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Angel Deva of the Jade Temple      May 20, 2015

Angel Deva of the Jade Temple
David Christopher Lewis
May 20, 2015   7:00–7:09 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Takes Us on a Journey to the Jade Retreat

I AM the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple. And this night I set you free from the prison house of unconscious awareness that you have been beholden to within a framework outside of the circle of beauty and the light of wholeness, perfection and joy.

As I place the electronic presence of a sacred room within my temple of light over China here, I bid you to enter into this realm of jade, whereby you may experience many healing frequencies deep within your soul as all shadows are dissolved and new Solar radiances are bestowed upon and within you from this space, where many Buddhas come to meditate in silence—the soundless sound of wholeness and pure awareness manifesting within this sphere of light.

I accentuate now within your third eye a new awakened vision of life, of yourself, of the world. And as you behold perfection with Cyclopea and those who are visionaries of heaven on behalf of those evolving upon Earth, crystalline-jade swirling frequencies now surround you and course through your being to realign your humanity with your divinity.

[The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple chants in an angelic tongue.]

A temple deva who serves all who come to our jade abode now stands before you to illumine your life with a gift of jade, which you may now draw to your heart as the impression that we leave of your new wholeness is impregnated within your aura and within your Solar Self. Breathe deeply now to feel these currents and the quickening that may be yours for every day to come until that sacred moment when you are subsumed into the emerald light and then the white light of perfection and another Mother beholds you as a Sun (Son) of light.

There is a perfusion within your flowfield of these jade-crystalline patterns. And this will continue during this service and celebration as the joy flame is accentuated and light—living emerald light—flows through all life upon Earth.

            O Virginia, Elohim of glory, as we serve the immaculate within these devotees, recalibrate and revivify each one in the pristine pattern, in the ideal, of their God Self. I see it and accept it for them all, O Mother of pure vision. Thank you.


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