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Paracletus      February 13, 2016

David Christopher Lewis (overshined by Paracletus)
February 13, 2016   4:07 ̶ 4:47 pm MST
2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil
Mother Mary Comes with Extraordinary Love in Support of Unity and Harmony within Families, Communities & Nations
Encinitas, California

Paracletus' Teaching on the Infusion of the Holy Spirit's Love
in the Authentic Experience of the Seven Sacraments

Are you ready for the teaching? Okay. This is from the mystery master, and Carol will be happy to know it is Paracletus, who is Saint Valentine.

Paracletus was embodied as Saint Valentine and he works for the Maha Chohan. The name is taken from Paraclete, which is the dove of the Holy Spirit. He was embodied as Titus, whom we find in the New Testament. He worked with Paul, I believe, and was responsible for a lot of the work of the early Church. Titus had the Holy Spirit, I can tell you that. He's like a lieutenant of the Maha Chohan. He so meditated upon the Holy Spirit's love fires that he truly embodied it.

As I was meditating at the SRF retreat here in Encinitas, the teaching came that the Holy Spirit can give us the sacraments of love, if we choose to accept them and to be initiated within them. Within the Catholic Church, as I recall, having grown up Catholic, the sacraments were Baptism, what used to be called Penance and which is now called Reconciliation, Communion (the sacred feast of the Eucharist), Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and what used to be called Extreme Unction and which is now called Anointing of the Sick—it's the final anointing with holy oil.

As I see it, from the perspective of Paracletus and the Holy Spirit, we can be baptized in the love fires of God. Baptism is an anointing by water. In The Hearts Center we've had the baptism by fire of the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit. This baptism can also be by spiritual fire. However, it is the baptism of love of the Holy Spirit that brings us to a new level of being and living within divine love.

If you choose the sacraments of divine love—and remember that sacrament means “sacred event” and that each one is a type of anointing—you can receive that initiation of the first sacrament on the path, which is entrée into divine love in the power and the field of the Holy Spirit's Presence. We celebrate love this weekend, and yet I think we all desire a greater love than we've ever experienced, which we will have when we merge fully with God. That love is so supreme and so amazing that in the bliss of it, you lose all sense of self and you enter both the selfless state of pure being and the all-encompassing state of pure being in God.

When you have that ecstasy, which is a type of anointing in oneness, you are baptized into a new life. You can no longer live just as your lesser human self. Once you have that enlightened state, in which the light flows through you unabated, love can then move through the channels of your being, course through you at any time, at any place by your allowance of it, by your conscious choice.

The more you meditate and the more you enter the Great Silence, the easier it is to instantaneously access that state of being, which is the whole purpose of meditation. The Master Deunov and the Master Omraam would meditate. They could instantaneously enter that state of being because they were so locked into God through their devotion over years and decades, through all of their work on and within themselves, and through the Holy Spirit's Presence in their lives, whereby the full infusion of love became possible and the that Presence was tangible. And in that moment of connection with God, they could transfer any teaching as both instruction and empowerment.

When you are in the presence of a true master and a true teacher, more important than their words, which may be sublime, is the energy of love that's behind them and that empowers them. This is what I pray that you experience in The Hearts Center, because I feel it every time the master is present and I allow myself to merge in consciousness with that master so that that master can impress through my chakras and my being what they are trying to convey to all of us. And you can actually bypass me, in a sense, by so locking yourself into the Presence of the master that sometimes you will even hear the words or feel the vibration before I speak it outwardly. Many of you have told me of that experience, that you know what I am going to say next, and that is because it's the master that's saying it.

So don't let me be an interference with your direct interaction with a divine being, with God himself/herself, with any angel or archangel. I'm only here as a nexus for this release, to goad you to the full experience of your complete union with God. And I'd be glad to get out of the way or to stop speaking when every one of you gets it, has it and has all of these baptisms and anointings fully manifesting, whereby you can access that instantaneously at any time, wherever you are. And many of you are at that stage or very close to entering that stage where you can go into samadhi, into complete oneness, because you have worked on yourselves enough so that God trusts you to commune with him in that experience.

After Baptism we have Reconciliation. Why? Because in this matter plane we still have to reconcile things again and again. The unnatural entropy of living in this plane is such that we fall back into old habit patterns, into matrices of imperfection and we get beaten down by the energies of the world, which can be heavy at times. So we have to re-reconcile ourselves to God through the power of love of the Holy Spirit, by reaccepting who we are as God beings, not as sinners for eternity.

