flowing one unto the other—meeting, giving and taking—they become one and journey through life's ways till life sees fit to scatter them upon its rock of separation. Yet their union shall never be lost through time and space, for at-one-ment of spirit is not bound by measures.

“God's breath draws nigh all life unto himself. And though God scatters the elements with the expiration of that same breath, they are always a part of that one breath. All life seeks to experience itself—all life—and though we are many, we are yet one in love and in light.”

Finally, I'd like to read one more, which I think is also one of my favorite little writings from when I was eighteen:

“In the coming city of light, I am the architect, envisioning the form and setting the ethers astir. I am the builder, fashioning the form, clothing the thought in substance. I am the decorator, enlisting the energies of correspondences and relationships to take hold. I am the inhabitant, experiencing and knowing the light and spreading it afar. Lastly, I am the keeper, watching over and protecting the light.”

Very interesting that at this point I had never heard of the Keepers of the Flame, and yet there it is, right there: “I am the keeper.” And I would go on to be the Keepers of the Flame membership secretary for many years and then later the Keepers of the Flame manager.

So I think you can see that from an early age I was seeking God and I was envisioning a community of light, people of like heart and mind who would come together in community to serve in the highest possible way the law of love, the law of beauty and harmony, of grace, of perfection. I told my parents that I desired to go to a spiritual university. I did not desire to go to a regular college because I felt that many of the courses were not relevant to what my goals and dreams were. Yes, I could learn a trade or I could learn a skill or have a vocation that was centered around making money or even serving people, and yet I knew that I had a deeper, higher purpose.

So I was looking for what I called a spiritual university. And fortunately after Easter in 1974, a friend introduced me to The Summit. I bought from him Climb the Highest Mountain, and during my senior year in high school I would ride on the bus to and from school reading that book and just being in bliss, sensing that this is truth, that this is the highest truth I have read in this life. So then I went to my first conference in July 1974 in Spokane, after having graduated from high school. And that was the beginning of the next phase of my life for many, many years.

I think that reflecting on our early childhood and our early adulthood is important because we see patterns. We find indications in our soul of what our sacred mission is, what our purpose is. And when we can rediscover some of those early reflections—if we had journals or kept our writings, such as I did in this one—it gives us pause to consider that even then God was working with our soul, our consciousness, our spirit and impelling us forward. Then, when the time was right, we would find the connections; we would find our spiritual mentors, teachers, organizations that would serve us. For me, fortunately, at an early age I found the teachings of the ascended masters and strove very diligently to serve in the highest possible way that I could.

As many of you know, I went to Hilarion's quarter in January 1975, a green-ray quarter, and then after that I served to form the Minneapolis regional teaching center with seven others. That center grew and eventually there were two centers: the Minnehaha House and the Hiawatha House, which is the one where I lived. After a year there, I was called to serve on the staff in Colorado Springs, and I flew on April 8 to Colorado Springs from Minneapolis, having given two weeks' notice at my job. And that was Elizabeth Clare Prophet's birthday, so I started on her birthday, when I was twenty years old, to serve on the headquarters staff. Three months later we moved to Pasadena after the summer conference in 1976, and we were there for two years. Then we moved to the property in Calabasas, known as Camelot. We were there for almost ten years and then we moved to Montana, and I've been here ever since.

So I've seen a number of moves. I've seen the growth of the staff of The Summit from 75 staff members, when I came, to 750 during the heyday of The Summit. I worked at registration for many years and met many of you, either at registration or at conferences or on the staff. And some of you reminded me of when I registered you, and it's kind of interesting. Joyce Genis and I worked on registration and some of you may recall us being there making your name tags and taking your registration fees, et cetera. Well, things don't change a whole lot over the years in some respects. We're still doing some of that work, the same work, just in another realm.

As I reflect on this day, a sacred day, the birthday of my best male friend in this life, Boyd Badten, I feel so much gratitude to our community for facilitating bringing forth the talents, the immense talents, of our co-workers, our servitors in their lives. The ascended masters have continued the initiatic path through our movement, and I may talk more about that in the future.

I'd like to say, though, that the guru-chela relationship with a living teacher, a living guru is important for many. And we had that in The Summit for a time. Yet now we have the direct guru-chela relationship with the masters. And we have been encouraged to work directly with them, with El Morya—meditating with him and then for ten minutes writing down what we receive from our meditation.

We're moving toward personal self-empowerment, personal self-empowerment under our own vine and fig tree so that we realize that although we have our mentors in spirit, including our Holy Christ/Buddha Self and our Divine Presence, who is really the most intimate one with whom we can commune, make contact and feel God's Presence in our life. This daily communion with our Source is essential for us. Many of us are moving to become teachers, presenters, sharers of the message of hope, truth and the vital essence of these teachings, and eventually initiators in our own right, because I believe that through the gift of the Holy Spirit, each of you can, through empowerment, extend the radiance of the Brotherhood, the sacred Brotherhood of light, and help others on the initiatic path.

One thing that I'd like to say in closing is that when we received our karmic readings back in about 1997, 1998 or 1999, before Mother retired, she told us that anyone who had balanced over 51 percent of their karma would be receiving higher teachings from her very soon, that she would carve out this opportunity. Well, that never happened in The Summit. I believe our entire organization, our movement, The Hearts Center itself, is that ongoing teaching, the higher teaching for those who prepared their hearts, through diligent service, dedication, consecration and constancy, for these higher teachings—Buddhic teachings, teachings on mindfulness, meditation—and to be able, through our spiritual practice, to be more sensitive and feel the crystal rays. So this is a continuity of the path for those who were within that movement and who desire to move on into a higher incarnation of that Word through our experience here.

Thank you so much. God bless you all, and I look forward to being with you tomorrow for a very important HeartStream from Arcturus and Victoria. It was originally scheduled to be through South Africa. Ralph is not feeling well, so Alice Tucker, I believe, will facilitate that broadcast. So stay tuned tomorrow for a mighty release of light from the Elohim of the Seventh Ray. God bless you. Have a great day, and thank you, Helen and Estelle Marie, from Detroit for broadcasting today. Bless you.


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