Mother Mary put that to rest in 2005, and even well before then. In our dispensation, during the pilgrimage that we made to the twenty-one missions she said over and over again not to look at ourselves as sinners, that we were created in God's image and likeness. Hold that as the field of perfection for yourself, because when you do, what you focus on you become—it's a universal law. If you focus upon being a sinner, you are going to magnetize sinful thoughts, sinful energies, sinful feelings back into your life. So don't even claim that anymore. In the Hail Mary, don't say “pray for us sinners.” We changed it. First we changed it with Mother to be “Pray for us sons and daughters of God.” And now we say “children of love,” “bodhisattvas of love,” “sons and daughters divine.” Why? Because we are refocusing on perfection, beauty, oneness.

The communion of love is absolutely magnificent when you create the space of silence and stillness around and within you to be able to hear the voice of God within and commune and have a conversation, through your soul, with God. There is nothing like that. There is nothing that can be more intimate, experiential and beautiful than the oneness that occurs in that communion.

Now, the outer Communion in the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations is supposed to help us to be more Christlike. We take in the body and blood, or the essence of the Christ consciousness, so that we, being more Christlike, can commune with Jesus, the saints, Mary. And yet they've lost that understanding. It's become a ritual that's almost dead for many people. They don't feel the leaping of the light and the current of fire from Jesus Christ's consciousness into their hearts as they assimilate the Communion. They just go up to the altar, and the wafer goes on their tongue and they take, if the church offers it, either the grape juice or the wine. Yet are they really assimilating the Spirit of Christ? Some do because they make it a ritual that's alive. Others may never feel the energy of Jesus or of the Christ entering their being.

So when you finally get it and you experience the energy of Jesus and of the Christ consciousness coming into you, nothing will serve that's less than that anymore. You desire that experience again and again. If communion of love with the Holy Spirit empowers that act, that ritual, then praise God—it becomes meaningful, reverential and holy. You enter into it with cosmic expectancy and will take on more of the mantle of the Christ each time you have that ritual reactivated.

I served Communion many, many times in Church Universal and Triumphant, holding the little cups and consciously attempting to be an instrument for the transfer of the light, the Spirit of the Christ consciousness, to the communicants who were coming forward to receive it. And I tell you, even then I was experiencing so much light pouring through me, pouring through my chakras that I would often cry and tears would flow down my cheeks because I was feeling the love of God, the love of Christ, the love of the Holy Spirit for the person who was receiving the grape juice and the wafer from the woman. The love of Christ that I felt just holding that little cup of grape juice was so intense that I was transformed each and every time I held it up. And every time I was there doing this it was a mystical experience.

I felt what I know that priests are supposed to feel in the Mass during the Eucharist. And yet I don't know how many of them actually feel it. I know some do. Padre Pio felt it—he really felt it. Every time, there was such a charge of energy that poured through him to the communicant that people would be healed or transformed almost instantaneously because of his love—his love of God, his love for them.

Many of us have been born and raised in Christian churches in the West, and I know that some of you have this experience—maybe most of you or all of you. If you do go to Mass in a Catholic Church or some Christian denomination, remember this and make it such that you can be a resource in that moment for the entire congregation. You can fan the flame of that love on behalf of every person in that church and you can sanctify the experience for others, even if they don't always feel it. Something holy may happen. Some activation of some inner gift or inner memory may occur that can be beautiful. This is the communion of love that the Maha Chohan and Paracletus would have us have.

Although we no longer serve Communion in our movement as we did in the beginning, every HeartStream is meant to be a communion. Every prayer, every decree, every song that we sing is a form of communion, which means “coming into union.” So if you are not feeling the union with God in the prayers that you give, stop, close your eyes, feel the presence of love deep within and start your prayer again.

I don't know how many times in my life when I have been doing a rosary that my mind started to wander. And do you know what I do? I'm admitting this to you. I stop and I start that decade over again, and I reinfuse myself in the feeling and the energy of focus and concentration so that I feel my love for Mary, my love for God. And I've done this many times, because the mind has a tendency to wander. And if you're not energizing your prayers with that focus of love and intention in it, it might as well not be said. Maybe it has some effect somewhere just because the words are the words. Yet I desire them to have the most energetic, powerful effect upon life everywhere, so I put all that I can possibly muster into that prayer. And you'll see my shoulders moving and stuff like that when I'm giving some of these prayers. Why? Because I'm feeling the energy coursing through me and it has to go somewhere, and sometimes my body can't even contain it. So it's not that I have a twitch or entities; I'm focusing so much love through my being that it has to have an outlet.

In the ritual of Confirmation, in many churches you get confirmed at about the age of twelve or thirteen to confirm you as a member of that church. Before that you're not really a member, so to speak, but now you are. You're really into it now.

I think this is an interesting sacrament because we begin to make vows; we can start on the initiatic path. When are we really confirmed into the reality of that path of oneness with God? It's when we have the resolve that nothing will take us away from that. In all honesty, I think you almost have to be an adult to have that experience. At twelve years old, few of us have the wisdom, the deep understanding of the path to say, “Yes, this is what I'm going to follow for the rest of my life.” Maybe it's the right of passage that children have into adulthood and that's kind of what Confirmation is.

On one level, I feel though that true confirmation comes when you say to God, “Yes, I surrender. I'm going all the way. I am fulfilling my purpose in life.” And, to me, that confirmation is like the blue ray: it initiates you into a higher field of beingness and energies so that God can employ you. God can really employ you as his son or daughter, as a workman or a workwoman, as a servitor of light. So the confirmation of love is that you are confirmed in love, you are initiated in love. You desire that love be at the core of your motivation for what you do every day, with every person, in every instance.

To be confirmed in love, you have to have the Holy Spirit. You have to have at least one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be confirmed in love. You know what those nine major gifts are and the other three that we celebrate. It's in that one prayer that we give, and I was very careful to include all of them in a way that would rhyme and work in that prayer. Isn't that a great prayer, by God's grace?

You self-confirm yourself by daily devotion to God. God knows who loves him/her—those who show up in their meditation practice, in their prayers, in their devotions, in their contemplation, in their time of silence day after day. God confirms you through constancy. So you really self-confirm. No one can really confirm you on the outer—no priest or minister really does that fully. You are self-confirmed by your constancy. You know your level of devotion: it's either true or it's not true. I think that those in The Hearts Center—the 90 percent of you who show up to do the work—are self-confirming yourselves every day.

You know that you are already initiated at this level of beingness. And if it's not through The Hearts Center and you have another path, that's fine. Just be true to your path. Be true to yourself through the path that you've chosen. If you love the Master Deunov and he is your master, go for it with your entire being. If you love Swami Kriyananda and Yogananda and they work for you, go for it all the way. If Jesus is your guy, more than all of the other masters, then follow Jesus to the ends of the Earth and beyond, and let him be the guy and the guide for you forever, because he is the pure example of the Christ. If the Divine Mother—Mother Mary, Kuan Yin—or any of the other masters is the one that you look to and that you resonate with the most, then work and work and work with that one until you have such a level of communion that that communion moves you toward confirmation and the higher initiations on the path, where you really are one with that being and their essence of Godhood. And you know when that clicking occurs, when you are locked into that level of love, because your chakras open up and all of heaven and heaven's glory are bestowed unto you through the nexus of the heart of that master, one with your heart, because you have made it so by your devotion, by your adoration, by your love.

Now, the sacrament of Matrimony can occur with a human person, of course. Yet consider the wedding feast of light and of true divine love with your Presence, with your twin flame in heaven or on earth and with the eternal Father-Mother God. Let your wedding be the eternal wedding of light. Yes, we all desire to have someone that really cherishes and loves us. Patricia talked about it earlier and I talked a little bit about it. It's really nice to have someone who knows you, who understands you, who cherishes you just for who you are and loves you unreservedly no matter what. That's a temporal love on Earth.

The more lasting, permanent love is the matrimony of Spirit, of your soul with your Presence, of your being with God, of your Spirit with the Holy Spirit. When you have that matrimony, that wedding, first and foremost, it then allows you to bring holiness into in any other relationship so that it becomes more refined and beautiful. And the right person will be magnetized to you because you are whole. If you don't have matrimony with your God Self, how can you expect someone to love you as the true you? If you've worked on yourself enough to be one with God in consciousness, then naturally the energy field around you is so great that the person who vibrates at the correct level, who is akin to you and resonates with you will be drawn to you, because like attracts like.

So don't go a whoring or a lusting in the world for something less than God, because what you will magnetize will be something that you will then, unfortunately, have to let go of later if you would fully embrace God. The path is the path. Are you walking it? Are really going for it or are you allowing something less? You know in your heart whether your first and foremost love is God. If you have that first, it does sanctify any relationship that God directs you to engage in.

In the Holy Orders of the priesthood, the sacred priesthood or priestesshood of light, love enters the field of service to all life. The priests and priestesses are those who serve at the altar of beingness, who invoke the sacred fire on behalf of all evolutions of light and who give of themselves fully, as Jesus gave in the ultimate sacrifice. The Priesthood of Melchizedek, which includes priests and priestesses, is one of complete surrender to God. Unfortunately, in this day and age we see priests who abuse children, priests who are distraught with themselves, don't know themselves and therefore they engage in acts that are unconscionable to God and to their holy office. How can they even go through the ritual of ordination if they are gay and if they engage in heinous sexual acts in antithesis to what they studied and what they profess? This is the scourge upon the Catholic Church in this hour. I believe Mother Mary revealed this at Fatima, and the Church would not allow some of those secrets to be revealed because they knew that it would reveal what was happening internally in the Church.

We are the priests and priestesses of God when we live holy lives consecrated to the Holy Spirit, to the path of light and we serve at the altar daily through our invocations, through our givingness, through our prayers and our love. It is an honor to be with those of you—heartfriends, servitors—who are the true priests and priestesses of this age, who have laid down your lives, both in this and past lifetimes, on behalf of your holy brothers and sisters around the world and who have the audacity to keep serving every day with love.

It's a humble type of service and yet it is a fulfilling type of service to be in any holy order. The holy order of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame in The Hearts Center movement is a holy order that is a part of this matrix that I'm sharing about now. It's a holy order of love. There is the Order of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe. I've talked before about all of these holy orders. You can be a member of many of them and at different times wear different garments, etherically, as you enter into the field of that order and engage in the rituals—the inner rituals and the outer rituals—that are part of that order.

I was a member of the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Dominion in Church Universal and Triumphant. Not too many people are part of that order. We gave the long rosary every day. That was one of the things that we did. We did other things; we gave certain vows. I know that many of you, probably all of you, have been in some type of holy order in a past life, either in monasteries or sacred communities, East and West, in India and often in Europe somewhere— France, Italy, Spain, you name it. We've done a lot of that, right? That's why we resonate with this path. You've been priests and nuns and monks and sisters. Praying is natural for us; we love to do it. We just love praying. It's like you can't go through your day without thinking of praying for people and holding people in the light and blessing them, and charging the atmosphere with light and trying to purify the Earth. It's something that's natural to us as initiates, as those who have always sought God.

So maybe you will create a new order, who knows? I think some of you have been Mother Superiors. I was telling __________ the other day, “You are the Mother Super-duper Superior” (instead of Mother Superior). __________ never stops moving; she has to learn motion in rest.

Finally there's the Anointing of the Sick, Extreme Unction, or the final anointing. I see this as the preparation for the ascension, where love consumes you. You are literally consumed in the love fires of God in the ascension process and nothing remains of the human self. You are fully divine; you are completely light. This is the all-consummation of love. And you can have flashes of what this will be like in moments of ecstasy and divine bliss in your communion with God. We've had it in HeartStreams and when they brought the ascension chair into play. I think it was Godfre. We could sit on that ascension chair during that HeartStream or for a period of time. I think it lasted for a couple of weeks, and we could ask to go to the retreat and actually be in it. Some of you who made the calls to sit in that chair and did had the experience of what it would be like to actually feel the ascension currents going through you, the all-consummation of love. What is the ascension flame? It's the total purity of love in its all-consuming action, ultimately.

These are the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. Other churches, other denominations, other spiritual movements may say it differently. In Buddhism it would be a little different; in Hinduism it would be different. Yet you get the gist of what the masters are sharing today, that each of these sacred events is an initiation of love. Each of these is an opportunity to become subsumed more into God; to feel the flow of God's love coursing through you as a spiritual being; to feel the empowerment of that love, not for human pleasure but to glorify God and to help other beings. The purpose of feeling love is not just to bliss out, although it does happen. It's to bring that bliss into play in an active way to serve people and to relieve the suffering of humanity. It's to be a Buddha—to relieve suffering, transmute it, help people move beyond suffering and attachment.

So I pray that this teaching will give us pause to consider how love can be at play in many ways in our lives, within the initiatic path and to bring us again and again to the fount of that love so that love is always growing and glowing within us. If I do one thing in this life that will fulfill me, it will be that I will help ignite that love to grow and expand within you until you are consumed in God, within that love, because I know that you'll be safe then. I know that you will be fulfilled then. I know that no matter what you do in your life—whether the most humble type of service or as a public servant par excellence in the forefront of what's going on in your community, in America or the world, wherever you live—if you are living in the integrity of that love, the Holy Spirit will be with you, the Holy Spirit will empower you, the Holy Spirit will guide you, and the Holy Spirit will speak through you as a true teacher. And you will carry on the mission of the Universal White Brotherhood wherever you go, through everything you doand you, as a true initiate, will discover, in all of this, God through love.

Thank you.

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